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@FernandoGrey: seems like it has too many leaders to last very long, but I bet they could still do some serious damage even as they fall apart.

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I know this is a complex team of leaders but they can do soooo much damage to any X-team. If they work for a single purpose to destroy the X-Men, they can do it. I believe this could be an interesting deadly team ever.

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Eh. This is a lot of Wolverine villains piled up, save Miss Sinister.

Unfortunately, I don't think it would stack up the way you think it would.

Laura, alone, has personally owned both Deathstrike and Claudine. Psylocke has owned Omega Red. Kitty dealt with Ogun with Logan. Mystique gets swatted by Rogue--fueled by personal reasons.

I really don't think 1) they would ever all work together. 2) would be as cohesive as any functional team if they did. 3) couldn't get pwned by a well-rounded X-Men team.

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ok with the line up but not against the x-men this would have been a good team against wolverine's x-force since they are all mainly wolverine's nemesis'. these are the members daken should have gathered for his brotherhood dispite his & rom's beef.

they coulda gave XF a run for their money between romulus & deathstrike they coulda held wolverine down to a degree, miss sinister & sabertooth against psylocke, mystique vs fanthomex. ogun vs nightcrawler maybe (dont know much bout ogun) omega red verse deadpool. ( of course this is the post archangel, pre humanoid EVA team) plus through daken in any of these battles unless deathlock is around then he could fight him or switch the targets up a little.

good job!!!!!

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Wolverine's X-Force team would have eaten them for breakfast.

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Logan -> Sabertooth. There’s no way this would go down as any other fight. Creed would take fighting him personal, and keep it between them. We have seen this before when stakes were high—when Logan got his Adamantium back from Apocalypse, he defeated Creed to do it. Oh, and then there’s the fact that he ‘killed’ Creed a little while back.

Warren-> Romulus. Romulus meets Apocalypse’s Death. Down he goes. Between wing Flechettes w/poison, range, flight, and maneuverability, Warren wins this one, imo.

Laura-> Miss Sinister. Seen this fight already. Very quick. Miss Sinister is not a fighter. Three panel fight at best… then she helps in the Psylocke -> Ogun fight.

Laura & Psylocke-> Ogun- A brutal fight, to be sure, but they would have this. In time for Psylocke to give Fantomex a hand with Omega Red

Rahne & Thunderbird-> Lady Deathstrike. Technique vs. Fury. I think LDS would be taken down in the long run, though.

Wade-> Mystique. Simply because this would be pure fun. However, Wade’s healing factor is ridiculous fast. He comes out on top here. With a little help from Domino.

Fantomex-> Omega Red. We’ve seen him deal with similar death field/death dealing powers in the terms of Pestilence. Combining him with Psylocke (who can convince Arkady that he released his powers, yet did not—she’s done it before), Omega goes down hard.

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I love that Ogun is in there....a very underutilized villian, throw in Cyber as well and you have a beast team!