Okay I have been told that im not the nicest guy on the vine and that I come across arrogant. Well this is true but not always, I am not being arrogant when I comment on your RPG post because you where god modding or cause it was bad because I am Arrogant and think my writing is better then yours. This is far from the truth, I hate my writing always have. The reason I comment is because a lot of people kiss ass on the vine after a post, me sadly included and sometimes I read something and everyone is like that’s awesome, but the truth is it’s not. I try to be honest in my statements and if I come across arrogant then I suppose that’s how people see me. But the fact is I will tell you if your post sucks or not or what I think you have done wrong, but you can ignore me. I try to help now and again and yes I come across as harsh at times but its cause im blunt.

I get labelled a lot on here moron is my fave. Because people comment on my lack of correct spelling or grammar, sure we have spell check for that but sometimes it does not catch everything and this is what I am judged on, I do my best to ignore spelling and grammar and concentrate on the writing itself. I know a few people willing to throw that one around who don’t even take the time to talk to me. I try not to judge unless I know you and unless we have crossed paths the only difference is im willing to say it to peoples faces rather then anything else, so if that makes me arrogant and harsh then so be it. Im not going to say sorry for who I am, but I will try and remember that we all started off at some point.



New Avengers:The Reuion 1 Reveiw (no vid thank god) WTF

Okay lets just start with the art, The front cover is awesome, Massive hawkeye fan and I love the whole saga between him and mocking bird. Now lets start on the story. For god sake why do they always have to f@ck with clint like this, the story is terribly . It starts off well and then after the thrid page just dies, I had high hopes for Clint in this and the so called twist at the end was that an effort to try and make up for the rest of the comic. Sorry this fails on so many levels its not even funny. The front cover is the only good thing about this comic. Save your money and buy Dark Avengers or Old Man Logan, Well done marvel for once again screwing Clint.


Sharing Of Random Cross dresser talk 0_o!!!

Well Im not one, but Im sure they would want to throw in their two cent.


1. Wear dresses with lines not stripes.
2. Practice walking in high heals first ladies.
4. Show your guns, you worked hard on them.
5 .YOU GO GIRL, strut your manly butt.
6. Attitude you got it use it, snap those fingers like there is no tomorrow.


1. Wear stripes, no need to make people think your bigger then you are.
2.get a blonde wig, brunettes and redheads are the way forward.
3. Fall over and flash your meat, your not Britney or Lindsay Lohan have some respect.
4. Never over play the part and don't say your a lady till the op is over.


So what I felt left out.


What The Hell.................BEN TEMPLESMITH AND I MISSED HIM

Omg stupid time zones and needing sleep, one of the few people I fan boy over, like a nutter and I miss him. goddamn it all.................Hoxford GREAT, 30 days of night AWESOME, Hatter M omg how good was the art, Wormwood.....I am lost for words and I miss it, The Man, The Myth, The Legend and I missed him. God I hate needing sleep. From now on im going to for go sleep and just stay online  incase he comes back. Sorry Maddie I am now dating the vine:p


Forgive any error I just found out the same time I woke up and had to see:D


Captain America 1998 Issue signed for SALE help me afford a trip

Captain America #1 Sunburst Retail Incentive variant comic book from Marvel Comics in 1998. It was only available to retailers who ordered sufficient copies of the normal edition. Great work from the creative team of Mark Waid. A super near mint copy of this Heroes Return edition.

This Copy is signed by Mark Waid and Ron Garney and comes framed with a certificate of Authenucuty (number 0406 of 2500 sent out) Rare,

Link to ebay page.Cap Comic

writing Comp Win first arch of Ultimate Fantastic four!

Okay so I was thinking lets have some fun. I was wanting to see what you guys can do so hear is the idea its simple really. You take a fairy tale e.g. Little red ridding hood or Jack and the bean stalk or what ever you want you post in here what one you are taking and you turn it into something new something with feeling with your own twist maybe even have your heroes in it.

This will run to the end of September the prize will be the issue of the first ultimate fantastic four arch. that means Issue one for you lovely collectors. I may throw in a runners up prize but I just want you guys to let lose and show the whole vine what you got so come on I know your out there looking at this wondering should i enter and I ask you this WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE.

Now there will be a panel of judges not just you and myself will have to the end of the month then the top three will be put to a vote so that the viners can pick the winner. So get cracking people.

Please post the story in the fan fic threads then pop the link on the thread below.

You Know what if we get enough people I will throw in 2 runner up prizes not sure what yet maybe some original titans stuff will look to see what I have spare.

Arrow.(lets make writing Fun

To enter post your choice of fairy tale in the thread link below. Any question Pm me.


Drama On The Vine


Why has it always got to be about drama on the vine,. This is meant to be a place for us to chill out lose who we really are for a few hours cause are real lifes are not what we really dreamed of in the first place. I want to pretend I can fly for an hour with out people b!tching out other people it gets tiresome everywhere I turn im ethier in a fight or stopping them. Why should I care cause its the god damn vine thats why the one place in the world where I can pretend im a hereo or the biggest bad ass on the planet and people get to have fun.

So you know what who cares I want this to be the place where you push of fand never look back so I ask ENOUGH im at breaking point here I try so hard to help you all and all you ever do is the same thing over and over, let it rest and be the Heroes and Villains you chose to be and not some kids with stones to throw.


Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog

So yeah this is a Blog Hi im final Arrow and I love you all well wait thats a lie I like most of you , Okay a few of you welllllllllllllllllllllllll maybe a handful amd the rest of you can suck on something that I would have to censor (but I know mosds and they hunt me Zero Edge watches my house) . Im not parniod but hey I know they are out there waiting for me to slip up.

But I just wanted to make this cause I seem to have this Maganet in this account or any account with Arrow on it that seems to attrat assh@les, Retards, B!tches and alot more now here is the thing you stay away from me and keep your mouths shut with anything about me and I wont give you the Arrow ownage that you need and trust me I have been holding back alot because well the Vine has alot of BS and well you know what suck it up. Sure I lose my rag and in the heat of the moment I do something crazy but you know what dont be a b!tch be a VINER.

With hate mixed with Love.