Fiyah Powah!!!

What the title says! This is a list of fire power heroes/neutrals/villains. If you know of a fire powered character that isn't on the list please let me know so I can add them! :D I want this list to be as accurate as possible ^____^ Thanks!

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If you play with fire...ya gonna get burned ( the goddess of awesomeness :P)
(Oh my's Flareon!!! ^____^)

Posted by MichaeltheFly

I can't believe I didn't see this list until now, awesome job Nova, have I ever told you how much I love you. ^_^

Posted by Feral Nova
@Leliel: Thanks Leliel! I'll add them asap to my list ^^
@War Killer: lol thanks WarKiller xD
@Michael the Fly: Thanks Michael! And I love you too! ^_^ lol
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@Feral Nova: This list sure has grown hopefully it continues
Posted by Feral Nova
@Leliel: lol yeah, I'm trying really hard to find them all, never realized how many there are lol. If you find more that arnt on my list already, please tell me! ^_^
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@Leliel: o_o wow! Thanks man! lol added em! ^^
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@Feral Nova: I love how large this list has gotten
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Great list !!!!  :))

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Wow, this list has evolved nicely, Nova I salute you. Bows down to her.

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What about Magma's boyfriend before he died, Antonio Argent I think O.o 
Great list btw ^_^
Posted by Feral Nova
@jakeeboi said:
" What about Magma's boyfriend before he died, Antonio Argent I think O.o  Great list btw ^_^ "
Thanks man! This list is always growing, so I dont have ALL of them.... yet >_> lol xD
Posted by jakeeboi
@Feral Nova:
Haha no worries ^_^ 
And Im not sure if I saw her, but Firebird, the Amalgam Comics version of Jean Grey and Fire :3
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I beleave there is another human torch theres also satana and typhoid mary
Posted by Feral Nova
@614azrael: Thanks! :D I'll be sure to add them! ^_^
Posted by 614azrael
@Feral Nova:
happy to help ;) 
p.s satana is the fn sh!t.(points down) o hells ya XD
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This list is hot.

Posted by StormyWeather

great list, i just started one similar, but clearlu kno whats what and who's who

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Posted by Potanis

I believe Doctor Phosphorous also needs to be added (I may have missed him but I don't think so)

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Exellent!! Amazing List

Posted by Nerx
Don't forget willy pete hon, he can nuke people with his flames and he also rapes people xD
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Fire list :))

Posted by Feral Nova

Thanks to everyone for their help! Just hit 300 characters on my list! :D

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this is exactly what a list should be!

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I oughta bite your ears off where's Kid Devil?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome list!XD