My Ideal Futere X-Men

Let's say that after 10 years in the future, Cyclops step back as a leader and become a mentor to the new X-team. He do the job to select a new roster team of X-Men. He should choose: Cable (Leader), Cannonball (field leader), Magik (teleporter and mystic expert), Snowbird (shapeshifter), Shatterstar (Superb warrior), M aka Penance ( One woman army due her powerful mental and physical powers), Oya (Elemental Defense), Darkstar (Teleporter and Darkforce warrior), Hellion ( Telekinesis back up), and Chamber ( their telepathic defense). This is my ideal mutant team.

Cannonball: Powers: generate thermochemical energy as a blast field, which can act as propulsion, bio-kinetic blasts, a protective force shield, and a containment field around his opponent, or absorb kinetic energy to create shockwaves or supercharge the force behind his punches
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