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For over a millennium he has slept and the world was a better place for it, darkness that has been breathing beneath the earth, hidden from site and from the minds of those who imprisoned him. But now one has taken on his name , a foolish clown who pretends to be one with chaos, a murder and sinner that unknowingly invoked his spirit and now it is time for the world once again to slip into a a madness that it had long denied, a relentless nothingness that no soul can escape. His return was foretold, the prophecies had been met, "The Sun will be darkened" ";powers ... will be shaken" and then they will seem

“Hello” The voice peered into Final Arrows head like an old friend being welcomed home, “Who” said the clown as he span round looking around for a clue to who had invaded his sanctuary, the criminal known only as Final Arrow had vanished for some time now, an almost forgotten villain of this world, “I am the one, whose name you have stolen”.

he wore an impeccable purple suit, his face was as white, it looked as if it had clown make up on, but at the same time looked too real to be make up, his hair was short and green and he wore a purple rose in his button hole, the voice remembered those roses, the clown had sent them out all over New York when he first appeared, to restaurant and hotels, it took two hours for the poison to set in and that was when people started to die. Not long after that he took over a news station and really started to spread his madness, dropping presents into the streets of the big apple, tempting the people to take a bite of its rotten core. Children ran to them,as people watched in horror, they could do nothing but watch as bombs started going off. But the Knightfalls brought him to justice, it only took him three months to escape, he then went to a children’s hospital and killed all the adults and thus bringing a new generation of fear, before once again vanishing.

A smile spread over the clowns lips, “Well why don’t you come out and play” Just then he fell to his knees grabbing at his head and then a sicking laughter broke from his voice, the room began to spin into darkness and his clothes began to change, the suit was covered in darkness and became a dark pin stripped suit, a long well fitted black coat flowed over his back, as a top hat appeared on top of his head, his face healed and was no longer a piece of skin simply hanging by hooks, two red eyes peered out and a black cane with a silver wolfs head tapped the ground and it all stopped.

“Oh I don’t mind if I do.”

With those seven words the sun darkened, birds fell from the sky and the rivers turned red all of this happened only for a moment before they returned to normal, but the signs had been shown, the church and those that had tried to prevent his return now knew. They now knew that he had returned and they would seek to imprison him once again.

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Someone want to point me in the direction of somewhere to actually post?

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Likes cake!

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@troy_walker: Was it not always. (who the hell is this :P)

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@_glacier_ said:

Nah, just don't care about that.

Sheng: You're a cold-hearted person...


Is amused by them.

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miss all you guys

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Bum Bum Bum.

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Thats a very personal question, that I choose not to answer.

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How are the Knightfalls not dead yet...I should really get on top of that.