Future timeline X-Factor

X-Factor Members
Karma (Leadership) With the death of powerful psychics such as Rachel Grey and Emma Frost in a X-Battle, she absorbed their knowledge and powers permanently amplifying her powers to become the most power Omega Level Psychic.
Douglock: During the battle, Warlock was fatally hurt with an electro-magnetic virus. Just before he died, he pass his techno organic powers to his friend Cypher, becoming a powerful technopath with upgrade on his previous powers.
Molly Hayes - Grew to be a super powerful invulnerable Bruiser with surpassing even Gladiator's power level.
Philistine - Joined the team due his vastly powerful talents.
Loch - Underwater being with new shapeshifter powers
Oya - Fearless Elemental trained with Emma Frost's wisdom and Wolverine's superb martial arts
Valeria and Franklin Richards - Team's Omega Level Mutant that served as Scientists, Genius Ally, and cosmic beings.
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