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And everything goes back to normal... well, maybe not! x) 0

Wonder Girl Meets Cyborg Wonder Girl meets with Cyborg in the Titans Compound to hear it from him why he chose to replace her by Beast Boy. He tells her that she has always been pulling herself backwards.  Static Goes Home!  A Massive Disease has been reported in Dakota and Static believes it's the right time for him to go home... and tell his family and friends that he's alive. His sister has caught the disease and his mother was worried sick about him. Everyone wants to know where he was and...

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Farewell Adventure!! 0

 The most dynamic duo of Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul bid their farewells to Adventure Comics in this tear bringing conclusion. Issue #6 of this magical series is the conclusion to the 4 & 1/2 part storyline.  Lex Luthor wants Superboy to kill/ let him kill Superman. Superboy snickers when Lex begins his speech about how he could have cured cancer if Superman weren't alive and tells Lex that his OWN sister is infirm! Lex says he can cure her if it were only that Superman was dead and Supe...

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It just gets better & better... that is... for us! 0

Gail Simone is really working out for this book, and, as we say, she really outdid herself in the past two years!  Since issue #14, she's been working on Wonder Woman and her work is finally paying off! Of course, Lopestri's art is also helping for that, but this issue... wow. This issue REALLY is something!  If you love reading about little perfect kids who are in fact crazy psycopaths and Sin incarnate, pick it up. These five little imps are influencing people to do bad bad stuff, and it's up ...

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And things pretty much suck right now... 0

Necrosha part 2 starts off in the future, and you're just wondering: "WTH? Did I miss an issue or something?"  The answer to your question happens when there is a Giant Flashback and you see what happened several hours ago, which, surprisingly, isn't that great. Protheus has stolen Blindfold's body and can warp reality, attacking each X-Men one by one. Then, we find out he can control not ONE but SEVERAL PEOPLE AT A TIME!  The diagnostic at the end of the issue isn't that awesome since:   SPOIL...

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Things boil to an end... The X-Men finally meet Lobe... 0

After the void is trapped in Scott Summers head, our heroes can now concentrate on the main threat -- Utopia is sinking. Magneto goes behind Scott's back and asks Namor to build a giant pilar that will keep Utopia above the water, but Scotty boy doesn't seem to approve. A deceived Magneto goes on a mountain to meditate... and do something good.   SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Wait. Whazzat? Master of Magnetism? Do Something Good? Giant Bullet? Astonishing X-Men: Unstoppa...

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So, the Titans are coping with the fact that Roy Harper is in a coma and has lost his arm against Prometheus.  Kory is torn in between the Justice League of America and the Titans, since Vixen just offered her a position in the first team. Everyone is telling her to go for it, even Dick! Vic is hiring new recruits for the team. At the end of the issue, he believes his recruits are being attacked and leaves Kory alone. At that moment, Phobia steps in......

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Songs of Mourning (With Ghory Content!) 0

 Lana Lang is talking with Perry and excusing herself for her being late, but she had a doctor appointment. Perry doesn't care, but what HE doesn't know is that Lana is slowly but surely dying. The porter opens the door for Miss Lang and goes to call a cab whilst she stays on the phone, and, when the porter comes back, Lana is on the floor, blood erupting from her nose, eyes and mouth and her cell on the floor. Oops! Not SO slowly after all!  So while the porter freaks out and calls the ER, he d...

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New Era... and New Writers!! 0

This issue begins with Vixen resigning. Then, we see Donna Troy in a hospital, fighting thugs who have kidnapped children. She then says she doesn't want this life.... Until Diana convinces her to be part of the JLA. The rest of the issue is basically how they gather the next team members. The final roaster? Donna Troy, Red Tornado, Batman, Doctor Light, Cyborg, Starfire, Mon-El, The Atom, The Ray, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Congorilla.  The Artwork was Awesome and the characters were respec...

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Return of a Lord... Maxwell Lord... 0

In this issue, Wonder Woman duels with undead Maxwell Lord as he raises chaos and hell. First of all, he mindcontrolls security guards and then, he raises dead soldiers from holy ground... as Wonder Woman refuses to fight them!  The only emotions present in this issue are will (for the soldiers) and... LOVE for Wonder Woman!  The Artwork is AMAZING and definatly catches up the plot....

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Ravager & Slade have some unfinished buiseness...With the undead! 0

This issue was pretty much a letdown since I was preparing myself for " TEEN TITANS BLACKEST NIGHT" and end up with Ravager Blackest Night.  It's basically about the undead returning here to kill Slade and save Rose from his unhealthy presence, but some dead want to kill Ravager too. Surprise guest is Jericho, and saves Slade and Ravager from the undead by redoing his contact.  The issue ends with Ravager believing her mother is alive and going to look for her....

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Halloween Party! 0

The kids are hosting a halloween party for their school, where Young Justice gets tangled up with some dumb Jock.  Mxyzptlk appears for a surprise research and seems to be the perfect scholar, the one who refuses to have fun and lives for research. Young Justice changes the world by telling him he is actually a prankster... and in this case, change ISN'T GOOD!  Throught the rest of the issue, the Superheroes try to give Mxyzptlk the taste of fun to turn the world back to normal. But will it work...

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Friends Forever 0

This issue continues with Connor trying to reopen himself to the outside world as he chases Red Robin (Tim Drake) through Paris. This issue basically features the emotional charge between these two, and, if Wonder Girl had never existed, we could have had some doubts about the fact that they were JUST friends...  The artwork is amazing.  Legion Second Feature was pretty much a letdown since I don't even CARE about Sunboy and Polarboy....

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Reunion of the Century! 0

Well, Superboy's back and well... What shall he do now? Why you may have guessed! Reunite with the Outside world and call his ex-girlfriend to tell her he's alive!  This issue was probably the best of the series and I do not regret picking it up from the news stands.  By the end of the issue, Superboy and Wonder Girl reunite after she tells him she cheated on him with his best friend while he was dead. Seeing how he reacted made me love him so much more since he's like the perfect man! (Like a B...

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The Return 0

The epic Return of Superboy, alias Connor or Kon-El is felt here. You all probably know that Superboy died in Infinite Crisis #6 (to the distress of most readers) but then returned in Legion of three worlds (not sure what issue). This issue shows us what Connor does now that he is back: He tries to become more like his fathers. The issue is not as interesting as issue 2, since I was really looking forward to the Superboy-Wonder Girl reunion, and thought he would do that here. One main questio...

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