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I agree that this is a very disappointing series so far after all that hype, but did you really expect Hulk to have a good showing against Thanos, because I didn't. Someone who can smile off a full hammer blow from Thor and almost kill the Silver Surfer is not going to be intimidated by the Hulk.

  1. You have just described Rulk - he smiled after taking a killing double handed Mjolnir strike to the face from an Odin-powered Thor and outright killed the Silver Surfer before time was redone. In contrast Thanos was arguably more effected by the shot he took from Thor in Infinity.
  2. Thanos has himself stated (under Starlin) that he is wary of the Hulk because of his dynamic strength.
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Should have stuck with my original prediction that there wouldnt be a proper fight between the two. However when the story went from a Savage Hulk arc to a mini that was literally called "Hulk vs Thanos" I was sure they would have to have at least one legit battle.

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@pablosl said:

What is all this nonsense about Thor not being as strong as supes or Hulk? you do realise he has busted planets and moons out of raw strenght in the past? That he has lifted a snake bigger than earth into space? He has even better strenght feats than Hulk and supes... also the guy who created the thread doesn't know what he is talking about, Thor is a warmup for Hulk? that's just waay to stupid to say, Thor ONE-SHOTS Hulk is he means to fight seriuosly (in fact he did once).

Also animated series are non-canon, comics are canon only

Thor has never oneshot Hulk - at least not through strength, not even with Mjolnir as a melee weapon. At this point in time the bulk of continuity displays Hulk as stronger in direct and more indirect comparisons.

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Though its a different universe, I think his brief Ultimate run is also worth mentioning - evil Reed Richard's creations defeated/killed Thor, Odin and all of Asgard in about 60 seconds and yet an attack by an angry Hulk was treated as a pretty serious threat:

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I'm going to say Hulk - mainly because theres way too many people saying Thor ;-)

In all seriousness all on the following list have a decent claim

  • Hulk
  • Thor
  • Sentry
  • Hyperion
  • Starbrand

Hickman's Captain Universe may well take the cake though we didnt see much from her.

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Ugh - I wouldn't recommend that to anyone. It was pretty awful.

Hulk's reaction when he discovered Miek killed his wife, child and planet was to yell "Miek - I am very angry with you!!!"

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@maccyd @bezza

Wolverine is definitely popular and worthy of Top 3 consideration. Within comics his popularity is all but unmatched - hes certainly up there with Batman, Spider-Man etc. Outside of comics hes been the main character in pretty much every X-Men film over more than a decade - and had 2 solo films (one awful, one really good).

Like Hulk or Batman hes an iconic, easily recognisable character - the angry guy with knives sticking out of his hands. Hes certainly up there.

His status as a Marvel icon though is somewhat tarnished by the fact that Marvel seems to be somewhat turning their backs on the Fox movie properties. You'd probably be far more likely to see one of The Avengers on a piece of Marvel promo art produced today.

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Hulks famous because of tv shows, games, movies etc. most hulk fans don't really read comics, that's why hulk fans are often terribly misinformed (not everyone like us), they get all the info they can on a wiki and come in like they know what they're talking about, I did that at first.

Have to strongly disagree with you on this. Hulk fans dont seem any more misinformed than any other group on comicvine - which is a big site with a lot of people who dont know very much about comics and get most of their info from scans and wiki pages.

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Cap was never in any way shape and form within a million light years of being one of Marvel's top 3 characters so I'm not sure what that page count really showed.

Marvels top properties were, far and away, Spiderman and the mutants for a long, long time. Everybody else was second fiddle. The Avengers was a weird, musty old book that nobody bought. Obviously - things changed.

These days I think you can make a good case for the Hulk being one of Marvel's top 3 characters - the other 2 being SpiderManand Logan. Pre-Avengers (2012) not so much. While Hulk had very high pop cultural awareness the two middling movies probably counted too much against him. It does depend on what media and what factors you are considering though. Iron Man is obviously hugely successful at the moment as a cinematic property though thats also a very recent thing and seemingly rather intertwined with RDJ's own personality. Its also complicated by the fact that Marvel seems to be distancing themselves somewhat from the Fox properties such as the mutants and FF.

At any rate I think Hulk is certainly doing better than he was in 2009 when that book came out. At that point one could legitimately raise the question of whether his popularity had peaked. The Avengers film was a big affirmation of the character's appeal.

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@fifthchild: I meant Malekith with the Aether. He took him on by himself. It took the entire GotG team to fight Ronan and they never really even fought him. (both ultimately won by PIS, but at least Thor went toe to toe with Malekith for quite some time)

but since we agree, no need to continue debating lol

Ah I had forgotten that. Yeah that was definitely a great Thor showing.