White Queen reformed Generation X! what if

Original MembersNew MembersSupporting Members
Ms. Frost - Headmistress/Leader/Mutation Power Control Expert
Stepford Cuckoos - Psychic Hive Guardians
Yukio - Martial Arts/Gymnastic Mentor
Spider-Girl - Mutant clone with "Cyclops' Genes"
Mr. Jeffries - Tech expert. Max Security/Tech Update of the Headquarter
Matthew Malloy
Elixir - Med/Genetic Expert due the imprinted knowledge of Beast and Cecilia Reyes by the help of Stepford Cuckoos
New Headquarter of Gen X

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Storm's Secret Team: Arcana X (What if)

Storm - Leader: Training with Ashake to develop her innate mystic powers and fused with her weather powers.
Black Knight
Ashake - Time traveled to the present era to help great-great-great granddaughter to unlock her mystical powers and prepare her to an upcoming war that can cause the end of every existance of the Munroe's lineage and every mystical beings.
Pixie - Training with both Ashake and Talisman to expand her magical knowledge and untapped her fairies innate powers.
Angel - Regained her lost soul and memories thanks to Talisman causing another evolution that untapped his cheyarafim multiple talents.
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Magneto's newest team: What if!

Leader - Magneto
Mandala - Team's teleport/energy blast mutant
Scalphunter - Tech/weapon expert. Work must time in the headquarter.
Magma - Stand to Erik's side and he helps her to unleash her powers to a more ruthless level.
Front - After years of absent, he joined force with Magneto.
Transonic - Metamorph ally
Candra - She is using as vessel the body of Ashley Martin. Stand to Erik's side and become his lover.
Monsoom - Weather manipulator. Team's extreme situation defense. Attracted to Magma.

Exodus - Stayed as second in command. Team's omega level psionic being.
Muir Island - Protected by electromagnetic bubbles to avoid any future threads.

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New Hellfire: Coven - Purpose: Destroy at all cost the X-Men! Writing weekly a new chapter!

Leadership- Represent the MoonCo-Leader - Represent Fire
Selene - Responsible to resurrect and manipulate at her command some members. Return as Goddess of Darkness Moon.
Goblin Queen - Stand as equal powerful as Selene but she have a secret agenda to destroy specially Scott Summers.
Manipulated (Water)Resurrected (Earth)Manipulated and Repowered (Wind)Manipulated (Karma related Powers)Manipulated and Jump-Started Evolution(Teleporter)
Wind Dancer

Chapter 1: The Gathering

In a darkly cold autumn night, the full moon turned slowly to red. The crows screech a deadly song. The wind blows harshly the leaves of the ground. A shadow appears at the same spot where the Black Queen perished in the hand of the X-men.

Goblin queen- Oh, Selene, Selene, you thought that you could destroy the X-Men by your own. I will give you one last chance to fulfill such vendetta, you fool!

Mandy eyes started to grow green fiery, her aura turn green black, floating in the air, started to use her dark magic to invoke Selene,

G.Q.-Et mortuus est in manu venatoris, et luna, sunt enim vos cinere volvistes. Veni ad me, et luna atrati, Invoco, invocato, Venite!-

She screamed and laugh, suddenly the earth started to shake and a crate open wide, came out a blast of red flashing aura that even Mandy feel fear of the immense power that she unleashed to earth. Suddenly a scream- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The light vanished, the shake stop, and a complete silent occur. A naked woman lay on the ground. Mandy smiled wickedly and helped Selene to stand up. Selene look at her angry and unleashed a telekinesis pulse toward her, sending her to the air. Mandy strike back and hold her within a telekinesis bubble. She yelled to Selene

G.Q.- Show some respect, you bitch! I resurrect you. It's not me that you need to destroy, you need to destroy the X-Men that killed you in this sacred place while you were a goddess.

Selene- Was a goddess? You're wrong, pathetic clone. I'm still a goddess. I was testing you loyalty. You proved me right to be my ally to my mission that it's far more dangerous than simple killing the X-Men, specially that cockroach Warpath. But first, I need to find a place to hide and restored my energy.

G.Q.- I know the ideal place to hide. The isolated and abandoned Muir Island. I will assist you for whatever you need to. I can help you to fulfill that and more. I escaped and cheated dead last time by using my teleporting power, cloaking myself from any mental detection.

Selene laugh at Mandy.

Selene- Wise choice, Goblin Queen. Remember this, if you betray me, I will know, don't you dare to do some scheme against me because I will notice. I can make you disappear in a blink of time.

Smiling, Mandy replied: Good. What's next to do?

Selene- On the dawn of the next day, I will be powerful enough to use my powers to hypnotize, amplify, and even resurrect some old allies of the X-Men. They will be deadly powerful like us and will help us to simply destroy step by step each of every one of the X-Men. With them, I will create my new hellfire: Coven. Hahahahahah!

To be continued...


New Generation X: What if!

Old membersNew Members
Jubilee - Leadership: Restored powers to atomic level with retaining her vampire talents
Sprite - Following Jubilee's leadership to become a better leader in a future.
Gaia - Thanks to her reality manipulation, she bring back to life, Synch and upgrading Massachusetts Academy.
Primal - Feral force and become more human/animal hybrid that act more protective toward his teammates.
Synch - He rejoined just find a meaning to his second opportunity to live and explore more his enigmatic powers.
Bishop - Team's headmaster. Training to not rely only in powers and taught them how to be a superb tactician and weapon master.
Vincente - Trying to amend his dark path to become an useful hero.
Siryn - Guardian goddess of the team.
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What if, Jean Grey's Astonishing X

Jean Grey - Leader
Joseph-Field Leader
Cecilia Reyes
Adam X
Graymalkin Headquarter Staff: Shelter to those who need protection and safe place to stay. Following Xavier's Dream teaching.
TeleporterCerebro Watcher & Supporting Cast MemberTech Upgrader & ExpertCecilia Reyes' medic assistantHead Security and weapon/fighting expert