Project Rising Phoenix

Since I never really did anything with the ‘reborn’ Nova… I’m changing Nova… >_> again, but this time changing her back… sorta :P

The events of Darkchild vs Nova will still have taken place, and yes, Zoe still would have died, but would have been brought back.

This is how.

N.O.V.A Industries- Volsk, Russia

Heart monitors could be heard behind her as the young girl’s eyes slowly opened. Nothing but a blurred white room around was seen as she began gagging on the intubation tube that was currently shoved down her trachea. Grasping at the edges of the cold bed she was laying on, the young blond began to panic, what was going on? Where was she? Then a single name came into her head.

“GIO!” she tried to yell out but was nothing more than a heave of air due to the tube that was still planted into her lungs.

Panic began setting in, if this was Gio’s doing, if he was here, she was in trouble. The hero reached up to her mouth, the IV’s that were pierced into her hands pulled back as she ripped the tube from her mouth. Letting out a heavy croup like cough she couldn’t help but turn to the side, coffee ground like emesis spewed from between her lips as she dropped the intubation tube on the ground, gasping for air and coughing whatever fluids had accumulated in her lungs. The telemetry monitor beeping began to increase with speed as Zoe sat up, grasping the leads that were glued to her skin underneath the solid powder blue hospital gown she was wearing. A high pitched and very annoying single toned ‘beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep’ was heard as she tossed the leads to the ground before ripping the IV’s out of her arms and pushing herself out of bed.

Her bare feet pressed firmly on the cold, beige tile floor. Stumbling with her first steps in God knows how long, the girl began making her way to the door that seemed miles away from where the bed was. Every step took more and more energy, she felt exhausted until she finally reached the door. As her hand rested on the knob as she took a few seconds to gather strength and air into her lungs. How did she get here? The last thing she remembered… was Gio killing her… he… he KILLED her. Zoe stood there, her pacific eyes gazing down at the ground… he really killed her. She remembered taking her last breath, the numbness that came over her body… the comforting darkness, how was she alive?

Pulling the door open with the last ounce of energy she was met with a blinding flash of light and a rather short man wearing a white coat and thin, black framed glasses over his tired brown eyes, as he scratched his olive skin chin. "Ms. Olisnicky." His voice was gruff, low and a bit rough, he looked as if he hadn’t slept for days as he ruffed his black curly hair was decorated with gray strands. "I see you are awake." His eyes glanced down at her arms where her IV’s once were, crimson fluid slowly trickling down her pale arms. "And you ripped off everything…" you could hear the exhaustion as he gently grasped her right arm with one hand and pulled out a roll of cohesive elastic bandage and wrapped it carefully around her arm. "You should have waited till I came in to check on you, pulling things off like this can be dangerous."

Zoe watched for a moment before attempting to speak up, her voice was raspy and dry from the intubation tube. “W-who are…" She struggled to finish her sentence, frustration in her eyes.

"I’m Doctor Farran. I am… was the lead doctor in your project we…" He paused for a moment, trying to find the right words to say. She began to wonder exactly where was she. "…well to put it blankly, brought you back from the dead."

Her eyes widen, she really was dead, just like she thought. Jerking her other arm Doctor Farran was working on away she huffed out one word. "How?"

The doctor rubbed his chin again as his brows pushed against each other. “Let’s get you to bed and I’ll explain what we did.”

"Who’s 'we'?”

"N.O.V.A Industries." He spoke in a matter-of-fact tone but Zoe just gave him a blank stare. "Oh right, come along and I’ll explain." he cleared his throat as he began leading Zoe back to her bed, but not without some resistance. Zoe wanted answers, but she was too weak to argue. Helping her into bed the doctor then turned to a nearby computer monitor that was by her bed. Placing his hand on the screen, a light red glow appeared before the system logged him into the computer, flashing N.O.V.A on the screen. He began dragging his fingers against the screen, going from window to window.

Zoe couldn’t handle the awkward silence. "Just tell me… how long have I been out?"

