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@hulk465: @schwarz: @fifthchild: @bonifidehustla: @atheistknowledge: From what I've read and understand, Hulk was too much for the Hulkbuster throughout the fight. Tanking its best blows and overpowering it numerous times. It was only when Scarlet Witch's control was broken, after Hulk shrugged off getting an entire skyscraper dropped on his head, and he began to basically calm down to the point of nearly reverting back to Banner that the Hulkbuster laid in a powerful sneak-attack/sucker-punch.

I assume I am correct?

Sorry guys, it wasn't quite like that. Tony has a few tricks up his sleeve. Not sure how much you want to know, but whilst the Hulk does start to get the upper hand as the fight goes on, he is certainly given a tough time by Tony Stark. See my post 8 months ago on this thread, I did warn you what would happen.

Batman looks good however for next years fight with Supes

I have no problem with Hulkbuster giving hulk a fight (hell it gave WWH a good fight for a while). I dont like the idea of HB IM koing a angry Hulk, sucker punch or not i have to admit. So depending on how that scene looks to me will make a big difference to how i feel about it.

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@fifthchild: It really doesn't matter, the outcome is all the same anyway and it's still disappointing. If Hulkbuster > Hulk than what's the point of even having Hulk? Why doesn't Tony just use the Hulkbuster armor all the time it would make him a lot more powerful.

Well it all depends on the way the scene is presented - plenty of people have beaten characters who unquestionably were >>> than them. From what LGU is saying at least Hulk seems to be the more powerful of the two while raging about, despite the outcome. But again I'll have to see it for myself to see if I agree.

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@fifthchild: Well that's disappointing. Not because of the outcome so much but because they once again pander to Tony Stark as the hero of these movies.

It's also pointless to say Hulk has been portrayed as the more powerful when the only thing people will care is who KO'd who.C

Careful with spoilers.

At any rate I'll wait to see it myself before judging. You cant help what other people are going to say so theres no point getting too upset about that but i'm curious if it seems like Hulk lost in large part because he shook off the mind control or purely because of a good sucker punch, without reading too much into it or viewing it through jade coloured lenses.

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@shenlong said:

@atheistknowledge: I try not to base everything on what one writer says, and I disagree with this one. There's some Juggy fan boys that like to note that there's a writer who wrote Superman, and he clarifies by saying basically:

Superman has no special weakness to magic, unlike what many fans and even writers tend to think. Rather, he has the same weakness to magic that any other mere mortal has.

Thor has lifted the World Serpent. What was Hulk's greatest strength feat, if we're ignoring power altogether? Lifting 150 billion tons? Physically overcoming Skaar, with the power of more than 100 trillion tons? Please list any you know/find. I have no argument that Thor is infinitely more powerful, but I, a HUGE Hulk fan, am finding nothing on strength to support one of MY favorite mortals (the other being Goku).

I think feats are a pretty bad way to compare strength (if you have guys who regularly match up pretty evenly in strength the fact that one might have lifted a planet and the other only a building isnt very important).

That said the Hulk bracing the weight of a supernova star in Infinity 6 is probably up their with his biggest "quantifiable" feats - that probably involves Hulk maintaining some degree of upright stature with a mass approximately 2 million times that of Earth on his back. Again - feats should be taken with a grain of salt if no other reason that they tend to vary wildly. Much more so than strength as portrayed in matchups between different characters.

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Heres how LGU described the Hulk/Hulkbuster scene from Alvaro's:

"It was pretty clear that Tony was a massive underdog even with the extra armour. He does take Hulk out, but it's courtesy of a sucker punch to the back of the head. Stark drops a skyscraper on Hulk, who gets back up but in the process, the mind control is broken. As a confused Hulk surveys the devastation he has caused, Stark smacks him from behind and cleanly KO'd him."


"Hulk is KO'd with one massive sucker punch, after he has shaken the mind control and is distracted. It's nothing like a straight KO. Prior to Hulk losing focus, he was tanking Stark's best punches like nothing - he even shrugged off having whole skyscraper dropped on his head. I can't see any reason why a Hulk fan would not love this fight - he was clearly portrayed as more powerful than Stark throughout."

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In the end I think it really showed that this was originally 2 issues of the Savage Hulk book that had nothing to do with "Thanos vs Hulk" but was just meant to set up Starlin's next Infinity blah-blah.

I dont think Hulk was disrespected though unlike some people. Anyone who bought the book on the other hand...

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@bezza said:

Just take a look at the Avengers movie. Yes I know its a film and not a comic, but Marvel were making a statement in that film when they brought out the Ruffalo hulk, basically "here is our strongest character". Why the heck do you think he was the one who came along and KO'd that space whale with a single punch when the other Avengers were brickin themselves and pondering how to stop it?!

Agree but i do think the movie comic distinction is important.

In the comics Thor & Hulk has been a rivalry from the beginning (of both characters and fans), and there was a deliberate ambiguity for a long time. The focus of that rivalry drifted away from strength over the years and theres been less emphasis on keeping fans of both characters happy in recent years.

Amongst the Marvel Studios personnel however there seems to be a marked leaning towards the Hulk as not only the strongest but the most powerful Avenger. That might change as the years go on (its harder to tell team stories where any one character is markedly more powerful than the others), or even reverse but it seems to be the case atm.

OTOH the movies can influence the comics as much as the comics influence the movies, moreso when Marvel owns the film rights to those characters. So, while they will always have different continuities, going forward the distinction may be less important.

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@midnightfreeze said:


Nul was saying random shit, I wouldn't say he was unconscious. Besides, Hulk has tanked way more worse hits than a hammer into orbit. If Nul really wanted to kill and finish off Thor, he would have been back. But he noticed Dracula's empire and wanted to destroy that instead.

He wasn't saying anything IIRC until he starting fall back to earth, seems pretty unconscious to me.

The first time we see him he has an empty speech bubble. I cant be bothered posting scans but there are quite a few times in Fraction's run where he has a character with an empty speech bubble when they are surprised but not when they are unconscious. Off the top of my head when The Thing touches the Worthy Hammer he has a similar speech bubble.

Doesn't matter if he's tanked much worse because he's been put down by much less as well,

Yep. You have to take em as they come.

but he doesn't because he was BFR'd lol. He was removed from the battle & Nul wasn't holding back at all, if he wanted to kill Thor then should have been able to especially with the help of Angrir but he couldn't & didn't.

Hmmmm. I would agree that Thor won the fight based on BFR but I cant agree with the idea that he couldnt kill Thor. After all post-BFR Thor collapsed with injuries that even Odin was unable to fully mend. If Nulk had a couple more minutes to pound on him things might not have gone so well.

It seems like you're basing your claims on biased speculation. We see Thor knock Nul into orbit & he doesn't come back. The fight ended when Thor BFR'd Nul right? Thor controlled the outcome of the fight & won via BFR.

I agree with this. It was a pretty epic win for Thor given what he was up against. But at the risk of stirring things up I think Nulk pretty clearly came across as the more powerful of the two.

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@fifthchild: Nah if your omnipotence didn't understand it the first time i probably wont be able to explain it to you the second.

Mmmm. Or of course, alternatively I didnt miss anything and you simply wish to deflect from your inability to defend your argument. I guess we'll never know.

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@fifthchild: Yea, yea feats are not the problem. Paks run did satisfy me in terms of feats especially seeing it's all Hulks own power no outside amps.

How do you know it's a small group? A subgroup of a subgroup?

Anyway you missed my point.

Checking back on what you wrote I cant see anything that i didnt address or any misunderstanding - can you be more specific in how I missed your point?

Alternatively I can understand if you want to drop it here as the discussion has probably run its course.