Apocalyptic Era's Avengers X- What if

Avengers X Members
Ms. Marvel - Leader
Richards' Siblings - Cosmic Super Beings. Earth's Last Super Genius Mind
Blade - Occultist Vampire warrior.
Firebird - Immortal Fire Being
Luna - Beautiful Inhuman Queen that evolve, due overexposure of Terrigen Mist, to the most powerful Empath/Elemental/Speed mutant. She is a deadly master in several martial arts including Karnak's fighting styles.
Wiccan - Become a powerful warlock with full control over his reality manipulation powers.
Skaar - Stand as the last Hulk being in the planet.
Moonstar - Hera permanently transform her into Valkyrie Goddess of Penance with deadly arts of combat and weapon fused with her psychic powers.
Avengers Mansion - Upgraded with Inhuman tech and Sorcery/Cosmic Defenses

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