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@_nox_: Awesome :D If you're cool with it, I'll post sometime in Gothic today? If that's where Mark still hangs out sometimes >___>

@mercy_ said:

@tassania_pettis: I have an idea to rectify that >:)

Rectify what!? >_> WHAT ARE YOU THINKING WOMAN!?

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@legacy_: lol check out Junior xD

It's cool with me

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@_nox_ said:


I believe it is about time. Let's say reality M Mark turns evil or something and later apparently dies.

I would love to have it that the two started out close if that's cool with you. Just like in this reality. However, somewhere down the line Mark turns evil for some reason. If you want Reality M Mark dead, would it be ok to say that Ashley killed him? Not because she wanted to, but because he left her no choice? Like... ultimatum kinda thing? Fight me or I'll blahblahblah<insert something messed up here>blahblahblah so when she see's him, it's like... a painful flash back for her?

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@orpheus_knightfall said:

Aww. I was looking forward to this.

I'll go ahead and summarize it. For you. Gonna go something like this.

It's tragic.

Look at all those trees he destroys.....

What a shame.

LMAO!!! I'm crying sitting here at work because I can't freaken laugh, I love and hate you at the same time.

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@_nox_: You, we need an Reality M Ashley and Mark interaction

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baby: m....m...m

mom: mama? ma? mommy?

baby: m...m...


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Boom your turn xD

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Zoe couldn’t help but stair at the three girls as they argued amongst themselves some more while one was simply glaring at the other. They quickly introduced themselves and Zoe struggled to keep up with their lightning speed talking.

But the leader of the group, Su, seemed to be aware of her hyperactive teammates. A group of young girls fighting crime, where they as powerful as they were adorable? But before Zoe could even ask questions of her own, a woman could be heard screaming in a distance about… bees?

As quickly as they introduced themselves, they left, leaving Zoe standing a bit confused of what just happened. “Sooooo… Bees huh?” She pulled out her smart phone to look at the news to see if anything was going on with bees. Her surprise, there was! St. Mary's Kindergarten was currently having an sudden infestation of uncontrollable bees. “Ooohh Sorry Aunt Heather, you’re gonna have to wait, it’s time to be a hero!”

Few minutes later

In a blazing glory Zoe landed on the grounds of St. Mary’s Kindergarten fully dressed in her Feral Nova attar. Looking ahead on the school grounds staff and students could be seen inside the buildings, scared and watching as multiple swarms of bees hovered above the school. “Oh my gawd… that… is not cool at all.” Nova whispered to herself as she stretched out her arms, this was going to be a pain. But her eyes caught the three young girls she had just met earlier! “K-Squad!” The hero of pyro yelled out, making her way towards the trio. “The name is Feral Nova, care for a little team up?” She gave a smile as she got into a power stance with her hands placed on her hips.

Before the girls could give an answer, a swarm of bees came rushing at them, and without hesitation, Zoe put her powers on display. Taking a step forward she threw her hands forward as a stream of golden flames were pushed from her palms and into the bee's. While those bees turned to dust, a much larger swarm came sweeping up behind them. "OH SNAP RUN!" Nova screamed at the top of her lungs as she took off running as the bees began chasing after her.