Be awesome and support Dames That Game 1st Podcast! :D

Hey super awesome fellow Viners ^_^

As most of you know, I'm a co-leader/co-founder of an all female gaming group called 'Dames That Game'. This coming Thursday we are having a VERY FIRST EVER PODCAST! :D

We will be talking about Halo 4, CoD Black ops 2 AND some E3 stuff where one of our lovely Dames went!

I'm inviting ALL of Comic Vine to check out our podcast and asking you guys to help support my group, AND if you want to be SUPER awesome, support us by liking our account :D

Or if you kinda don't really want to watch a bunch of women geek talk about video games, but still want to support then you can follow our facebook, twitter and/or tumblr pages as well. For those of you who are also curious if we have our own website, yes we do! Just click here to check it out ^_^

I thank all of you ahead of time for your awesomeness and support! You are all awesome I love you guys <3

I hope to see some of you there! ^(^_^)^

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This is great, I am sure the podcast will be awesome as wellXD