Project Rising Phoenix

Since I never really did anything with the ‘reborn’ Nova… I’m changing Nova… >_> again, but this time changing her back… sorta :P

The events of Darkchild vs Nova will still have taken place, and yes, Zoe still would have died, but would have been brought back.

This is how.

N.O.V.A Industries- Volsk, Russia

Heart monitors could be heard behind her as the young girl’s eyes slowly opened. Nothing but a blurred white room around was seen as she began gagging on the intubation tube that was currently shoved down her trachea. Grasping at the edges of the cold bed she was laying on, the young blond began to panic, what was going on? Where was she? Then a single name came into her head.

“GIO!” she tried to yell out but was nothing more than a heave of air due to the tube that was still planted into her lungs.

Panic began setting in, if this was Gio’s doing, if he was here, she was in trouble. The hero reached up to her mouth, the IV’s that were pierced into her hands pulled back as she ripped the tube from her mouth. Letting out a heavy croup like cough she couldn’t help but turn to the side, coffee ground like emesis spewed from between her lips as she dropped the intubation tube on the ground, gasping for air and coughing whatever fluids had accumulated in her lungs. The telemetry monitor beeping began to increase with speed as Zoe sat up, grasping the leads that were glued to her skin underneath the solid powder blue hospital gown she was wearing. A high pitched and very annoying single toned ‘beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep’ was heard as she tossed the leads to the ground before ripping the IV’s out of her arms and pushing herself out of bed.

Her bare feet pressed firmly on the cold, beige tile floor. Stumbling with her first steps in God knows how long, the girl began making her way to the door that seemed miles away from where the bed was. Every step took more and more energy, she felt exhausted until she finally reached the door. As her hand rested on the knob as she took a few seconds to gather strength and air into her lungs. How did she get here? The last thing she remembered… was Gio killing her… he… he KILLED her. Zoe stood there, her pacific eyes gazing down at the ground… he really killed her. She remembered taking her last breath, the numbness that came over her body… the comforting darkness, how was she alive?

Pulling the door open with the last ounce of energy she was met with a blinding flash of light and a rather short man wearing a white coat and thin, black framed glasses over his tired brown eyes, as he scratched his olive skin chin. "Ms. Olisnicky." His voice was gruff, low and a bit rough, he looked as if he hadn’t slept for days as he ruffed his black curly hair was decorated with gray strands. "I see you are awake." His eyes glanced down at her arms where her IV’s once were, crimson fluid slowly trickling down her pale arms. "And you ripped off everything…" you could hear the exhaustion as he gently grasped her right arm with one hand and pulled out a roll of cohesive elastic bandage and wrapped it carefully around her arm. "You should have waited till I came in to check on you, pulling things off like this can be dangerous."

Zoe watched for a moment before attempting to speak up, her voice was raspy and dry from the intubation tube. “W-who are…" She struggled to finish her sentence, frustration in her eyes.

"I’m Doctor Farran. I am… was the lead doctor in your project we…" He paused for a moment, trying to find the right words to say. She began to wonder exactly where was she. "…well to put it blankly, brought you back from the dead."

Her eyes widen, she really was dead, just like she thought. Jerking her other arm Doctor Farran was working on away she huffed out one word. "How?"

The doctor rubbed his chin again as his brows pushed against each other. “Let’s get you to bed and I’ll explain what we did.”

"Who’s 'we'?”

"N.O.V.A Industries." He spoke in a matter-of-fact tone but Zoe just gave him a blank stare. "Oh right, come along and I’ll explain." he cleared his throat as he began leading Zoe back to her bed, but not without some resistance. Zoe wanted answers, but she was too weak to argue. Helping her into bed the doctor then turned to a nearby computer monitor that was by her bed. Placing his hand on the screen, a light red glow appeared before the system logged him into the computer, flashing N.O.V.A on the screen. He began dragging his fingers against the screen, going from window to window.

Zoe couldn’t handle the awkward silence. "Just tell me… how long have I been out?"