Farran stood there, one if his hands still placed on the screen while the other scratched the back of his neck. "Erm… a few months… a year maybe? I honestly couldn’t tell you for sure. The project was started by another doctor, I simply took over." There was that word again that made her skin crawl ‘project’. "Basically someone wanted you alive, someone with lots of money, and we had the technology to do so. As to how, well, N.O.V.A Industries stands for ‘Neuromuscular, Ocular, Vascular Alteration’, your body was brought to us and Dr. Sting, who was leading the project at the time, began 'Project Rising Phoenix' which was you. However he was pulled from the project for reasons I don’t know and I was brought in to replace him. It took some time… but we were able to bring you back.” He then couldn’t hold back a slightly smirky grin. “And even better than before.”

"Better than before?" Fear swept over her, they did something to her, what did they do? She quickly sat up. “What do you mean ‘better than before’?”

Turning the screen off he stepped away from the computer, slightly turning over to her as his grin became wider. "Let me show you."

One month later

In a blazing glory Zoe shot up straight into the air, the flames fully surrounding her body as she began flying higher into the blue sky above her. Zoe couldn’t believe it, N.O.V.A Industries didn’t just bring her back, they gave her FULL CONTROL of her powers! No more carrying around a lighter or looking around desperately for a fire source, no, now she was literally a human flaming torch of awesomeness!

"WHOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!" Her voice echoed back down to where Doctor Farran stood with a iPad firmly grasped in one hand while inputting information with his other. Within a couple of seconds Zoe landed back on the ground forcefully, the ground rumbled a bit as the flames dissipated from her body.

“It seems you’ve mastered your abilities Zoe.” He spoke, not looking up from his tablet as the young hero strolled over to him. “Flight, hand to hand combat, pyro-combat, pyrokenetics, thermal manipulation, thermal strength and durability… I think we’ve finally covered everything.”

“Ok, so… what now?” The blond pyromatic picked up her water bottle from the ground taking a swig.

“Now you do what you were trained to do, go save the world.”

The teen almost choked on her water as she looked over at the doctor with shock. “What? That’s it? ‘Oh we’re done training, now to go and save the world’?”

Dr. Farran lowered the tablet, letting out a light sigh. “We were paid to bring you back and make sure you were in tip top shape, which you are and to let go when we were done. We’ve ran tests, trained you and made you better than before. Now to complete this, it’s time for you to go.”

“But… do.. do I at least get to know WHO it was who wanted me back?”

“Sorry that’s all confidential, but trust me Zoe… you’re ready to go back. The world need’s heroes, and if anyone can make a difference, it’s you.”

Zoe hated secrets, she hated the fact that someone out there wanted her alive, but she didn’t know why. For all she knew Gio could have been behind this. Or maybe her Aunt? Could she still be alive? All she knew was that she was given another chance at life, and she didn’t’ want to waste it by asking questions she wasn’t going to get answers to at this moment. With nod and a wide grin the hero nod her head. “You know what, you’re right. I’ve had my fun, now it’s time to light up the darkness!”


Sorry I've been gone :(

So... like the title say's, I'm really sorry for my sudden lack of um... well just not being around on the vine. I know I kinda just got up and left even when I had a couple of things going on with other Viners on the site, I'm sorry :(

A lot of things have been going on in my life since May (as some of you may have known) and instead of getting better, things felt to have been getting more out of control for me. A lot of things changed, suddenly, in my life and caught me off guard, and I wasn't ready for it. Instead of getting better, things in my life seemed to have been getting worse. I would just begin to adjust, over come one issue and then something else would happen, I felt overwhelmed and became very angry, irritable (more than usual) and I didn't want to drag it over to the Vine. I tried to come back once or twice, but I couldn't bring myself to write... anything. Then, when I try to scrape up something, something else would happen that would drag me away.

So I'm sorry to those that I made plans with and had commitments with during the summer. I'm sorry for not saying something, I know I should have posted something... Somewhere, but I honestly didn't think I was going to be going on and off as much as I did this summer. But I also knew I wasn't going to be gone forever, I just knew I was waiting for things to settle down for me to come back, that was another reason why I didn't say anything.

BUT, things seem to have been getting a bit better and I think I'm finally ready to jump back (Slowly :P) on the Vine. Please don't ask what exactly happened, here or in a PM, I don't want to talk about it please, but thank you ahead of time for offering to lend a ear.

Sooooo yeah! I'm back now :P BACK TO BEING FABULOUSLY AWESOME!!


rippln, the new social media site?

