My new X-team: The Externals

Cannonball: Their leader
Jennifer Kale: Sorceress with many beneficial talents such as teleporting.
X-Man: Enigmatic Omega Force
Siryn: Newly Celtic Goddess of War and Death
Armor: Superstrong armor warrior
Quicksilver: Their speedster
Snowbird: Mystic Shape shifter

Let's say Cyclops choose Cannonball to lead a new team of X-Men. He choose some powerful allies mutants, non-mutant, and newly goddess that will make a difference outside of the X-Men solving problems such as intergalactic, mystical, and earth threatening.

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Posted by McKlayn

I love cannonball as the leader of a team, in the early issues of New Mutants it showed Sam as like the chosen successor to Cyclops but they kind of dropped it after the schism when they made him follow his sister to the school and now :'( now hes going to be an avenger :'(

Posted by fodigg

Not that she has to be, but is Jennifer Kale a mutant?

Posted by Veitha

I'd put another sorceress like Amanda Sefton, but I like this team.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@fodigg: I think that was point, a few non-mutants to help with there image

Posted by John Valentine

Get rid of Quicksilver and I'd like that team.

Posted by kiss_lamia

Jennifer Kales on the team that means big demon baddies are going to come after them yay id be down for this title lool

Posted by fodigg

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@fodigg: I think that was point, a few non-mutants to help with there image

Oh, I'm not questioning the selection, I was just curious.

Posted by FernandoGrey

@fodigg: Jennifer Kale isn't a mutant. she heritage the tome of Zhere-Na, one of the most powerful artifact in existence, and Atlantean dead magic that only she had master it. She is extremely powerful sorceress that even outmatch Supreme Sorcerer as Doctor Strange.

Posted by Spawn92

Interesting team. I don't know how I feel about Quicksilver, but the rest looks good to me.