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Any other takers?

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Come on guys! This is a pretty awesome and evenly matched battle if I do say so myself.

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@judasnixon: Well… I do like drawing and I wouldn't mind doing it but now that goal doesn't seem very realistic.

@jugjugbanks Thanks for all your help! I kinda feel stupid I didn't this sooner, because I already sent one application saying I want to do graphic design as a major. I guess I can always change my major though. Thing is, I like to do drawing and I definitely wouldn't mind doing it. But if a page like the one you posted doesn't get accepted, I'm not sure if that goal is plausible. I'll have to think about it some more.

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Arrow takes this. It's a good fight actually if it's strictly close combat, but Arrow has better feats and usually pulls the victory against people like Jason.

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Round 1

John Diggle believes that somebody in CTU has been is a mole for Malcolm Merlyn. He believes that mole is Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer believes that Diggle has gone rogue on A.R.G.U.S. and is a threat to anybody he comes in contact with. Both will try to capture the other, but will kill if necessary. Fight takes place in a parking garage. Both are armed with a pistol and three clips.

Round 2

The White House has been taken over by terrorists (Olympus Has Fallen anyone?). Bauer and Diggle are the only two Americans still breathing. Both of them split the building between themselves. Both of them will have to go solo and sweep and clear their side of the White House. There are 24 (number intended) terrorists per side. All are armed with kevlar armor, assault rifles, sidearms, a frag grenade, a combat knife, and a walkie talkie. Each side is split up into three-man teams, but back-up can come at any point. Jack Bauer and John Diggle are to clear each of their sides by any means necessary. Whoever does it faster wins.

Round 3

Sparring match.

Round 4

They trade each other's jobs for a week. So Jack's job is to help Arrow find criminals and help him fight said criminals. Diggle's job is to be a field commander for CTU, locating terrorist threats and taking them in (or putting them down). Who'd do the other's better?

Bonus Round

Jack and Diggle needs somebody to hack into the Pentagon. Diggle asks for Felicity's help and Jack asks for Chloe's. This results in a semi-friendly hacking contest to prove who's the better hacking chick. Who wins?


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@jugjugbanks: Wow! Ok! I was leaning towards writing comics anyways but ya. Geez. That's rough! I mean do like drawing but I can't even draw that well yet.

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I'd say stops at 20 or 21.

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Hello, hello, hello! Quick question. I'm doing a college application right now. But I feel like I should ask, if you have a major in Graphic Arts, would you still have a chance working at Marvel or DC one day? I know there is a certain major called Comic Art. Is that the only one that'll let you become a comic book artist?

I'm thinking about doing Graphic Arts as a major, and Creative Writing as a minor. I mean I'd think that'd be good on my resume for an aspiring comic book artist/writer right?

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@sophia89 said:

@nickzambuto said:

I actually think Ra's would win. Svetlana was able to get the better of Ada and Leon, but in the case of the former she actually planned on getting captured so she could infiltrate the Hive, and in the case of the latter, their fight never really concluded and Leon was limiting his technique to only trying to capture her, not actually fight. Svetlana is still the best fighter in her country, but Ra's is the most dangerous man to ever walk the planet. Taking down a large group of ninja and treating Oliver like a kid might be out of Svetlana's league, good fight though, thanks for the tag.

Pretty much this.

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I'd think he'd have to stop around 5. If not, 6.