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Batwing flies high. 0

So, there are a lot of "Bat" titles, that is a well known fact, but there is one or two titles that will most likely fly under a few people's radar, and Batwing is one of those titles.Let me tell you something, this is a title that deserves to be on everyone's radar. I had high hopes for this book, as I wanted to see something new and different succeed, but I had no idea I'd enjoy this book as much as I did.My relationship with Judd Winick has had it's ups and downs. I loved Under the Hood, but ...

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The Six vs. Everyone, no really, EVERYONE 0

This is how you end a book.  With the upcoming relaunch of the DCU, a handful of books got the axe, I can't think of another book that will be sorely missed as much as Secret Six. Though writer Gail Simone reported that Dan Didio was optimistic about the book's chances of coming back after some time off, the fact is, this was the final issue of the on-going series, and that sucks.   But, if you're going to end a book like Secret Six, you have to do it right, and Simone did just that. Essentially...

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Gates continues to be a fun ride. 0

Following an action packed issue, this issue of Gates of Gotham is a little bit different. The dust settles, and the bat kids regroup, figuring out their next move. Where as in the past, things start to go poorly for Nicholas Ander's and his brother who has become skeptical in their relationship with the Waynes and other families of Gotham. The past segments of this book remain as interesting and intriguing as always, at this point I'm not surprised how much I like these segments, but as an over...

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What's more appropriate than the Six in hell? 0

There are a few ideas going around in comics now that should have happened years ago, for example, Jim Gordon starring in Detective Comics, meanwhile in Secret Six, the team literally going to hell seems like something LONG overdue. The GoodThis was a more dramatic issue of Secret Six then we're usually accustomed to, but if you're looking for your violence fix, look no further than Catman literally gutting, then stabbing a demon's face, who just so happens to be twice his size. Among other thin...

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The Angels of Death fall upon Gotham. 0

The GoodHere's the good, remember when David Hine took over Azrael and brought artist Guillem March with him? Yeah, they're back in action, and let me just tell you, they did not miss a single crazy beat from those four issues of Azrael. Hine easily writes a very compelling first chapter of "Judgement Upon Gotham" matched with Guillem March's art. March, I can't say enough about how awesome he is. Seeming him draw The Crusader again is just fantastic, and the color through out this issue is mast...

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Yllaer nuf 0

The GoodDini's Zatanna remains one of DC's great little contained series. It's a fun read month to month, much like the first year of Power Girl as well as Batgirl, but along with the Puppetphobia story we have going on, there is some set up for the original villain of the series, Brother Night, coming back. Also, Cliff Chiang's art is absolutely gorgeous.   The BadAbout the issue? Nothing really, it's enjoyable page 1 to 20. The only bad thing is, if the solicits remain true, Cliff Chiang will ...

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Batgirl's operations get upgraded 0

The GoodStephanie Brown is just a fantastic character under Bryan Q. Miller's pen. Miller also made the promise to expand Steph's rouges a few months ago, and he's really started to deliver on his promises here with an issue fully focused on Slipstream and Steph's new stalker in the Grey Ghost.  The BadDustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs are absent from the interiors, due to what I assume is a result of them pulling double duty with the finale of Streets of Gotham this month. Ramon Bachs did a good...

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Enter, the White Knight 0

The GoodTomasi has managed to capture (to a somewhat lesser degree) everything I originally loved about this book, minus the giant bigger picture that Morrison painted. Dick and Damian's interaction is amusing as always, the freaky new villain doesn't disappoint, and it's action packed.  The BadThere's just a lingering presence of what this book used to be. While it's great, I still know just how great the book used to be. Tomasi and Gleason haven't had a real chance to make the book theirs and ...

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The Death of Oracle concludes! 0

The GoodYou know whats good about this book? The team. Love the Birds. So many good character moments through out this issue, like Dinah showing up for the fight, Hawk actually being a team player (sorta), classic Batman doing work with out you even seeing, MISFIT being snarky towards Steph, Catwoman reuniting with Dinah and Helena... and so on.  The BadThe art. I have no issue with saying how much I dislike it, but since Pere Perez has an issue next month followed by Jesus Saiz picking the seri...

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It's Back! 0

Batman Incorporated is finally back, and the world is a better place for it.  The Good What stood out first for me in this book is the fact that Yanick Paquette's art and Nathan Fairbarin's colors pop so much, it's ridiculous. Its wildly refreshing to see a Batman book with color. Outside of the art, the issue really reminded me of The Black Glove, which isn't surprising. Along with the return of SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. there is a John Mayhew styled Grant Morrison m...

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The Secret 666! 0

After two months of cross overs that left some wanting, Secret Six returns to form, and then some in a single issue.  The Good One thing that I've always admired about Gail Simone's writing is her ability to write characters so well. Here, we see the lovable Ragdoll flip his shit and take a disturbing/scary/awesome turn. But! None of this is to be unexpected. Two arcs ago in Cats in the Cradle, we see Ragdoll stand up for himself, threatening Deadshot after he made a wisecrack. So Ragdoll's tu...

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