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they need to bring back to front line in X-Men comics these 6 X-Woman:

Jean Grey
Cecilia Reyes

  1. No matter what everybody say or do, Jean Grey will always be the most powerful mutant of Earth and she need to be back without the fuck up timeline displaced young Jean Grey story. The writers need to memory wipe of the O5 with exception of Jean and take them to their past in order to prevent any new death moment of Jean Grey and in the present she would be alive and safe. I miss her sooooo much.
  2. Sabra is an interesting and mysterious super soldier mutant that need to be an X-Man due her helpful powers and undercover tactics.
  3. Every team needs a puertorrican mutant: Cecilia Reyes needs to be used due her medical knowledge and train her to use more her powers that can be as powerful as Invisible Woman's Cosmic Force Field and street fight/martial arts defense in order not only rely on her powers.
  4. Lifeguard, Lifeguard! She is a force to be reckoning. Shi'ar mutant with adaptive powers with some untapped shi'ar powers that can be a valuable member of the X-Men. For me, she is the female version mix of Colossus, Darwin, and Morph with Shi'ar genetic material. She is way too cool.
  5. Magma is a character that have an extensive background story that can be used as a motive to expand her mutant powers due her mystery lineage with Selene (Powerful Psionic Sorceress/Goddess/Vampire/Immortal/Mutant) and her connection to Earth itself. She can evolve to an omega level mutant with infinite power set if she merge her powers with some Selene's powers.
  6. Meggan is still the less usable mutant that have an infinite powerful powers (Empath/Shapeshifter/Elemental/Magnetic). Those powers make her super powerful being, one of the most powerful mutant ever lived but she need a guide and intensive training in order to be in full control. What better trainer than Jean Grey!
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@ms-lola: Omg for good or OMG for bad?

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I believe the inclusion is because it's time to use more in action non constant used mutants that have an excellect background history and useful powers that if they united, they can become a powerful team led by the wisdom of Rogue.

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Tina Ivlev - She should be cast as Supergirl.

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@rd189: Yes I, know. Nocturne is a powerful mutant that can be helpful in many ways. She need to be used more often in comics.

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Good advise!

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Quasar became an avenger in Avengers Annual (1967) #18. Havok is the leader of the team but in field leadership Rogue is sooo much better than Havok.

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@fallen_crippled: they merged two characters in one (Kitty/Rachel). They gave Rachel's chronal abilities(time travel) to Kitty Pryde as a secondary mutation. An interesting move. I liked it but I wished they introduce Rachel Summers as a hound.

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I just came from seeing the movie. I believe for me that the director made a splendid movie without losing essence of the original classic story. Nice development of Mystique (i respect her more because of her actions in this movie), good acting, and the agony and last hope of the last remaining X-Men in the future that were a constant fight to change their actual apocalyptic future where was a living hell non stop. I loved the movie. I recommend it without any doubt. Note: The movie is based on the original story with a better outcome at the end. Stay after the end credits..a messiah praised, Jean is alive and the movies after X2 have been rebooted like never happened with the result of the solved movie plot!