Farran stood there, one if his hands still placed on the screen while the other scratched the back of his neck. "Erm… a few months… a year maybe? I honestly couldn’t tell you for sure. The project was started by another doctor, I simply took over." There was that word again that made her skin crawl ‘project’. "Basically someone wanted you alive, someone with lots of money, and we had the technology to do so. As to how, well, N.O.V.A Industries stands for ‘Neuromuscular, Ocular, Vascular Alteration’, your body was brought to us and Dr. Sting, who was leading the project at the time, began 'Project Rising Phoenix' which was you. However he was pulled from the project for reasons I don’t know and I was brought in to replace him. It took some time… but we were able to bring you back.” He then couldn’t hold back a slightly smirky grin. “And even better than before.”

"Better than before?" Fear swept over her, they did something to her, what did they do? She quickly sat up. “What do you mean ‘better than before’?”

Turning the screen off he stepped away from the computer, slightly turning over to her as his grin became wider. "Let me show you."

One month later

In a blazing glory Zoe shot up straight into the air, the flames fully surrounding her body as she began flying higher into the blue sky above her. Zoe couldn’t believe it, N.O.V.A Industries didn’t just bring her back, they gave her FULL CONTROL of her powers! No more carrying around a lighter or looking around desperately for a fire source, no, now she was literally a human flaming torch of awesomeness!

"WHOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!" Her voice echoed back down to where Doctor Farran stood with a iPad firmly grasped in one hand while inputting information with his other. Within a couple of seconds Zoe landed back on the ground forcefully, the ground rumbled a bit as the flames dissipated from her body.

“It seems you’ve mastered your abilities Zoe.” He spoke, not looking up from his tablet as the young hero strolled over to him. “Flight, hand to hand combat, pyro-combat, pyrokenetics, thermal manipulation, thermal strength and durability… I think we’ve finally covered everything.”

“Ok, so… what now?” The blond pyromatic picked up her water bottle from the ground taking a swig.

“Now you do what you were trained to do, go save the world.”

The teen almost choked on her water as she looked over at the doctor with shock. “What? That’s it? ‘Oh we’re done training, now to go and save the world’?”

Dr. Farran lowered the tablet, letting out a light sigh. “We were paid to bring you back and make sure you were in tip top shape, which you are and to let go when we were done. We’ve ran tests, trained you and made you better than before. Now to complete this, it’s time for you to go.”

“But… do.. do I at least get to know WHO it was who wanted me back?”

“Sorry that’s all confidential, but trust me Zoe… you’re ready to go back. The world need’s heroes, and if anyone can make a difference, it’s you.”

Zoe hated secrets, she hated the fact that someone out there wanted her alive, but she didn’t know why. For all she knew Gio could have been behind this. Or maybe her Aunt? Could she still be alive? All she knew was that she was given another chance at life, and she didn’t’ want to waste it by asking questions she wasn’t going to get answers to at this moment. With nod and a wide grin the hero nod her head. “You know what, you’re right. I’ve had my fun, now it’s time to light up the darkness!”

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LMAO "Light up the darkness?" really Nova Bear, that was the best you could think of? You just won't let WAL go lol.

I loved it though. I remember how Zoe was before; I liked how she manifested her powers, you know using a lighter. She might be easier to write now though.

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@shanana: Don't hate on my 'Light up the Darkness' bit, it's a classic xD

Yeah she will be... plus now I can totally kick your butt :P

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@shanana: Don't hate on my 'Light up the Darkness' bit, it's a classic xD

Yeah she will be... plus now I can totally kick your butt :P

LOL that may be true, but you totally don't want these problems!

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@shanana: Is this where I'm suppose to go, 'I got 99 problems and you ain't one of them'? xD

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@shanana: Is this where I'm suppose to go, 'I got 99 problems and you ain't one of them'? xD

That'd be a pretty boss come back, but then I'd rely. "Of course I'm not one of them, because then you'd have 100 problems"

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@shanana said:

@feral_nova said:

@shanana: Is this where I'm suppose to go, 'I got 99 problems and you ain't one of them'? xD

That'd be a pretty boss come back, but then I'd rely. "Of course I'm not one of them, because then you'd have 100 problems"

and I'll just go...

"Daaaaaaaamnnnnnn iiiiiiiiit v_v "

and walk away :P