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@snapping_dragonfly: Will work on this tomorrow most likely before work. Got too much food brewing in me belly to do anything at all right now creative. im all drained

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@snapping_dragonfly: Leaping back away from her knee and swinging hard with his leg, he feels it connect with her already raised knee. A sense of accomplishment fills Syd as he realizes he actually landed a hit on the famed Sun....but this boasting took his attention away from the now. Feeling the painfull sensation of broken ribs as a long and slender leg slammed into his chest and sent him flying, only responding with seconds to spare he rolled away from the rest of the kicks. Hitting a wall and stopping he sat himself up straight and eyes widened as a feint kick was followed by a hard axe kick. Grabbing a table top and bringing it up in front of him and behind one arm. The axe kick cut through the table but took enough of the force that the blow to his one arm was only painful, hissing back at her he snapped his fingers and a blinding flash of flames erupted in her face.

Rolling quick to his right he moved fast to get out of close quarters with her, that would not be how he wins this fight. Breathing hard as his ribs were broken in plenty of places he looks around, then slams his chest into the only standing table. Wincing in pain he screams "YEAH!!!" Using the pain and adrenaline to his advantage he slits his palms and balls his fists, dipping his fingertips into the blood. Flicking his hands fast a flurry of bullet shaped blood drops fill the air between the two. Bullets slam into walls and glasses, and hopefully Sun.

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@snapping_dragonfly: Watching as his ball of fire moved past her fluid moving body he couldnt help but shutter in excitement ashe knew she was about to do something she seldom did in public places, go full out. She gave him a gesture to come forward and move, he knew he was outclassed in fighting technique. But his powers were levels above hers, and he smiled to this knowledge.

Rubbing his hands all over his legs and feet he lathered them in the substance that was excreted from his hands. Looking to Sun he smiles as he stands back up "No holding back, I can take quite the beating. " Snapping his fingers and igniting sparks that landed on his legs and ignited the chemicals now all over them. He was a pyre of fighting prowess, he may not have the level of skill but he was going to enjoy using his powers. Again levelling the playing field with a ball of fire it soared past her and ignited the bar behind her, he hoped he would push her further towards him. And if she jumped forward he would have a fire leg coming to the side of her head.

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Reading now

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@snapping_dragonfly: Getting tossed like a rag doll by one of the patrons brings Figaro right next to Sun once again, she was wiping away a streak of blood from her face and he couldnt help but smile. She asked him if this whole fight was worth it, a grin from ear to ear he replies "Damn right it moment.." He snaps both hands and fire ignites and circles around his fists "GAH!!!!" He screams and runs back into the quickly escalating fight going on in the middle of the bar.

Moving from side to side ducking and dodging the fists that swing at him, a right hook swings and his firey fist slams into the jaw of Reptile looking mutant. A second hook sends another flying through the air and on fire, Syd was in his element. Going berserk and taking as many down with him, soon he stands alone and breathing hard as his wounds quickly scab over and heal slightly. Unable to heal the flesh from his cuts he looks at the beautiful woman sitting on the bar and eating nuts. As he looks around minutes after starting the brawl its only himself and Sun. A wicked smile comes to his face and he snaps his fingers again tossing a ball of fire in her direction.

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@snapping_dragonfly: To answer you IDK. If someone wants to use it there free to its an open thread.

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@snapping_dragonfly: Taking another swig I'd his bottle he grit his teeth and as he found an open wound on his lip, swearing quickly he smiled to Sun. Speaking in Korean he replied "Name is Sydney, saw your fight the other night. Was on my way tonight when someone disliked me standing around and punched me." Leaning back he looked around "Kinda got me in the mood.... Wanna..ya know..." Instead of finishing the statement with an innuendo he burst forward slamming a closed fist into a nearby biker mutant.

Smiling wide as a child in a candy store, he continued sending in the biker smashing blood covered fist into the poor idiots face. Soon the entire bar was brawling and Syd tossed his new friend his bottle hoping she would save it for him.

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Hey I'm sorry to admit but I can't get in the mood to write as Ginju perhaps later were will RP M.

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@snapping_dragonfly: Stumbling into the bar he he groaned loud as the music filled his head. His words garbled from large bruiser and broken jaw, he grabbed the bar and slammed his jaw hard into it. Wincing in pain he liked up to see a good looking woman, smiling wide he some softly "Been a rough night, someone broke my jaw..." Waving at the bar tender he smiled through the pain that was filing his jaw. His wounds filing and healing as he spoke "Give me two of what she's got and a bottle of scotch." Two glasses slid over and he slid them to his new friend.

Taking the bottle that came he took a long and deep swig, coming up only for air. He turned around and looked through the bar. "Your Ji right?'

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Ill fight you as Ginju, matter manipulator.