Non Comic Related Sketches...I have taken up drawing (again)

So I am starting easy

I know I am not an artist as some people are but this is just something I do for fun and I welcome all feed back Artist pastels a the moment and a trusty 2b pencil.

I am looking to get some better materials to work with at some point but here is some things I have knocked up, I have a very obvious style and as I said all feed back welcomed.

Top one is far from finished and is a work in progress, all the colouring is done by fingers I just find it work easier for mixing.

Who does not love the beach

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Posted by Billy Batson

the one in the middle, shrooms?

Edited by Final Arrow

@Billy Batson: LOL if you want it to be, the pastels don't give the best colours, will need to invest some money I think!!

Posted by M.S. Feather

It looks like a forest to me! :D
The kimono girl is turning out really nice.

Posted by Final Arrow

@M.S. Feather: You win a prize it is a forest and thanks,

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Nice works, I'm digging the third one in particular. I've recently picked up drawing again myself too.