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I'd have to say Khan for both rounds. In round one, Wolverine wasn't all that impressive with just his bone claws. He wasn't martially adept really. Khan was martially adept, stronger, faster, more ferocious, and smarter. In round two, Khan was one gunslinging badass with those weapons. If it was just a random dude with those weapons, I'd give it to Wolverine. But Khan made gunslinging look like a dance. He'd nail Wolverine.

Khan takes this.

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Hasn't this fight already occurred in comics?

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@erik Our team has been concentrating on provisions and whatnot. Jack got some fish, and I hunted some birds, and I believe there was a water purifying method beats used.

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@beatboks1 I give a brief wave to the beast known as Primal (@higorm), and continue trotting on. I feel saddened that one day I'll have to kill him. Primal is a creature of exceptional quality I'll give him that.

I continue to do some reconnaissance of my own. I've never quite seen architecture like this before. The material seems to be far more durable than the typical Scottish house. But I note that it's very bland. It's not as nearly as splendid as the buildings in Venice, or homey as those of Scotland… Ah Scotland. I've been gone on assassination missions longer than this little vacation. But this world is so alien, it makes me hunger for home all the more.

As I continue surveying the island I come across a man dressed on some type of robe or tunic (@cjdavis103). He also sported a fine mustache and a stare of stone.

"Hello there," I offer in a casual manner.

"Greetings," he offered back.

A long awkward silence ensues. I expected this encounter to have more… Violence, by now.

"Are we going to have to kill each other?"

"That is entirely up to you."

"Well, I'd prefer to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantries."

"That is my view as well." The man seemed to have a certain wisdom that I've rarely come across before. He seems like a philosopher of some sort, but I'm going to hazard to guess he's more than that.

"Good to hear. Shall we walk as companions then?"

"We shall walk as brothers."


The two us continued on. I took note of a particular building (OOC: Building 30), as did my new companion.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" I ask while examining it further.

"Indeed I am"

"Let's continue on for now. We can use that building for a lookout later if need be."

Shortly thereafter we could see a man in the distance (@beatboks1). I spread my arms open in a friendly gesture.

"Hello over there! Fine evening isn't it?", I ask knowing full well that the rain doesn't cheer up any moods.

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Sun. Sky. Birds. Finally! Something halfway normal.

The last thing I remember is… Talking animals… And a really cute lassie… And… A doll? I must have awaken from that freakish nightmare. Ah but all is well and good! I got me reality back and...

What the hell is this place? And where's my damned gear?

I look down to see a note shackled to my wrist. I read it with an extreme lack of enthusiasm.

"Well that just fu--", I bite my tongue to hold back the ugly word.

"A game it is it then."

I walk towards the closest structure I find.

A building of exquisite charm I'm sure. Just hope I don't have to shake hands with St. Peter's ghost. I'm not quite ready for death. Especially since I met that handsome lady I met earlier...


@erik @jedixman @dccomicsrule2011 I will check one room. I choose 1 for ghost, 3 and 7 for special items.

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@frozen I spotted a lad in the corner. He required no special gear or attire to show professionalism. I could see military expertise behind those eyes of his. He commands respect by simply being present. I like that.

"Hello there! I don't think we've been properly introduced," I say as I casually approach him with my Scottish swag. I lend out a hand in greeting. "My name is Locke. John Locke. Nothing fancy like the others I know. But anyhow!" I clap my hands together and take a seat next to him. "I also so happened to be a man of admirable qualities, which is a feature I'm going to guess we share, no?"

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@higorm: The name is Locke. John Locke.

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John Locke: A Man From Another Time

A Trade Route 3 Miles Outside of London, 1762.

My feet dash through the foliage. The air kisses my face. The pure adrenaline of a battle soon to be pumps through my veins as powerfully as a steed's brawn. The sound waves speak to me. They tell me where my prey is,. Just beyond those rocks. My speed picks up slightly. Aye, screw it!

