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I just want to stay in my pjs all day and play video games, is that too much to ask?

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@kitsune_squad: hahaha I figured I had to give her some sort of weakness lol

dawwwwww and I love you! You little adorable vixens xD come here!

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@kitsune_squad: The scream would have to be greater than that of breaking the sound barrier, but technically, yes she could. Stephanie ears can adjust to things like while flying and being spun around because it's not instant, but it's sudden/drastic changes within less than a second that trigger her vertigo.

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@feral_nova: Can I ask you why you get dizzy when you get teleported?

It's something that's always happened whenever she's teleported, it's been cannon for six years lol. I never really explained WHY but if you want the long explanation...

The fluid in her inner ears are unable to stay balanced while being teleported, this is stated because during her time being captured by N.O.V.A industries her body was constantly being changed and altered. During the time they were experimenting with her hearing, she escaped, and her ears never fully healed. So now when she is teleported, he ears (which is actually her weakest part of her body in cannon) is unable to keep the fluid in her ears balanced and she ends up getting waves of vertigo. However, if she walks through a teleporter (That has and entrance side and exit) the symptoms are much less severe than being randomly teleported by a person with the ability to teleport.

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@spyder-byte: I loves you too that's why I'm sad with all this teasing!

Yeah but knowing it's just a big tease makes it worse! >_< for me anyways :P

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@spyder-byte: STOP TEASING ME! T_T it's not nice!!!

cries and hugs

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There were walls around Stephanie, she was so busy with her own fight she didn’t notice that the girls had been separated from her. Damn it damn it damn it damn it. Stephanie rushed up to the wall that separated them, her fists balled into fists as she struggled to stop herself from punching through the concrete wall, she couldn’t afford to trigger the explosives, not with everyone still trapped inside. But then, the entire sewers rumbled, causing Stephanie to stumble a bit, placing her hands against the wall to keep her balance. Was that..?

“Alright, who broke the number one rule tonight and triggered the booby-traps?” she instantly pulled out her communicator, wanting to know what was going on. But it was unclear to her if the communicators would even work down here. “Blaaaaair?” She teased.

But seconds after the explosion, she heard two young fearful screams on the other side of the wall. She knew it was the girls, her heart began to race as she dropped her communicator. “YUI, MOA, SUZUKA!” There was one way she could get through without triggering another wave of explosions on her side.

“GIRLS, STAND AWAY FROM THE WALLS!” Stephanie shouted as loud as she could, hoping the girls could hear her as Stephanie pressed her palms firmly against the walls, her eyes began to glow yellow as she activated her heat seeking vision, she could see only two of the girls, standing closely to each other. Then focusing on the wall before her she could see heat from the electric current in the walls and right smack in the middle, was one of the many explosives. Adjusting her hands to each side of the explosives she closed her eyes and began to pray that what she was about to do wasn’t going to kill everyone. She pushed heat into the wall and into the wires that were on both sides of the explosive, the wall could be seen glowing a deep red as she pulled her hands back, she was melting the wires of the explosion from both the receiving end and sending end, however, knowing full well that as soon as she breaks through the wall, that explosion was going to go off either way, but without triggering the others. Or at least she hoped.

She needed to break through the wall, grab the charge and manipulate the combustion so it wouldn’t harm the girls… sounds simple enough… right? Quickly taking a few steps back she let out a nervous huff of breath. “Okokokokokok… one… two… THREE!” Stephanie charged to the wall like a linebacker, her still glowing eyes focused on the explosive, running the plan over and over in her mind with every step she took. Tucking her head down as she pushed her left shoulder forward as she made impact. The wall crumbled around her like crumpled Styrofoam as she pushed through, her hands grasping onto the explosives as if it was a football.

‘BEEPBEEPBEEP’ could be heard as Stephanie quickly shift her body, facing the front of her body to the opening she had just created as she held the deadly ticker in front of her. The explosion happened, taking a deep breath the Fire Goddess, what seemed magically, manipulated the combustion. Using her ability to control heat she was able to push the heat and flaming portion of the explosion back into the now empty room she had just came from while at the same time, but the force of the explosion still sent the hero flying back, her body slamming into the two amphibious attackers on accident. Everything happened within just seconds apart as the hero let out a groan of pain.

So far she had been late to join the mission, didn’t get to eat her cookies, almost drowned… twice and was now almost blown up. Was today Monday? Cause that could be the only explanation of the run of continuous bad luck.

She pushed herself up from the disgusting water, her outfit was covered in scorch marks as patches of her gloves were pretty much gone thanks to the explosion. Her emerald eyes shift down at the two mutated boys who were now unconscious thanks to Stephanie ramming her body into them… which was again, totally an accident, if it was her way she would have came in with a witty line and punched them in the face. BUT that wasn’t her concern right now, her head quickly shift over to the two girls, rushing towards them with a worried look on her face. “Are you two ok?” She was out of breath as she spoke, still trying to recover from what just happened. Wait… two… Yui and Moa… but… “Where’s Suzuka?” The eldest of the three and the leader.

“SHE’S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL NOVA-SAN!” Yui shouted, grasping her by her arm with one hand as she pointed at the other wall.

“WE HAVE TO HELP HER SHE COULD BE IN TROUBLE!” Moa began pushing at Stephanie, as if to hurry up and get going.

“Hold on hold on!” Stephanie let out a sigh. “I can’t afford to do that trick again.” She couldn’t promise that after doing another stunt like that she would still be able to fight whatever else was in these tunnels. She rubbed the back of her neck as her eyes then moved down to Moa. “Moa!” She grabbed the young girl by the shoulders. “You can teleport us there, right!? I mean, we literally just walked through that area, so you can port us there, right?”

It was as if a light appeared over the girls head as bright smiles filled their faces. “HAI NOVA-SAN, I CAN!” Quickly grasping the two Moa didn’t hesitate as the three vanished from the area, only to suddenly appear in the area Suzuka was currently in!

Only… aww crap crap crap crap crap! Stephanie stumbled over to the wall, dizziness sweeping over her as she held onto her head, the entire area was spinning and she couldn’t focus. UGH! She felt nauseated!

But the other two girls didn’t hesitate, as soon as they teleported into the area, they quickly rushed towards Suzuka, almost instantly thanks to their super speed. Each girl on both sides of their ‘leader’ into a fighting stance without hesitation.

Stephanie could only hope that the trio would be able to take down this villain on their own, cause as of right now… she as useless.

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@kitsune_squad: idk if you saw my post in the team RP but i'm basically done with my post, I just need one little thing from you.

Is it ok if I control Yui and Moa a little in my post? I promise not to hurt them lol

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