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@_atomikill_: @the_umbra_sorcerer: @edwardwindsor: @dark_vengeance_

"Ughhhh" Was all that came from the Fire Goddess' lips, as she felt a tickle in her nose. "ACHOO!" she sneezed, dust lifting off the ground and into her face as she began coughing sitting up from the cold, hard ground and waving her right arm across her face, trying to swat away the dirt as a couple of coughs pushed up from her throat. Her emerald eyes opened, lazily looking around the area as a soft glow was seen not too far away from her. Then, she caught the site of her teammates from Champions of Peace. "Oh no... how many cookies did I have last night?" Did she possibly overdose on a cookie sugar high and pass out in this... room? Standing up with a slight grunt she dust herself and as quietly as she could, walked around the bodies of her other teammates until she saw two familiar faces, Edward and Umbra!

"Guys!" She didn't even bother to keep herself quiet, completely unaware of the real situation. Stephanie had a wide smile on her face as she grabbed both of them by a shoulder. Looking up she then saw a man holding a gun, aiming at them. "Oops... did I interrupt something?" The flaming hero smiled to herself, to any person it would look as if she had no sense of danger, but in reality, she was already getting ready to melt the bullets if this man were to begin shooting. "I'm sure this is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall just a miss understanding, see, we're Champions of Peace, you know, we've saved the world once... or twice... maybe three but hey WHO'S COUNTING? Am I right?" She laughed patting her two teammates on the back. "I'm Feral Nova, fire goddess of total awesomeness. This is Edward, our fearless leader, and Michael, he's a wizard! What's you're name?" She spoke quickly in one enthusiastic breath, as if she already considered this man a friend. Not even seemly worried about the situation she and the others were in right now.

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@feral_nova: Ok well in terms of the champions. All i have said is that we woke up here with no knowledge of how we got here. Eddy was the first to awake and moved bodies of his unconscious teammates into a house and bared the door. He was meet by dark vengeance in the street outside with a group of robots that's as far as the champions go. In general there has been alot of interaction with The last samurai Pyros alt who basically knows the town and has interacted with pretty much everybody around.


no.......... I think....

OH WAIT! what page is you fighting robots on? :D I wanna read!

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fcccccccccccccccccccck there are eight pages already >.<

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IF you can...

take out speech bubbles and text boxes????

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@remus_crux: see I love RPing as well, but since I don't get to write much anymore, I probably would have never spoken to you because you never go in the ooc chats. So in a way this off-topic chat had allowed me to get to know you out of character ^_^

I don't want to be cut off from from the rp community that I have been a part of for six years just because I don't have the time to rp anymore :/ I want to be able to come in, say hi to people, have a little chat, help someone out if needed and such... I really don't see ooc chats as a bad thing as long as people don't go crazy making ooc threads. But with this 30 day trial... I FEEL like I don't even belong anymore or even wanted around.

Anyways I gotta get going now lol

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@remus_crux: I liked thoughty thoughts because it's the RP sections version of "What's on your mind", but just for us RP users lol.

The I remember thread is for older viners BUT at the same time, if a newer RPer pops in, and see's something that was done in the past, they might go "Hey... that's a good idea! Can we do that again?" and chances are, other person wouldn't have done that idea either! Plus you get to know some fun facts about what happened on the vine without having to read through HUNDREDS of old RP's lol. And you get to learn some fun facts! Like, did you know that Mercy was first known as Dark Huntress? xD Did you know that Pyrogram used the animated Thor look when he first started RPing? LOL It's mostly for fun! and because you are RPing, in a few short months, even you can use the thread ;)

I never cared about the "what does your character think about the character above you" ^_^' and honestly, I didn't see it as a 'off-topic' thread because it's suppose to be an IN CHARACTER thread. Sooooo I'm a bit confused to why it's locked..? If it's because there is off topic conversation in it, well... there are off topic conversations in all threads to be honest lol

The character battle thread is really fun, I'm not one to make arguments, but I do like to read them :D

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@remus_crux: I'll admit, I wasn't very happy to see the main thread I post in (thoughty thoughts) locked when I logged in lol. I enjoy talking to you guys here :) so this 30 day trial REALLY sucks for me :(

If I HAD to choose two, Thoughty Thoughts would be my first pick, the second pick.... it would be a tie between "I remember" and "The RPG Character Battle Thread".

The "I remember" thread because I love reading of the old times of the vine lol and sometimes I'll remember something and put something down, then someone goes "OH I REMEMBER THAT!" and it sparks a conversation between the RPers. You're still talking about RP related things even though it's an 'off-topic' thing.

The "The RPG Character Battle Thread" because I love seeing the debates in that thread lol. Taking some characters that you think will never fight each other and put them up against each other, but instead of them actually RPing, US the rpers decided who we think would win and why. Sometimes it even sparks the characters creators to want to battle that other individual to fight, thus creating an RP! xD I know that's how I got into a couple of my old battles lol. So again, it's RP related that can actually help produce RP's... or at least battles :P lol