My ideal new x-villians team: Dark Brotherhood

Leader: Mystique = Unpredictable shape-morphing villain leader that always have undying hate to the X-Men

Co-Leader: Azazel = Demon warlock, swordsmanship, and teleporter that can help Mystique to fulfill any goal to destroying the X-Men

Members: Omega Red = The Ultimate Deadly Russian Weapon won't mind to take revenge specially Wolverine.

Vargas = Ultimate Super-Human with extremely dangerous abilities that in the past kill Psylocke and almost defeat the X-Men.

Ms.Steed = Mutant with raw psychic abilities that can act as psychic defense due her immunity mental instruction.

Cordelia Frost = Little sister of Emma Frost, the most powerful empathic mutant, the Professor X of the Empathy, can take revenge of her sister Adrianne Frost's dead by the hand of her own sister Emma.

I believe this could be a interesting team that could use different reasons to hate the X-Men. I hope you guys like this team.

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Posted by avenger693

AWSOME team!! I really like it

Posted by crostasreallycool

yeah, it's pretty cool

Posted by cattlebattle

Thats a cool team...
What the hell ever happened to Vargas and Ms. Steed anyways?

Posted by BlackWind

Personally, I think Azazel should be written having far more powers, both mutant related and from dark sorcery. Though he'd probably help Mystique for obvious reasons.

Posted by John Valentine

Azazel would help Mystique?

This team has too many alpha-type personalities to stick together for any real amount of time.

Posted by Backflip

My major problem with this is the presence of Vargas... he hates mutants. Period. So why would he team up with them?

@cattlebattle said:

Thats a cool team... What the hell ever happened to Vargas and Ms. Steed anyways?

Vargas got taken out off panel during Messiah CompleX I believe.. all because the Purifiers were wiping out everyone who knew about the future IIRC.