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@thatguywithheadphones: I'll wait a day to see how the others feel. If nobody else wants to continue, I'll start the voting.

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@fetts: I am sick of arguing timing with you. You seem to be under the impression that you have superhuman speed as compared to everyone else here, or that time works differently for you than it does for me. This is not the case. But I am tired of going in circles.

Hey man, there's no need to get so worked up over this. There was a moment when I was pretty annoyed in this debate as well, so I took a day off of CV and it helped. I as well would love nothing more than to everybody to agree with me that my strategy would work, but they don't and that's okay. That is the point of a debate. But I know how exhausting a debate can get sometimes, so please, and I say this in the humblest way possible, by all means take a little break from this debate if need be.

From this point on I am going to address the battle. If you do take a break, you may not want to continue reading on so you're not thinking about it so much.

I am under no such impression. I've even acknowledged that you have speed previously. The simple fact of the matter is that it is faster for me to snatch my sniper rifle and un-zoom my scope as I'm running than it is for you to land and run. The fall would take a second or so, and thus you'd be behind on the "race" as it were. Because for me, I'm making progress on moving forward to my position. At no point am I staying in one place as I'm making my way towards my target. But as for you, you're in the air for a second or so, and thus you aren't advancing as you're in that free fall.

Secondly, @funsiized is shooting at you. In fact to quote him:

I arm Tinkledeath in one arm and a Pistol in the other. I use Deathstrokes aim to slow your progression while Charging forward and dodging all of your blast. at a close point I throw a Grenade, The moment the Explosion goes off, Considering the distance and Buffy's speed, i'm already on top of you.

Funsiized is shooting at you for the sole purpose of slowing you down. You'd have to slow down and evade those bullets.

And lastly, I'd be able to hear you as you're in battle. I can always adjust my aim accordingly and/or increase the missile's blast radius if the scenario my map showcased wasn't accurate.

With those three factors in mind, as well as others already mentioned, you should definitely be caught by the blast.

My visor is temporarily out. I still have my hearing to rely on.

Do you? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't your ears be ringing after the explosion?

The Varia suit means I can stand up to your fire attack, and my suit can take a couple of bullets without breaking apart. I turn, lock on, and fire a super missile at you. Super missiles home in on target, and you would be providing a screen for me by using your flamethrower. When it connects it will at the very least stun you for a moment, which is all the time I needs to get within striking range of you.

Maybe to average flamethrowers, but to mine? Do you have proof? I mean, a flamethrower that has enough concussive force to effortlessly snap such large and thick chains, from about 20 ft. mind you, is pretty impressive. Even then, that isn't the main goal of the flamethrower. The main goal of the flamethrower is so that your vision is completely full of flame and so that you can't see me. If you can't see me, you can't aim at me properly.

And how do you even know that it can withstand bullets? Do bullets even exist in the Metroid Universe? Furthermore, you forget that I'm shooting armor-piercing bullets.

How effective are their homing systems? I saw the homing systems on the wave beam and it wasn't very impressive. Any proof that they could down a target as maneuverable as I am?

Let's also keep in mind that at this point, @sherlock would be raining arrows down at you, which would no doubt be a distraction for you.

Also, how does Boba's flamethrower actually work? Because fire on it's own would have no concussive force. Please, someone correct me if I am wrong, but it depends on the substance that is burning.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. All I know is that Boba's flamethrower has very unique properties. Aside from having the concussive force to break rancor chains, it can also set non-combustible items ablaze such as durasteel and glass cloning capsules.

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@ferro_vida My apologies for the delayed response. I've been discussing with Erik about the terms of the missile. I've explained to him that missile is not in the teraton range, so I'm going to assume the missile will be un-banned.

After doing my own extensive research, I have discovered that EMPs, if they high enough caliber, can override shields. Plus, JXM's word is just about as good as any official SW sources. That said, I will still be shooting the missile out of the air right above you as previously planned. The ion charge should scramble your visor for a couple of seconds.

Now, as for avoiding the blast.

Based on the map you have provided, I would be outside the blast radius of your missile. By the time you vaulted the wall and moved to fire the missile, and in the seconds it would take for the missile to reach me I would have moved towards Fun and away from the position you would be firing at. The missile would detonate behind me, at where I was. I was under the impression that you would extrapolate where I was moving towards. According to the illustration you have provided that is not the case.

I don't think you are accurately reading my map.

The circles are where we are after a second or two. Notice how I am not at my original position by the time you've landed. I have already vaulted over the wall by the time you've landed and maybe taken a couple of steps. Remember my hands can work at an extremely quick rate. They'd need to be in order to match someone with the quickdraw speed of Deadshot's caliber. All I have to do is snatch my sniper and un-zoom my scope, which I'm perfectly capable of doing while I'm sprinting to firing position. This would take me two seconds max. And my missile would realistically take less than a second to travel that distance.

While I'm running towards my firing position, you would be jumping down while I'm running to position. You can't control how fast gravity takes you down. It'd take you a second or so to actually land on the ground below, and even a little more time to position yourself upright when you have landed. Then you'd advance, and you might get some steps in, but the fall to the ground is going to cost you some time and you should be effected by the blast radius by the time my missile detonates.

Once the missile has gone off, and the missile has knocked you off your feet and scrambled your vision, I'll run over to the edge and fire my flamethrower and my Deagle w/ armor-piercing bullets at your visor. The flamethrower is for extra insurance that you won't see me and thus won't be able to retaliate with accuracy. It could also weaken your visor's integrity as well. It has enough concussive force to snap large, thick chains made for holding rancors.

The purpose of the Deagle is self-explanatory.

Your move bro!

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@nickzambuto: Maybe. I just feel like if MU martial arts was as extensive, the MU would get into as much detail as the DCU does with their martial arts.

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@nickzambuto: The fact that I feel like the DCU has better martial arts showings for their characters for the most part. I feel like they concentrate how knowledgeable their martial artists are (that 400+ ways to incapacitate a man feat for Batman is a perfect example of this), I feel like they concentrate on things like nerve strikes and pressure points more, I feel like they go into more detail about the type of training their martial artists are, etc. I feel like there's a lot more detail involved when it comes to DCU martial artists, and that's why I believe their cluster of martial arts is more extensive.

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@nickzambuto: Cap? I don't think Cap has mastered every single combat style. Iron Fist does have a buttload I will grant you. But what I'm saying is that I believe the DCU has more martial arts, and Batman has mastered every single one of them. I mean, I've seen one scan where Batman could think of more than 400 ways of incapacitating a man by just holding him with one hand. I feel like haven't seen anything like that in the MCU, except from maybe Wolverine.

Who else in the DCU has mastered every single martial art?

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YYYYYAAAA! That's what I'm talking about. Wentworth Miller making a comeback!

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@nickzambuto: Not everybody has mastered 127 martial arts. People like Wolverine and Black Panther may have mastered all martial arts in their universe, but I don't believe the MU has as many martial arts as the DCU does.