White Queen reformed Generation X! what if

Original MembersNew MembersSupporting Members
Ms. Frost - Headmistress/Leader/Mutation Power Control Expert
Stepford Cuckoos - Psychic Hive Guardians
Yukio - Martial Arts/Gymnastic Mentor
Spider-Girl - Mutant clone with "Cyclops' Genes"
Mr. Jeffries - Tech expert. Max Security/Tech Update of the Headquarter
Matthew Malloy
Elixir - Med/Genetic Expert due the imprinted knowledge of Beast and Cecilia Reyes by the help of Stepford Cuckoos
New Headquarter of Gen X

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Storm's Secret Team: Arcana X (What if)

Storm - Leader: Training with Ashake to develop her innate mystic powers and fused with her weather powers.
Black Knight
Ashake - Time traveled to the present era to help great-great-great granddaughter to unlock her mystical powers and prepare her to an upcoming war that can cause the end of every existance of the Munroe's lineage and every mystical beings.
Pixie - Training with both Ashake and Talisman to expand her magical knowledge and untapped her fairies innate powers.
Angel - Regained her lost soul and memories thanks to Talisman causing another evolution that untapped his cheyarafim multiple talents.
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Magneto's newest team: What if!

Leader - Magneto
Mandala - Team's teleport/energy blast mutant
Scalphunter - Tech/weapon expert. Work must time in the headquarter.
Magma - Stand to Erik's side and he helps her to unleash her powers to a more ruthless level.
Front - After years of absent, he joined force with Magneto.
Transonic - Metamorph ally
Candra - She is using as vessel the body of Ashley Martin. Stand to Erik's side and become his lover.
Monsoom - Weather manipulator. Team's extreme situation defense. Attracted to Magma.

Exodus - Stayed as second in command. Team's omega level psionic being.
Muir Island - Protected by electromagnetic bubbles to avoid any future threads.

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