Hey Viners! :D

If you haven't already heard, there's a new "viral" (or soon-to-be-viral) social media/marketing network called "rippln" that's currently in an invite-only stage. It aims to be the next big thing on the internet, like Facebook and Twitter, and it aims to reward it's users for inviting more people to create ripples (get it? xD) across the world. You can learn more on the website, here. It sounds pretty crazy (even for me!) and makes a lot of bold claims, but I seriously think it definitely has the potential to be something big if others are willing to try it out with me!

BUT, I should point out that a lot of people are unsure about rippln and some even believe it's a scam of some sort. A new FAQ was released recently that tries to address those concerns. Personally, I think rippln is worth a shot, I mean, we gave it for myspace, facebook, twitter and instagram, why not rippln? It only asks for your name and email address (like most social media sites do) and you can ask them to delete your account if you want, so what's the worst that could happen? For now I just want to see how big my ripples will get and what happens when this thing comes out of the invite stage, should be interesting, that's for sure.

Now if your worried that I'M trying to scam you, lol let me just say, I've been a part of this community for like... five years now. Anyone who knows me here (most are from the RP community) knows I'm not a scam artist lol I'm just super curious (as always) to see how far this thing will go and want to offer five of you a spot on it! Who knows, might be the next facebook/twitter! O_O

Anyways, I've started this thread to offer rippln invites (I only have five available right now) now and it would allow other users to do the same! :D If you'd like an invite, just PM me your email address!! Thanks guys! ^__^


CVnU: The Mantle of Feral Nova

The Mantel of Feral Nova

It is unclear exactly when the history of Feral Nova began, rumors are stated that the furthest back evidence was found of their existence was during the Great Fire of New York (1776) when a fire was stated to be deliberately set, it was never found exactly who started it, or where in the city it even began. However, since then, a woman claiming to be ‘Feral Nova’ has been noted in history, never showing who she was, or why she became a hero. Even how she developed her powers are still unknown, all that is known, is that every Feral Nova since, has been a female and a hero.

What is even a mystery to the keepers of the mantel, HOW the powers originated, but what was known was that their powers became genetic, passing down to eldest daughter of the prior Feral Nova's youngest sibling, who was always pushed to have at least their first born at a young age. This was because about 80% of the time, the holder of the mantel will retire before the successor is ready, due to them becoming too old to carry on, have disabling wounds or death. It is rare when a holder is able to still be active when the newer generation steps in.

Until they are ready, they are put through rigorous training and sent to the most prestige schools in the United States. The one, who was the successor, was given nothing but the best, knowing well that they would be having a difficult life ahead of them once they picked up the mantel. However this wasn't begun until the a former holder of the mantel, Tabitha Babbitt, invented the circular saw in 1812, it was even said that she used more miniature circular saw’s while she was holding the mantel at one point, using them against her enemies. Since then the family has had a heavily steady income of money, as they now run their own saw manufacture, this is overseen by close friends of the family, rather than running the company themselves.

The powers of Feral Nova were simple, pyrokenisis, the power of creating and manipulating fire. Sometimes, on rare occasions the siblings of the mantel holder can develop a much weaker version of those powers with very mild fire manipulation. But never able to develop full pyrokenisis of their own.

For over two hundred years this has been going on, and so far, nothing had gone wrong in the line of successor… until now.

Laura Olesnicky was her name, eldest of three, she was head strong, intelligent, powerful, and an outstanding leader. She was said to be the one who would change the world… the one who would make dramatic changes in the world and how they would view heroes, until the unthinkable happened…

Laura had an unknown heart condition called ventricular fibrillation, a very deadly heart rhythm that was never found until one night she collapsed while attempting to stop a bank robbery. This was a silent killer, which only symptoms were some chest pain, but because Laura was only twenty-one the time, didn't think the pain she was feeling, was going to lead to her untimely death.

The sudden death of the hero caused a panic in the family, no one was left to pick up the mantel, there was no one else other than the one before her who could pick up where Laura had left off. Only problem was, the prior holder (the Olesnicky's Aunt, Heather Johnsen), was left disabled in a wheelchair, and was unable to physically become the hero the world needed. All that was left, was Laura’s two younger siblings Zoe (the middle child) and Jordan (youngest).

Zoe, currently 18, just graduated from high school, and ready to go off to college become a physical therapist. Because she was the middle child, she was able to live her life however she want’s, she didn’t have to worry about becoming Feral Nova, she didn’t have to worry about raising the next generation, she could do whatever she wanted, free to do what she pleased. But after the death of Laura, Zoe developed a passion to become the symbol that her late sister was quickly becoming to the world, a symbol of light and hope to those who were left in darkness.


