Evolutionary's team: Covenant

Petra: Full control over the environment
Sway: Evolved full control over time and space manipulation
Anya: Full control over magnetism, the 4 elements, and dark force
Gailyn: Full control over mental powers.
Silver Fox: Full control of her molecular structure with photogenic memory, and ability to copy and offensive use any state of material that she touch,taste or feel. Trained to be a lethal warrior.
Tarot: Full Dark force and magic control.

We all know last time, the Evolutionary declared war to Cyclops because on his point of view, he expressed that Cyclops fail to protect mutantkind. What if the Evolutionary create a pocket universe just like Franklin Richards and travel through time, snatching these specifics women just before they died, brainwash them, fully evolve them, and turn them into his new evolutionary warriors without revealing their identity creating a suspense when he says: "My children of Ashes against them, Children of Atoms". It could be an interesting outcome to bring back those characters that could be for many x-members their Achilles' heel and make the X-Men suffer a lot.

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