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@sherlock said:

@fetts: Just to state a problem with your last post. And Ion should be more concussive than an EMP (Photon). Also Ions are not charges in and of themselves, the are atoms with an electrical charge.

I learned something new.

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@fetts: I don't think you know what an EMP is, based on the way you are talking about it. When I say "less" I mean that according to you an ion charge as the same effect on electronics, but without any concussive force.

Based on the map you have provided, I would be outside the blast radius of your missile. By the time you vaulted the wall and moved to fire the missile, and in the seconds it would take for the missile to reach me I would have moved towards Fun and away from the position you would be firing at. The missile would detonate behind me, at where I was. I was under the impression that you would extrapolate where I was moving towards. According to the illustration you have provided that is not the case.

You are continuing to underestimate me. First off, I have superhuman speed and agility thanks to the Chi boost. Second, I have Black Panther's experience and acrobatics skill; he has had missiles fired at him before. Danny's senses would let me pick up the missile, and I would hear where it is coming from and where it is going to in less than a second. I am capable of multi-tasking (ie, kicking a grenade while also realizing that there is another attack coming at me). And all I need to do to get out of the way of the blast is keep moving towards Fun. I don't even have to take my eyes off of him because you are aiming the missile behind me, at the last place that you saw me.

My reflexes will know "oh f@ck a missile," and get out of the way by moving in the direction that I was already headed faster. Maybe Fun would end up shooting me a few times in the process, but his bullets would do minimal damage to me as compared to the flying explosive device. There is no way in this scenario as you have established it where your missile hits me, because a missile is a much bigger concern than the guy who has a handgun and a sword.

In fact, this works with him throwing a grenade at me. I can just run past it and ignore two explosions for the price of one.

Thank you for the apology.


@sherlock: We're in the creek bed. @erik

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@fetts: So an Ion Blast has a the same effect as an EMP, but less. The scrambling of electronics is still the same, so if my armour is shielded against an EMP, which according to you scrambles electronics and has a blast, it follows that it would also be shielded against an Ion Blast.

You still didn't address my concerns regarding the distance. If you want to make it impossible for me to avoid it, you would need to get really close, especially since you cannot see me. My armour can take the explosion itself without much issue from the range it is T (it is not a direct hit), and the Ion Blast would only scramble my visor for a few seconds.

@funsiized How are you going to react to this anti-tank missile? You would also be caught in the blast radius.

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@beatboks1: You would have figured it out eventually.

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@sherlock: I will say this: if you want to have it out with me for way back when, are you really going to do it in a three on one? Is that the only way you think you can beat me? We can have our rematch either way. I'm just disappointed.

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@fetts: Can you define what makes an ion charge different?

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@fetts said:

@fetts: Erik disagrees with you on a few key points.

@erik Which is why I asked why are you debating for Ferro in the first place? I was just under the impression that people outside of the contenders playing shouldn't be debating for somebody. I mean didn't you say yourself that you don't really like getting in the middle of debates? It kinda feels like a "Two vs One" debate all of the sudden.

You are saying things that are either factually untrue or that you do not have the evidence to support. Anyone can call you on that, and a GM ruling clears what is and is not okay.

Erik is not debating; he is laying down what is and is not so.

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@fetts said:


None of you start standing up. The height of the wall is irrelevant, as you would still need to get to your feet, get your bearings, and then attack another player. There is no reason for me to assume you would have shot Ferro before he also had time to ready himself in whatever way he chooses.

The missile you fire would normally have no trouble with the bridge. The bridge is ground though and I have a similar invincibility ruling on all ground. Your missile would make a small crater on the bridge but that's it. Because of the invulnerability of the bridge, the force of the explosion would travel mostly up, with very little of the force traveling around the bridge to go down.

Also, EMPs cause only temporary blindness to the power suit. It does not shut it down. Space Pirates used EMPs against Samus often in Metroid Prime. They only caused the visor to temporarily shut down. So while it would have an effect on Ferro if it connected, I don't think it's accurate to say that the armor would be disabled. It's EMP resistant.

Yes both of us have gone through that already. We both gather our bearings at the same rate, Ferro jumps down and I snatch my sniper out of my duffel bag. I run and vault over the small wall, he approaches Funsiized while shooting at him. I fire my missile and shoot it out of the air.

That's fine, it doesn't matter anymore since he's jumping down and I'm firing over the creek bed.

Well luckily for me my missile doesn't pack an EMP. It packs an ion charge. Both EMPs and ion charges exist in the Star Wars Universe and are two separate sciences.

Also, why are you debating for Ferro in the first place? Isn't it Ferro's job to debate for Ferro?

See, this behaviour right here. This is what I was talking about.

I was unclear on the actions you were taking. If you vault the wall and run towards me I definitely know who you are and what you are doing, since I have seen your missiles already. Granted, this missile is bigger, but I know you like big explosives. Also, if you are running towards the creek bed then you would probably also be caught in your own blast, so I suggest a different course of action. You would know where Fun is based on his gunfire, but my ice beam doesn't make nearly as much noise. You wouldn't easily be able to tell my position in that short amount of time based on the small amount of information that you have. You could estimate, but you don't really have any idea how I will move. And again, if you are so close that I cannot possibly have time to evade the blast, then you are too close to evade it too.