My Three teams during Infinity Crossover

New AvengersMighty AvengersSecret AvengersUncanny Avengers
Winter Soldier-Leader
Madame Web-Leader
Invisible Woman-Leader
Franklin Richards- It's time to evolve by his own way.
Sersi-Team's Goddess
Hawkeye-Superb spy
Rogue-Siphon and perfectionist over the powers of each superhuman she touch.
Vision-Android forceful teammate
Juggernaut- Unstoppable Force
Snowbird-Shapeshifter Goddess
Valerie Richards- Exploring more of her powers and brilliant mind.
Lorelei- Asgardian Witch
Lilith-Occultist Ally
Quicksilver- Speedster of the team
Namor- Brute force and he will accept anything that come from Susan.
Cloak-Team's teleporter. Explore more of his enigmatic darkforce powers.
Striker-Rookie pupil
Luna- Expanding her empathic abilities
Sunfire-Aerial defense
Dagger- Light manipulator
Sif-Asgardian Warrior
Speedball-Kinetic force
Elektra-Deadly Martial Arts Warrior. She will train the members of this team be efficient without their powers too.
War Machine-Tech
Daredevil-Martial Art Expert
Sage-Evolutionist and espionage expert
Skaar-Brute force
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