Stirring The Ashes

Grimm City

Faint footsteps could be heard from a distance followed by an echoing scrape after every other step. It had been too long since Hotaru had been seen or heard by anyone, as soon as her mother passed away, she began pulling away from everyone, isolating herself, until slowly she was just no where to be found. Watching you're mother sacrifice herself to try and better the world, only to realize that her sacrifices were in vein would drive any teenager to the brink of insanity. Paper pushers of WAL began whispering behind her back, echos of the alternate world (Eternity Crossroads) that was almost destroyed by her own hands were said to be coming into this world by the way she was acting.

But her mission wasn't to make people feel safe, oh no, right now it was to find a way to bring her mother back. Searching through the internet, books of the old, magic, and even into alien races, she found many ways to bring back her mother, but none of them seemed to be physically possible for the young woman to achieve on her own.That was until she spoke to her life long family friend, Wando. When Izaiah found out the only thing left by her mother at her death site, was an Azurian Artifact, he began speaking to her about it, how it had potential properties to horde the former users soul to increase its power for the next wielder of the item.

Using the Library in Helioplis it was found that Stephanie COULD be brought back to life using the amulet with another acient item that hadn't been talked about for a while... the Lazarus Pit that Ziccarra used to bring herself back to life all that time ago. It was shown that a resurrection could be performed if both of them were used together.

The only downside to that, was the fact that a living body would be needed for full restoration of mind and body, but with Stephanie's body no longer physically around... She would need to find a body that would be able to house not only the soul of her mother, but one that would be strong enough to handle her raw power, this is when things began to become darker for the princess of pyro. The soul of the body that would be used for Stephanie would be sacrificed, killing off the being and allowing Steph's own soul to be replaced.

Everything came at a price, and if it meant to kill someone in the process to bring back her mother, so be it. This is the part that took the longest for the Fire Princess to figure out, who would be the 'sacrifice'? Who's life would Hotaru forfeit to bring her own mother back? It was finally brought to attention that one of Ziccarra’s cousins, Zeon Liafador, Queen of Xiox, landed upon Earth many, many months ago looking for her cousin for unknown reasons, but was now simply causing a ruckus around the world. The Uchiha took this as a sign, as ironic as it would be, her mother's death was partly due to a Ninjans action and now she would be brought back as one.

As soon as she found out exactly where Zeon was at, she went on a full assault on her, no real reason behind, Hotaru called it 'early justice', saying she was going to prevent another 'All Out Assault' by stopping Zeon before she became like her older cousin. Killing all of the Royalty Guards she took the Queen to where the living pool was to be located at, Grimm City.

Hotaru’s exhausted body was seen dragging a large white body bag of with a chain wrapped multiple times around it, the young ninja holding the other end of it. Sweat ran down the temples of her face, her body covered in scrapes, bruises, and dry blood as she saw the glow of the life giving pool. Standing around it were the Cardinals she had managed to 'gather', this is was another thing that took time, trying to track them down and basically kidnap them. Each of them chained to the ground so they couldn't escape, wearing black hooded cloaks.

Finally stopping she unzipped the body bag, the young Ninjan laid knocked unconscious, her face bruised and disfigured from her battle she had with the Princess of Pyro. Picking up her body from the ground she let out a grunt, throwing her over her shoulder as she walked up the steps of the Lazarus pit, the raw energy of the pool could be felt as she laid the Ninjan down along the edge of he pit. Reaching to her back pocket she pulled out the only thing left of her mother, the Azurian Artifact. Not even a scrap of ash was left of her after her final attack on Arrow.

It was time to begin...

“I give you Lazarus, a living sacrifice...” Her dark emerald eyes glared over at the cloaked men, each of them jerking a couple of inches in fear, as they began their eerie chant in a foreign tongue. “as a vessel for Stephanie Ardor, and as a anchor for her soul, accept this amulet.” The amulet gave off a soft golden glow, something that Hotaru sought as a sign that this was going to work. “To combined the two into one, I give my blood, the daughter of the deceased.” Reached behind her she grasped onto the hilt of her mothers blade, The Honoo Tachi. In a swift motion pulled it from its sheath as the light of the pool gave off a reflection from it. Opening her hand that held the amulet she used her mothers blade to slice into her flesh, her crimson blood filling the palm of her hand as she pulled the blade away, setting it down as she covered the artifact in her blood. The chants of the Cardinals began louder as the pool began to boil and Zeon's eyes slowly began to open, finally regaining some conscious. Crouching down next to Zeon she shoved the amulet in her mouth with one hand, she pulled out tape from her back pocket with the other, taping her mouth shut. Zeon's eyes widen, as if she realized something bad was about to happen. "LAZARUS, ACCEPT MY OFFERING AND GIVE US STEPHANIE ARDOR!"

