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Sha and Nova

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@_nox_ said:

I think I just had an anxiety attack.

@_nox_ said:

Suddenly, I just felt heavy chest pain and I had a hard time breathing. I've been getting the often for some reason, I need to go get a check up.

aaahhhh this is what you meant.

Have you been having more stress than usual in your life? Or recently worrying about something? I'm not asking for an answer because I know it could be personal, just trying to get you thinking to try and pinpoint the issue.

I used to get the same thing very frequently to the point that if I even drank anything with caffeine it would trigger my anxiety because I was so stressed out.

Here are some things (some I've tried myself) that are natural and can hopefully help you out.

Exercising can relieve that stress/anxiety, it usually took me about 30 minutes of working out (I usually just did brisk walks or beginners kick boxing at home) before I could really feel a difference. Another thing you can do is drink certain teas that naturally help the body with anxiety. Chamomile (my personal favorite and one that has helped me out a lot) is one and is really cheap I usually drink it before going to bed or if I know I'm going to have a lazy day (because it can sometimes make you a little sleepy) and it doesn't taste bad either with just a little spoon of sugar, another is hops but it's kinda bitter so it's not very popular in teas and is usually found to be mixed with mint. You can also take tablets of Valerian which acts more of a sedative but does help with stress so if you wanna try that, take it before going to bed. Lemon Balm is also good for stress but if you take too much of it, it can actually increase anxiety so that's one you have to be careful with. Fish oil tablets can help as well (AND they are good for the heart so plus 1 for fish oil!) but it could take a few weeks for you to really see it take effect, I use this as well.

Those are just some of the natural remedies that could help with anxiety. However, you are going to want to see your primary care physician as soon as possible just to make them aware of the situation and they'll be able to give you much more better advice than a girl from the RP section of a comic book website lol. Also to make sure it's not actually something else. Can't be too careful :)

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@izaiah said:

@feral_nova: I'm not sure if it works (or should work) that way :P

More or less lol. I originally got the idea of Astral Animals from His Dark Materials (of which The Golden Compass is the first installment; where the 'daemons' are simply people's souls taking on the shape of a talking animal), though I've modified the concept some since then.

WHY NOT!? >_> Party pooper :P

I've never seen that movie >.> lol but if it's basically like talking to yourself, I'm gonna have a blast :P

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@_vex_ said:

@_nox_ said:


No, it lasts for like thirty seconds and it just goes away. I try to breath in through my nose and the pain increases significantly so I just stop trying and it leaves.

Ask @feral_nova she has a higher license than I do lol

o_o what am I being summoned for? lol

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@mintaya_olair: SWEET! :D wont be till after this RP though... I don't want to get myself side tracked LOL xD

Yay Vereshen people! I'll have to pay them a visit too... maybe I can hagle with them to make me a super awesome suit :P

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@izaiah: Oh cool! I might age Sarkuva a bit then, maybe just 40, young enough so she's still a young adult in the eyes of her people but old enough so when she travels to like Earth people will go WHAAAAAAAAA-!? about her age lol

Sooooooooooooooooo basically its like talking to yourself..?