I look down and let out a cone of sound. It picks me up off my feet at an unnatural rate of swiftness. It carries me above the rocks when I see my prey: soldiers of the French army. They're not like other French b@$^#%ds.

I shoot straight into the higher ranked officer, my stingers puncture his Adam's apple before he could use my God's name in vein.

One stabs himself with his knife. Not to kill himself, though I would not blame him. His knife is dipped in some type of brand new chemical called Venom. It's pretty rudimentary compared to my own abilities. He forms into some ferocious beast. His entire figure is three times his original size.

Like I said: Not your typical French b@$^#%ds.

He attempts to punch me. I smirk. When will they learn? I casually catch his ginormous fist and unsheathe my stinger from my palm. The whelp cries out in agony. Good. Let them suffer. The next moment I charge through them, stabbing them wherever I can. Throat. Solar plexus. Eyeball. Finally I get to the last two. Except one them is quite different. He actually looks like man rather than demon. But I know all too well he's not ordinary.

The last monster charges towards his doom. I clasp his ears and unleash my stingers. The blood from what's left of his brain stains my stingers. The body plops down in front of the last man standing. But to him I've disappeared into the air like a ghost fathers tell their children about.

The man in the French uniform began to clap.

"Well done John," praised Romulus. "You have perfected the technique beautifully."

"Thank you Romulus," I reply, palm fives inches from his head and stinger even closer. "Your training has been very use--"

Unknown Location, 2014

The next thing I know I'm in a whole new land. No… Scratch that: Planet. At least……. I'm not sure. I'm surrounded by talking beasts, some seeming to be half-human, half… Something else. And the woman sport their underwear without the slightest hint of having some sort of sinful pleasure. A whole group of creatures that I've fathomed stands before me… Except a raccoon. I know one of those buggers when I see them. All of this is unsettling. I've stepped into some madman's delusions.

God help me.

My stinger was currently aimed at some sort of blue-haired thing (@higorm). It too also spoke. What's even scarier is that it could speak just as well as I could.

"Greetings friend. And how was your trip into another time period? I hope you're not feeling jetlagged."

"Jet what?" I spoke with a confusion that was not hidden.

"Um. Nevermind."

"Where are we? When are we? Who are you? Speak beast!"

"Calm yourself. My name is Primal. It's a… Pleasure to meet you…"

He pinched my stinger with two finger and set it away from his cat-like nose.

He continued. "You are in the year 2014. As for our location--"

"We're in the year WHAT???"

"2014. But there's no need for ala-aacckk!"

I grab his throat and pin him to the wall with a force he clearly wasn't expecting. My stinger pokes out a little into a world of blue fur… Soon to be blood.

"Take me back! NOW!" Everybody stares at the drama. They aren't shaken by the slightest. These aren't civilians.

"Not--kklleh--Within my power!"

I take away my stinger. "Then in whose power?"

"I'm afraid I don't quite know. All I know is that we're supposed to compete in some sort of competition. Whoever wins would logically be transported back from where they belong," he assured me.

"And whoever loses?"

"Wins a gravestone," he said with a grave voice.

"Brilliant…" I state in a voice that need no introduction as sarcasm.

"I am fascinated that you are the only one here from a different time period. Everybody else here lives within this century. Tell me, is Mozart as brilliant as history states he is?"

The word "history" sends a chill up my spine, which is something very rare.


"Anyhow, as you are new to this century you may require somebody who's far more familiar with this dot on the time-space continuum. May I suggest an alliance?"

"Sure!" I give him a pat on the back as if everything was suddenly all well and good. "You're the man!… Or beast… Or whatever the hell you are..."

(Author's Note: In case if it wasn't clear, Romulus has trained me in the same disappearing act that he taught Daken.)

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@erik: Fair enough. I like challenges anyways :)

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@erik: What about screams that just incapacitate? Do those have to be directional? And is their a certain speed limit to the screams?