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It's always good to see that some things don't change.

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Got dang, you both did exemplary in this match. Whoever wins, you can both hold your heads up proud.

With that said, my vote goes to Luna. Well done to both competitors.

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@erik: I don't even know what I missed.

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@fetts: ...

The force of my energy projection is at the upper limit of this thread, ie classic Cyclops. At classic power levels Cyclops was still able to punch through solid rock and steel with no problem at all.

I'm going to say this one more time, as you seem to have glossed over it several times now: Vader did not pull his punches, because he did not punch Fett. He backhanded Fett. These two actions are very different.

Even if Vader can lift/press 3 tons, that is mostly irrelevant here. His shoulder is still biological, not mechanical. That is the point from which the blow draws it's force. His arm is mechanical, but his shoulder is not. That is the point of fulcrum. It is also the only point of fulcrum. He is not rotating his hips or altering his stance, so he is not taking full advantage of his body mechanics. The evidence provided in the scan itself supports the idea that Vader was not using his full strength, because if he was he wouldn't have f#cking backhanded Fett.

All you have suggested is that, at most, Vader underestimated Fett.

I do not appreciate you continuing to downplay my character.

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@fetts: Your electronics would be scrambled for several seconds, and I would have struck you hard enough to stun you. That Vader pic shows Fett being backhanded, not punched. A punch has rotation, and thus more force and potential damage. Even if Vader was a 2 tonner, which I am skeptical of, he was using only the force he could generate with his arm, which means he was using nowhere near his full striking force when he hit Fett.

Danny's energy projection is only limited by the rules of the game. His fist is a tankbuster. The only reason I didn't put my hand through both your helmet and skull and because I chose not to.

The point of this is that you cannot possibly be in a state where you would know what direction I have gone in. You cannot reasonably pursue me.

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@fetts: If you couldn't tell, I stopped having fun debating with you a long time ago. I'm tired of repeating myself.


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@fetts: I have five energy tanks. This is the first damage I have taken this round. Saying you have drained one and a half tanks would be generous.

I repeat: even with the feats you have offered of your flamethrower in action, there is no explanation for it having the concussive force that you are claiming it has. It is physically impossible for it to be capable of what you are claiming going solely off of concussive force, because fire doesn't have concussive force. Mass = concussive force.

I don't care if the missile connects. It's primarily intended as a distraction. If nothing else it will throw you off for a moment. You dodge the missile, and then mid-movement I snag you with the grapple beam to prevent you from getting away.

Besides, you didn't kill Fun. Sherlock did.

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@fetts: So to summarize:

The Varia suit can survive magma, but your flamethrower is going to be enough to stop it because it has vague special properties.

The way the Power Suit works is that is has a shield around it. The shield continues to absorb damage until the energy tanks run out. When that happens the suit automatically dissipates, and in-game Samus will suffer a game over. Your armour-piercing bullets will drain my energy tanks a bit. That's it.

Fun was shooting at me, but even if he did hit me his bullets would do minimal damage. And besides that, Sherlock has taken him out of the running at present, so his bullets would not be an issue.

You already stated where you were going to shoot the missile at. You even drew a picture of it's intended target. I presume you did that so that you would avoid aggroing Fun, but since he has not replied in several days I presume that no longer concerns you.

As for my ears ringing, explosions have never left Samus dazed and unable to hear in her games, so I presume that the Power Suit offers protection against that. Even if I cannot hear you, I know to go towards the source of the wall of fire.

Do you remember in the previous round when Orcs were firing arrows at me? After a while Erik stopped even trying to hit me with them because arrows would do next to nothing to the Power Suit. Sherlock's arrows would be an annoyance at most, and one I can evade easily while still moving towards you.

5:50. They home in on a flying target without any trouble.

As for the mysterious properties of your flamethrower, I can only presume that it would spray a flaming substance. That is the only way that it would so easily light up non-flammable targets or have any concussive force. So I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that instead of getting bogged down again.

Again, it doesn't matter. If your flamethrower was hotter than magma you could not possibly use it on me without injuring yourself due to the intense heat. My suit can stand up to the heat of magma. Ergo, the damage you cause would be minimal at best.

I close the distance to you, using the screen of your own flamethrower as cover. I would latch on to you with my grapple beam so that you cannot get away, then blast you several times with the wave beam at point blank range to short out your electronics. I deliver a Chi-amped punch to your face-plate while you cannot see me, but I do not use enough force to kill you. When you are stunned and on the ground I will go into my morphball and leave you there.

You have not gotten your requisite kill yet, and killing me wouldn't count for you. I'm going to go have my duel with Sherlock. If you continue to pursue me, I will kill you. I suggest you try tracking down someone else.