With that, Hotaru's foot slammed into Zeon's chest, shoving her into the pool as it began to sizzle, the stink of burning flesh filled the area as Zeon's body could be seen thrashing back and forth, unable to scream out in pain as the entire pit gave off a blinding golden flash. A gust of power surged through the area, forcing everyone on their back, including Hotaru. The fluids of the pool stayed still for almost thirty seconds, almost giving the impression that the legends were false... until-

A hand reached out of the green fluid, followed by the naked body of a woman that... didn't LOOK like Stephanie but it wasn't Queen Zeon. Her body was bare as she rose out of the 'waters' her blond hair slicked against her scalp as her sky blue eyes glowed with power. Hotaru quickly stood up, getting up from her feet, she then realized something... this WAS her mother!

"M-mom?" The young kunoichi spoke in a surprised voice, realizing that all of her hard work to bring back the hero actually pulled off! Grasping a tattered rag on the ground she wrapped it around Stephanie as best she could as the glow in her eyes suddenly faded, causing a wave of fatigue to rush over her.

"H-hotaru?" Stephanie whispered, dropping her knees as she looked over at her teary eyed daughter. She was alive... but.... she was dead... the war... the desert... Final Arrow... what did Hotaru do?

"Y-yeah mom." it was the first time in a long time that Hotaru smiled, hugging into her mother tightly.

Just then her eyes focused on a few strands of blond hair hanging before her eyes, this wasn't hers... looking down at her body, her eyes widen even more, this wasn't HER body. Fear began to sink in, Hotaru called her mother, but she wasn't .. her. "What happen-" But before she could finish speaking, rushes of images began flashing, many that weren't her own, memories of Zeon were flooding her mind like pollution. Stephanie quickly jerked away, trying to organize her thoughts. "What is this!?" She didn't know WHO'S memories these were, but they were of a NInjans, they ran through her brain as if they were her own, trying to grab a hold of who she was... who Hotaru was... it was becoming difficult. Letting out a frustrating yell she stood up, wrapping her hands around her head.

Lavish palaces, armies standing before her, ready to fight for her was seen in her mind as he slammed her body against a wall. "Who am I?" At that moment everything stopped, her mind stopped going at a million miles a second and instead, and intense feeling overwhelmed her, as if something was PULLING her somewhere. She couldn't understand what it was, but for some reason... in a strange way, it felt so familiar to her. Her eyes looked upward towards the ceiling, she needed to get out of here.

"MOM WHATS GOING ON!" The Kunoichi yelled out as she began walking towards the confused hero. Fear began to build inside the teenage ninja, what did she do?!

Walking up to her mother she tried to grasp onto her shoulder, only to have Stephanie suddenly glare at her. The fire goddess' hands instantly grasped around her daughters neck, her eyes filled with pain, anger and confusion as a 'snap' was suddenly heard. Hotaru's body became dead weight as she let go, the young woman's body dropping to the ground with a loud 'thud', no sign of movement, or even life.

Without saying a word Stephanie began levitating off the ground, without her signature flame, the powers of the Ninjan body kicking in as her eyes focused upward. The newly reborn Ninjan shot upward, crashing through the ceiling and into the dark city skies, heading West where the energy was leading her. Right now things weren't making sense to, but one thing was, wherever this feeling was leading her, it had answers of some sort.


The chill of the atmosphere around her stung against her skin as her body rocket through the air, leaving a sound breaking boom behind her wherever she went. She was so close now, the pull was stronger than ever as she approached what seemed to be some sort of temple. Her keen eye sight could spot several men that surrounded the building, guards no doubt, and they seemed to have already spotted the powerful woman, pointing upward at the sky.

