My selection of the cast of the New X-men Tv Series based of the Peter David's X-Factor!

Valerie Cooper
Natasha Henstridge - Species 1,2,3
Multiple Man
Brandon Routh - Superman Return
Havok - Leader
Luke Bracey - Monte Carlo
Jessica Lowndes - 90210
Strong Guy
Lou Ferrigno - TV's The Hulk
David Henrie - Wizards of Waverly Place
Karen Gillan - Oculus
Moira MacTaggert
Kristin Davis - TV's Sex and the City
  • Below this sentence have the link of the news of the new tv series based of X-Factor
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What if Jean Grey regroup her Astonishing X-Men?

MembersMembersSupport Members
Jean Grey - Leader: Reclaim her title as the most powerful psychic/telepath ever existed.
Karma: Become Jean's Apprendice in Psychic training in order to expand her powers
Blindfold - Training unarmed and armed combat with Amiko, and with Jean to control her powers.
Maddison Jeffries
Graymalkin Headquarter

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What if Jean Grey reanimate some mutants or restore the x-genes to some others to create her version of X-Men:Blue Team?

MembersMembersStaff Members
Thunderbird - Leadership
Moira Mactaggert - Genetic expert and new headmistress of the team
Jean Grey - Co-Leader: Responsible to resurrect the deceased x-members.
Bailey Twins - New costumes and powers
Forge - Tech expert
Jubilee - Fearless to use her restored powers to a whole new level.
Cecilia Reyes - Med Staff and team's ally
Muir Island - Camouflage to everything and everyone due the alien tech upgrade used by Forge with new offensive/defensive weapons, teleportation spheres, and high tech in med/scientist/communication.

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What if Vulcan transported through time and recruit mutant, some before their perish moment, to form his X-Team!

Vulcan - Leadership
Icarus - Evolve to a full Cheyarafim Archangel with many mystical offensive and defensive powers.
Petra - Stand as loyal friend to Gabriel and becoming a powerful mutant due her extended training with Vulcan.
Fixx- Regained her memories and raised her powers to Omega Level.
Crux - Full control and manipulation of the 4 elements.
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What if Wolverine regroup Prof. X's Secret X-Men and keep it completely secret!

MembersMembersSupport Leaders
Sage - Leadership ( She jumpstart her teammates powers to more powerful level. She evolve her own powers set to incalculable level to make her a very powerful mutant)
Aries (Jumpstart make her teleporting powers unlimited and develop powerful empathic powers)
Wolverine - Supervisor of the team. Sage need to debriefing every move that the team do to him.
Longshot ( Due being jumpstarted, he have full control of his original powers and two new powers: photographic reflexes and electromagnetic optic blast from his flashing eye)
Warpath - Jumpstarted: all main powers to far more powerful level with new mystical apache abilities making him the perfect warrior.
Forge - Team's tech expert
Lifeguard ( Jumpstarted to full control over her powers plus super speed)
Pete Wisdom - Unofficial Co-Leader (Self evolve to morph his own body to the 4 basic matter mimic all the properties or combining them)
Rachel Grey - Human "Cerebro" and extreme measure control of the team.