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As much as I love Batman and Superman i think Dc should retire that generation and have the sidekicks and young heroes become the prominent heroes.

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@jeanralphio: The Blur, Speedforce , Velocity , Calamity, Concussion

I know marvel used to have a speed guy named calamity but anymore i don't know .

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After the season 2 mid season final he was giving the mirakuru serum making him super strong and enhanced.

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I'm surprised the majority so far have found banes voice silly. For me at least it would be that much more frighting because you expect him to be some loud thug screaming "I WILL BREAK YOU" and instead its eloquent and sophisticated. To me the voice makes Bane seem more mysterious or at least more unknown. Also with Rorschach you know going in that you will be given a painful and grisly death but Bane it is impossible to know if you will be given mercy and a painless death or tortured until you can take no more. Of course this is just my opinion and i can 100% see how it can come off as ridiculous. So my vote as to whose more frighting would be Bane.

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Either Deathstroke or The Killer (Wesley Gibson)

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Origins was a terrific game. I am starting to think the only reason some people hate on Origins is that it had the poor luck to come after Arkham City which was a perfect game, this makes Origins flaws appear more prominent.

Agreed its a lot like The Dark Knight Rises a fantastic film but it came after the arguably best comic book movie ever so it can never live up to its predecessor.

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We have one but if you don't know its there you wont see it it looks like some warehouse and it has one small sign. First time a buddy of mine told me about it i drove by it three times trying to find it.

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Darcy by a mile

Calling Mjolnir "meow-meow" isn't friggin cute

It makes her sound like a headcase

I learnt how to say Mjolnir at the age of 6, Jesus f*ck

I couldn't remember what i disliked about her so much in the flicks but thank you sir for reminding me it was that damn meow-meow crap and her need to be ever sarcastic.

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