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interesting, interesting, I never heard of any of these thespians. but I do have 2 additions JOSH HENDERSON [dallas] as GAMBIT and JULIE GONZALO [dallas, Christmas with the cranks] as KITTY PRYDE

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The cast that I choose is for the original team members, the beginning of the X-Men, how they interact, their own stories, the segregation and isolation from the humankind because they are not prepared to face the mutantkind. If someone take this story and mold them to their own creative development without leaving behind the essence of the original story, this tv show can be an excellent show that can surpass any superheroes tv series such as Smallville.

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No budget

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No budget and other channels that showed expensive shows such as Heroes, they had budget due their commercials and rating. Soooo, no excuses for no budget. NEXTTTTTTTTTTTT

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X-Men would be more expensive for heroes, if you're expecting a movie-esque show, hence the inspiration.

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Gibby yes...jk no