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Nice team in every angle.

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wow It was unexpected to see that the Phoenix choose the X-men instead of Hope. It is obvious, that Tony Stark made a huge mistake because that beam instead to kill the Phoenix, did provoke a shatter state, Big trouble, good job, Iron Man.But there are some questions about this unexpected event and they are:

1. How Cyclops knew that the Phoenix was meant for Hope?

2. Why the Phoenix choose those specific mutants? I know that it shatter the Phoenix but it choose the mutants over the Avengers, so what is the backup plan of the Phoenix now that Hope is ''dead''?

3, Does Cyclops knew all the plan of the Phoenix because he never lose the psychic connection with Jean?

4. Where the hell is coming back Jean Grey because the Phoenix is Jean Grey?

5. What is the real purpose of Hope that she is meant to do beside be possessed by the Phoenix?

6. What Namor meant that Hope need to be ready for what comes next? There is a higher threat coming to Earth that only the Phoenix can defeat?

I believe they need to explain many doubts around this event specially when they gonna bring back Jean Grey. I still believe she is the key to all this problem and Hope is just a simple tool needed by Jean.

Remember this pic when White Queen knew something important all along about that threat related to the Phoenix and she tried to tell to Cyclops what she knew and always happened something that prevented to reveal that important detail. Emma Frost even tried to kill Hope a couple of times, why? we don't know. The Phoenix choose to reveal something to Emma, why? we don't know. Prepare for what? In my conclusion, I believe there something going on here that we don't have a f***ing clue of what it is and how it gonna affect the X-Universe but it's certain that I believe is a dramatic return of Jean Grey because Hope is just the last fragment of the Phoenix that is needed to make a new closure to this scrambler plot and problems made around Jean and the Phoenix. We'll see what next to come.