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Mister Miracle is more fleshed (and the name of the series starring the character) so it should be the main one.

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I don't knwow where else to post this but Metropolis (the city that Superman resides in) is listed under Marvel.

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Buckshot says:

Darkseid hasn't weakened over those changes. He survived the Crisis with no ill effects. It didn't even phase him."

But how do you know that? Everything was affected after Crisis, power levels were changed drastically. Last time I saw Darkseid he was tossed into the Source Wall by Superman, (and consequently freed by Superman). Now Superman is Superman and all that, but Darkseid is the embodiment of all evil. Wonder Woman deflected his omega beams. Doomsday (I hate bringing him up but it's happened) survived a direct blast. Darkseid's powers haven't been consistent after Crisis, and whether because of invdividual writers or a title wide change in the character he isn't as unbeatable as he once was.

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Darkseid doesn't have the Anti-Life equation, and after the various DC reboots (Crisis, Zero Hour, Infinitie Crisis) I'm not sure the extent of Darkseid's psychic or Omega beam power. I still think Darkseid would win, but it wouldn't be easy.

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Would this even be a contest? Spawn with a victory that would be the very definition of ownage.
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Raines says:

"Yes I agree fighting wise she may be on Batman's level,but mentally is she ready for a brawl like that,I dont think so.Thiers some big names in there,she might have felt the pressure and choked.Just say'in. Pretty good story though I thought."

If we're talking about Cassandra Cain, I don't think choking under pressure is a serious option. All she knows is combat. She speaks the language of fighting. She bested Batman a few times with ease when she was first inducted as Batgirl. She might have lost some of her edge because she can talk now, but I don't think pressure would be a factor.

And where's Connor Hawk, Shang Chi or Richard Dragon in this fight? Those are the serious martial artists of their respective universes.

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I was wondering, should there be a difference between healing involving self-regeneration and healing involving healing wounds of others. I think there should be but the healing power is already stacked with people and I think it'd be too much trouble to rename it. I can't think of a term otherwise for the healing of wounds.

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Merge all these under Alan Scott please since that profile is the most fleshed out.

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Since Terrific is spelled thusly in the dictionary, I'm guessing that's the correct one.

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