My Apocalyptic Era's X-teams: X-Men & X-Force

X-Men's MembersMembersMembers
Storm (Leader leveled to Omega Mutant with her innate magic ancestor heritage)
Dr. Reyes (Team's medic and superb force field manipulator)
M (Storm's leadership protegee due her superb discipline and multiple powerful talents)
Wolverine (Lieutenant and bodyguard of Storm.)
Colossus (Powerhouse partner to Wolverine)
Pulse (Siphon Manipulator, Excellent thief and strategist)
Darkstar (Full Control over Darkforce. Vow revenge to find and destroy the one who destroy her hometown)
Magma (Full control of Fire, Magma, Earth, Volcanoes, and Earthquake)
Shadowcat (The Hand's ninja and full molecular control of her body)
X-Man (Omega Psychic with absorbed talents of Prof. X and Stryfe )
Shen X0rn (Enigmatic Energy manipulator and Master of all martial arts)
Vanisher (Team's teleporter)
X-Force's MembersMembersMembers
Cable (Leader)
Lifeguard ( Full control of her reactive metamorphosis)
Archangel (Back to his old power set without his psychotic persona)
Psylocke (Omega Psychic and Telekinesis Ninja)
Forge ( Tech Inventor and full trained in magic by Dr. Strange)
Boom Boom (Enhanced power by Sage expanding her power to atomic force power and energy manipulator)
Havok (Cosmic Energy Manipulator)
Lady Deadpool (Less Crazy and More Lethal than Deadpool)
Sage (Psionic Technopath with Enhance Mutation and Genius Intellect talents)

Which team you will choose and why?

Create your team excluding the mutants of the list of MIA. Be creative!!!!

List of MIA and Void characters:

  1. Cyclops
  2. White Queen
  3. Magik
  4. Rachel Summers
  5. Rogue
  6. Magneto
  7. Legion
  8. Surge
  9. Nightcrawler
  10. Beast
  11. X-23
  12. Professor X

My New Excalibur's team

LeadershipMembersColumn Head
Captain Britain: Leader ( Want to create his own X-team fused with Avengers Tactic Knowledge and Tech)
Pixie (She moved to England to have a time out of the X-Men and joined the Excalibur team in order to train her fairie and witchcraft power to another level) New love interest to Wisdom
Shroud (Darkforce hired by Wisdom due his excellent control of his power and leadership)
Agent Wisdom: Co-Leader (He is responsible to intensive train the new members to a ruthless way to create perfect soldiers)
Transonic (Wisdom's favorite member due her superb discipline to explore any extreme training including lethal and nonlethal ways)
Hepzibah (Feral force acting as informant of Wolverine or Storm of everything that the team do)
Meggan (Exploring more her enigmatic power and mystic heritage. Acting as mother figure to Pixie helping her to evolve more her fairy powers)
Earth-Mover (Omega level Earth manipulator that combine it with magic)
Karasu (Served as team's psychic in training)

Headquarter: Braddock Manor

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What if, Joseph's New Brotherhood of Evil combined with Goblin Queen's New Sisterhood of evil!

Joseph (Leader enhanced to Omega Level) Create this team in purpose to exterminate the X-Men specially Magneto
Genesis (Resurrected by her grandmother Madelyne, devoted to her due his enhance power)

Madelyne Pryor (Co-Leader) Lover of Joseph, responsible to enhance to omega level Magneto

Shuriken ( Kidnapped and brainwashed by Madelyne, deadly killer)

Senyaka (Lethal bodyguard)

Mercury (Recreated by Madelyne making him more complex and stronger)

Locus (Resurrected by Madelyne) Team's teleporting mutant using her power in offensive and defensive ways

Yeti (Feral entity)

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Shinobi's resurrection and new evil team, what if

Shinobi Shaw (leader) Matter and molecular manipulation
Beef (All old powers plus invulnerability)
Wildchild (Superfast feral mutant)
Godfrey (Techno- path. Team's expert of weapon and machines )
Witchfire (Responsible of the resurrection of Shaw and others fellow members due a pact that she made with Shaw)
Sunpyre (Enhance her fire/radiation powers)
Fatale (Repowered and more deadly than before)
Karasu (Absorbed her deceased brother's powers increasing her psionic power to a powerful level)
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What if Jean Grey comeback to her own timeline and form her version of X-Men?

We all know that in the recent stories of X-Men, Beast took the original X-Men back to the future to help him to make "conscience" in the rebel Cyclops. But what if the original X-Men had enough of all that bullshit and tried to comeback to their right timeline and Jean decide to stand as a leader and form her own X-team, ruthless and defensive because she want to protect Xavier's dream and avoid that the mistakes that happened in the mainstream occur again.

Leadership and membersMembersMembers in training
Jean Grey (Leader)
Cecilia Reyes (team's medic) Evolved to a superb force field mutant due her intensive train.
Cipher (Ghost -spy)
Professor X- Mentor and Personal Advisor to Jean
Iceman (Omega Elemental Force)
Daken (Rescued by his father and raised to be a better man and warrior with honor. Husband to Jubilee)
Rachel Grey ( Fully loyal to her mom and full train by Professor X and Jean in every psychic aspect making her more powerful than ever)
Jubilee (Original Powers upgraded to atomic level using at full potential)
Petra (Fulfilling her total control on everything related to the earth)
Havok (Field Leader) Time after time, Alex had been showing that he is an excellent leader that always follow his wise tactics without failing the X's dream or damaging anyone.
Colossus (Trained to be the perfect soldier by the soviets)
Synch (Copying and retaining the powers around him)
Muir Island Headquarter Staff
Research DirectorTech/Enhance Mutation ExpectWeapon and tech inventorCombat TrainerOccultist Advisors
Moira MacTaggert (Genetic research expert, owner of the island, and wife of the Charles Xavier)
Tessa ( Enhance Mutation and technopath of the team)
Madison Jeffries (Chief commander in tech invention and defenses of the island)
Deadpool Corp.(Weapon and martial arts trainers. Guardians of the Island)
Amanda Sefton with her husband Nightcrawler (She is supreme sorceress of the winding way and he is prince ruler of the Neyaphem equal in power as his father Azazel)

In conclusion: For me, it's a good development for a good story in the X-Universe. Give suggestions or opinions!

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Professor X's Omega X-Men

Professor X in astral form- Mentor
Nina- The Pandora Box of the team
Frederick Slade- Dark x-man
Karma- Leader and intensive psychic student of Professor X
Iceman- Omega Level elemental, loyal to Charles
Sage- Enhance mutation, technopath, and lethal fighter expert
Banshee-Field Leader
Molly Hayes- Fury Force
Mikhail Rasputin - Omega manipulator and enhance mutation
Muir Island Institute


My Joseph's new team

Amelia Voght: Joseph's advisor.
Shola Inkosi
Askari the Spear
Collective Man
Rogue: As Joseph's gf. Pregnant with his child.
Sabra: Super-spy powerhouse
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My New Avengers team: A-12

Location: Avengers Mansion (Rebuilt and Supervised by Iron Man)

Winter Soldier

Meggan (Wife of Captain Britain)
Jennifer Kale

Goddess WarriorUnderwater Brute ForceAll-Mighty

Tech-ExpertMercenaryMedic/Force Field
Hank Pym
Silver Sable
Cecilia Reyes

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