Future timeline X-Factor

X-Factor Members
Karma (Leadership) With the death of powerful psychics such as Rachel Grey and Emma Frost in a X-Battle, she absorbed their knowledge and powers permanently amplifying her powers to become the most power Omega Level Psychic.
Douglock: During the battle, Warlock was fatally hurt with an electro-magnetic virus. Just before he died, he pass his techno organic powers to his friend Cypher, becoming a powerful technopath with upgrade on his previous powers.
Molly Hayes - Grew to be a super powerful invulnerable Bruiser with surpassing even Gladiator's power level.
Philistine - Joined the team due his vastly powerful talents.
Loch - Underwater being with new shapeshifter powers
Oya - Fearless Elemental trained with Emma Frost's wisdom and Wolverine's superb martial arts
Valeria and Franklin Richards - Team's Omega Level Mutant that served as Scientists, Genius Ally, and cosmic beings.
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New Astonishing X-Men Team "IF"

Dazzler (Leadership)
Banshee (Co-Leader)
Exodus (New Love interest of Dazzler)
Beast ( Team's Scientist)
Wild Child ( Every team need a feral force)
Amanda Sefton (Witch. It's time that she is made a X-man)
Deadpool (X-treme measure defense)
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Magneto's new team: M-Squad ( New Idea)

Magneto ( Leadership) Form this new team in Prof. X's Legacy merged with his own visionary way.
Cassandra Michaels: New codename (Hex) Energy Manipulator
Hijack (Technopath) Left Cyclops' team to join Magneto
Molly Hayes
Magma ( Recruited by Magneto himself due her vastly powerful earth/fire/magma powers)
Amelia Voght (New Codename: Mist) Team's teleporter and Secondhand Commander/Loyal friend to Magneto.
Miss Sinister- New Codename: Sin (Freed from Mr. Sinister's total control. Stand as Powerful/Genius Mind/Deadly Ally due her vastly retained power such as Prof.X's telepathy and Courier's complete psionic control of every molecular of her body.
Sasquatch - Team's Super mind genius/Mystic Feral Being!

Avengers: Covenant ( New Idea Team)

Column Head
Scarlet Witch (Leadership) (Light)
Speed (Stand as bodyguard of his mother)
Sedna (Sea Goddess) Water
Skaar (Brute Force) Earth
Firelord (Cosmic Warrior) Fire
Tempest (Weather Control) Wind
Dusk ( Darkforce being) Darkness

My Dark X-Men's new lineup

Members (Leader & Co-Leader)MembersMembersMembers
Rogue (With Ms.Marvel's powers reemerged with full control. Tough, darkly leadership)
Siryn (Back to earth as a true mystic banshee)
Unuscione (Energy Shield Powerhouse)
Oya (Elemental Manipulator following the footsteps of Rogue's tactics)
Nightcrawler (with new demonic powers as a secondary mutation)
Hrimhari (Ally to Rogue)
X-man (Team's Psychic Warrior)
Archangel (Restored original persona with his enigmatic Cheyarafim powers reemerged including his energy based powers)
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My Dark Avengers

Winter Soldier
Member - Psychic/ Master in Power ControlMember - Asgardian WitchMember - ScientistMember- AndroidMember- Darkforce teleporter