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@zauberin said:

So, I never felt a personal investment, but a thought did occur to me, as a curiosity. In these KoV things, when you get kicked out, is there, like feedback or anything, some kinda system? I don't mean like a "this is why your opponent made it and you didn't" thing, but like, "general impressions of your writing, what you did well, and what could be improved upon?" And if not, is that because it'd be hard and/or time-consuming or something, or just because no one ever felt like it?

No because when the first KOV started it was more along the lines of "which character can beat up the other character?" not so much on the actual writing aspect. So if your battle ended with you basically more beat up than your opponent, then you lose. As you can see, it has grown a lot from that lol So when the tables were turned and it was created as who was the "better writer" (for lack of a better word on my part) giving feedback was never really something asked for, so I suppose they just never did it.

Not to mention it is a lot of work to give every person who is knocked out feedback. It's hard enough getting judges, but to get judges who are wanting/willing to give feedback is even harder lol I think it would be a job in itself just to give feedback.

But if a person asks, I'm sure they would be more than happy to give you feed back. However, if you were to slap 'giving feedback' on the title of judging, it would probably sound like too much work lol I mean... you have to read every single battle (that isn't finished on it's own) and dictate amongst each other on who should move forward and why. To then turn around and give that feedback back (In a positive manner because let's face it, no one likes negative feedback) sounds like a lot work... or at least it does to me lol.

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Stephanie was chatting away with one of the many workers in The Sanctuary, she had just arrived to the newest HQ a couple of days ago and was trying to go over the security system to make sure no unwelcome visitors would intrude their home. But then she suddenly heard the sound of a girl behind her. Wide eyed she quickly turned around to find three girls, wearing what seemed to be kimonos had walked in. AND THEY WERE SO ADORABLE!

"Hello!" Flaming hero shouted back with enthusiasm. She looked down at all three girls, stopping herself from hugging them out of excitement. "My name is Feral Nova, I'm not EXACTLY in charge, BUT I've been with the team for...." she paused for a moment as if she was trying to figure out exactly how long it's been. "Erm... a very long time." she gave up, rubbing the back of her head with a slightly embarrassed grin. "Enough about me! What are your names, and what can I do for you?"

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Yeah! cuz i suppose this is your 29th, or 28th RP together?

And No I am not an alt! aha!~ I've been here for almost two months now...

ARIGATO for thinking i'm awesome! I'm not that good at writing though! Joined the KOV and lost in the first round! I'm having lots of fun in this forum! And I think I'll be learning some more writing techniques in the future!

Oh! LOL yes ^_^ We've been RPing together for over six years now :D But we tend to lean more to battles than interaction RP's togehter lol xD

OOHHHHH YOU'RE NEW! WELCOME TO THE VINE! :D well... I mean I know I'm two months late... but yeah >_> LOL

Welcome lol But seriously, for you to take on a character like that with there different characters in one, I don't think anyone has ever done something like, and if they have, it was only for a little while as their alt.

and hey, we all start off as n00bs! It's all about having fun and developing your writing skills and you joining the KOV, win or lose, was a great first step! :D You get to learn a lot from other writers, battles, interactions, large scale RP's, it's all about having fun and growing!

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@syapt: @cellphonegirl The trio were strolling through the HQ as Sarina gave the two COP heroes a tour. Blair quickly grabbed hold of Nova's arm, and dang, was she working out? She almost pulled her down t the ground! "HELLO LOBYERS!" Stephanie waved at the floor workers even though all they did was give her an awkward stair. Walking over to the elevator they began going down. Stephanie hummed to the tune of the elevator music, rocking her head back and forth as Syapt began explain something about science... and classified work... and some other stuff she wasn't paying attention. But she did have to wonder... if she was a veteran COP member... and had full access at old COP HQ in her universe shouldn't she have access to the area too? MEH sounded boring anyways!

Then the doors opened to show the basement of the facilities, cars, motorcycles and OMG A HOVER CYCLE! Stephanie rushed over to it, unlink her arms from Blair for a moment, and looked at it in awe, only to find out it was her emerald haired friend, dang it! She wanted to touch it, she wanted to sit on it, she wanted to race down the streets with it and rub it in War Killers face! "It's... so beautiful." Stephanie let out a sigh.


"YAAAAAAAAAAS!" Stephanie blurted out, spinning on the balls of her feet to face the two women. "WE MUST HAVE AN EPIC SUPER SPECTACULAR SLEEPOVER OF AWESOMENESS TO BREAK IN THE NEW COP'S HQ!!!" Stephanie threw both arms in the air. "We'll order pizza, and watch movies, and paint each other's nails, and eat cookies, and braid each other's hair and have EXTREME PILLOW FIGHTS! It will be AMAZING!"

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@feral_nova: <3 <3 <3

I BEAT OUT AT LEAST SOME OF THE 30 SHA v. NOVA BATTLES??? I'M LEGIT FLATTERED. Seriously though I haven't had this much fun with a battle in a LOOONNNGGG time, absolutely top tier here too!!! ^_^

Now I just have to wait 8 minutes before I can send everything in to the judges. >_>

YES YOU HAVE!!! O_O and all the other battles I've done with the dozens of other people over the six year time frame I've been here xD

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@der_arzt: LMAO OMG I can't, I couldn't BREATH! I don't even care if I lose, that post was the most amazing thing I've ever read.

Good luck to the both of us, this is easily now one of my top ten fav battles ever xD

If you win, my money is on you. Thank you for this awesome battle!

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@jack_ said:

We'll be watching...

We'll be watching you watch! O_O

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