Golden age characters that should be re-introduced.

Since many golden age characters seems to resurface today in The Twelve, and The Challenger appearing in Avengers: The Initiative, here's a list of some more they should re-introduce.

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Posted by Jack Daws

let's re-introduce Armless Tiger Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by starman1994

The fact Armless Tiger Man has been reintroduced is a crime, It would also be interesting to see what modern writers would do with Fantomah as well

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
Posted by miki

cool list!

Edited by PowerHerc

'Super-Slave!" Now that would have to get a reaction.

Posted by Asymmetrical

Since three of these ended up happening, I've got my fingers crossed for Super-Slave!!!

Posted by name_already_chosen

Good start, but what about so many others, such as Stardust the Science Wizard, Amazona the Mighty Woman, Golden Lad, Lucky Lady, or Lash Lightning?