Sin's In (CVnU Origin

"Myst how longs it been since we met? Its all so damn foggy that first night you came to my confession." Myst slowly takes a bead of sweat from her forehead and lets it drip from her index finger and fall into Syd's mouth. A rush of adrenaline fills his body as his mind races, the fog that was clouding his memories lifts. The world bends and weaves around him as he falls further and further into his trip. Slowly he falls to his knee's as tears trickle down his cheeks, happiness covers his face but deep inside he is ashamed and full of regret. For three years ago today he broke a promise to GOD himself, and became a sinner.

Three Years Ago

It had been a week since Sydny found out that he was a mutant, something that pushed his mind to the brink. they were abbarations to Gods greatest creations Humans. Mutants were something beneath the normalcy of the humans of the earth, he couldn't comprehend that God himself would be so cruel as to subjugate him to such a torture as this. And at such a late age, he was nearly forty and on his way to becoming a Minister for the Catholic church. The media was screaming of anti-mutant affairs and the mutants who have promised to wipe the world of those filled with hate towards them. Sydny sat in his own confession booth sobbing, the last congregation had left hours ago and he still sat questioning Gods decision. As his sobs filled the empty church the sounds of high heels tapping against the marble floors echoed through the church, wiping himself clean of tears and shame he sat up pressing his hand against the window as a woman sat in the booth beside him. "Father please forgive me for I have sinned. An I aim to continue sinning...." Sniffling Sydny sighs deep and speaks "How long has it been since your last confession?" The woman sighs deep and continues "This is my first father, but I came to you in particular for a reason." Syd's eyebrow raises as he slowly inches closer to the window. "Why my child, why have you come to me?"

Suddenly her voice bellows as her hands burst through the booth wrapping around his neck "Because you are a filthy mutant!!!" She was on top of him in a manner of seconds, tackling him through the booth and out into the marble floor. Screaming something he couldn't register she slammed down hard with a fist, his nose was the first to break under her strength. He screamed kicking her away, he stumbled to stand but she was on top of him again. This time the sensation of 3000 volts of electricity surged through his body, the piercing sting of prongs digging into his chest followed. She giggled as he laid their convulsing "We are everywhere mutant, not even your God or your church will save you." She aimed a gun at him and he closed his eyes waiting for the end, when suddenly a voice cried out "STOP!!" A woman stood in the open doorway before tackling the attacker. The two women fought only for his savior to be pinned down beneath the attacking woman's legs "F#cking bitch!! You wish to save him? Well then you two will die together!" She raised her hand a dagger in it, and plunged it down. All Syd could do was scream "NO!!!!"

Suddenly the attacker dropped the dagger, gagging on her own blood. Looking down her insides were now flopping out onto the woman beneath hers chest, she looked to Syd who now had a hundred long vines protruding from his open cuts and bruises. The attacker went limp falling forward but stopping just short of falling completely on top of the woman. Held up by the vines, Syd trembled as the realization of what just happened sank in. He just took a life...and what more it felt good doing it. He collapsed out of shock onto the marble floor.

Hours later he awoke lying in a bed, turning over he came face to face with the woman who had saved him. "My name's Myst..." She said and he trembled as he replied "Syd....what am I doing he-" She stopped him from talking grabbing his face and pulling it towards hers, they kissed passionately. For the first time in years his lips were touching a woman's, a woman who was not his wife he was doing something completely unorthodox for his position. But in that moment he didn't care, her lips tasted like ambrosia and her sweat tasted even sweeter. What he had done at the church, what he was doing to her as she bent back as his lips kissed down her chest and lower it felt great. This was the best he had ever felt in his life, and he was never going to stop. This feeling it was going to last...forever.

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Posted by Amaranth

"Its a shame to see how anti-mutant bias has damaged so many lives, but rest assured I fight for your cause."

[ Nice! ]

Posted by Figaro

@Amaranth_Strix: Thank you, ive been mulling this origin over in my head. Now hopfully Myst will appear sometime soon to give it the thumbs up.

Posted by Fukuro_Zoku

I love it. Wonderful.

Posted by Jake Malcom

@_Strigidae_: whose in control of Strig atm? Im so confused

Posted by _Sojourn_

I will not be participating in cvnu : )

But this was great. !!!

Posted by Cassidy_ORourke

Oh mannn. Not too shabby at all.

Posted by Jake Malcom

@Cassidy_ORourke: Thank you beary much

@_Sojourn_: give me a legitimate answer to why you wont be and I wont bother you everyday

Posted by _Sojourn_
@Jake Malcom I changed my main character having built up 4 years of history. I will split my already limited time between two universes, in which one I'm starting build a new and better history. Plus, I really love Sojourn as a character.
Posted by Fukuro_Zoku
@Jake Malcom: I'm confused by your confusion.
Posted by Jake Malcom

@_Sojourn_: Touche, wasnt expecting that. Was simply expecting "Cause I dont want to ass!" from our history lol

Posted by _Sojourn_
@Jake Malcom that wouldn't be at all legitimate. Lol. I say let the past stay that way. To read the other thread.
Posted by Jake Malcom

@_Sojourn_: agreed

Posted by 614azrael
Your best work no, great story yes :)
Posted by EdwardWindsor

solid start and promising direction for future

Posted by Kiara_Sullivan

Love it DC. Now just to figure out why Myst would have been around and why she stopped the woman.. Besides being a mutant herself....