Without even taking time to think she felt a familiar burning at the pit of her stomach, gritting her teeth her eyes glowed yellow as she burst into blinding golden flames, crackling around her as she used them to speed her up, now going downward towards a specific section of the building where the pull was the strongest. Now just a few feet away from the ceiling she flipped her body, going feet first into the buildings roof as if it was paper, landing forcefully on the ground, creating fissures all around her, her flames died out, leaving the reborn woman in a crouching stance. Raising her head she saw a woman kneeling before some sort of series of shrines around her. The woman's raven hair ruffled due to the chaos that Stephanie just brought in.

Guards voices could be heard rushing towards the doors as the bewildered fire goddess parted her lips to speak in a foreign language a part of her seemed to have known. "Please... help me." was all she could say as she lowered her head, her blonde hair covering her face as tears of frustration began to fill her crystal blue eyes.


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The Return of the Fire Goddess

(sorry this is so long! >_< but I had stuff I had to explain! lol)

Deep within South Korea

The air stood still around the crazed fire goddess, her rabid eyes looking downward at the burnt corpses that laid before her. The demon had taken full control over the once beloved hero, mind and body. Pulling its blood coated hands over its nose it took a deep inhale, taking in the sent of its prey. The smell was almost like ecstasy for her, the most delicious and beautiful scent there has ever been. Pulling her hands away it began sniffing around her blood stained nose, and began to walk around the small town like as if it was looking for something, or hunting for someone.

It didn’t take it very long to finally stop in front of a small straw home, taking a sniff at the door way it gave out a toothy grin. Feral Nova leaped through the door, breaking it with no problem, landing in a crouching position as she sniffed the staled air. Making her way deeper into the small home, she began shoving furniture out of the way, chuckling to herself as she reached a small corner closet. Ripping the door open she took a deep breath and looked downward, a child, about the age of 4 sat in a fetal position, his eyes closed tightly as his small body shivered with fear. Licking her lips with hunger she began to reach downward with her claw like fingers towards the little boy, ready to consume the little life he had.

But before she could reach downward a shift in the air suddenly was felt. The demon whipped its head around to find an rather familiar woman standing before her. Her short dirty blond and black armored outfit that thread 'WAL Blops' to the right side of the chest. She knew who this was… Cover, We Are Legend Black Ops member.

Feral Nova hissed at this woman, not happy to see someone who was interrupting her dinner. Cover stayed silent, never flinching a muscle as she slowly began to reach behind her, grasping something. With a feral roar Nova leaped at the woman like a cat to a mouse, only to have her body fly right through her, as if she was a ghost. Landing on all four the demon looked annoyed, tilting its head to the side as it spun around, looking back at the silent fighter. Standing back up it began to circle her opponent, as if examining her, only to stop to the right of the woman. It then shot out a hellfire ball at the woman, who then vanished in a blink of an eye and appeared right behind Feral Nova, jamming a dart into the base of her neck.

The demon roared as it threw its arm out, slapping Cover across the face and forcing her to the ground as the demon began to stumble. Her vision became blurred and became harder to stand. Her body began to tilt to the left until she finally slipped on a puddle of blood and landed face first into the floor. Walking up to the now disoriented demon, Cover withdrew her baton, and slammed it against her face. Knocking the demon out cold.


Feral Nova's eyes fluttered open, her head throbbing in pain as a soft groan escaped from between her lips. But when she went to go place her hand upon her head... she realized she was strapped to a table. In a panic she began to wiggle her body, trying to get herself free as she realized another thing… SHE had control over herself. She blinked for a moment as she saw a figure standing not too far away from her, in the shadows.

“Who are you?” Stephanie’s asked, her voice a bit raspy.

Taking a few steps forward showed a young woman with a black blindfold across her eyes. “You can call me Sight.” Her voice was soft, almost soothing.

“Where am I?” She began to relax a bit, letting her guard slowly down.

“The underground portion of We Are Legend Facilities in Los Angeles.” She answered, slowly walking up to the Fire Goddess.

Confusion swept upon her face, We Are Legend disbanded… again, now their back? “Is this some sort of joke?”

A door suddenly swept open, causing Sight to jerk up a bit and back away, her had tilted downward as a man with a military uniform came into play. “Does this seem like a joke to you Miss Ardor?”

“General Bartholomew.” Chills when down her spine as she saw the man step forward, she figured he would be dead right now. But looking at him and his thick head of gray hair and defining wrinkles… he was getting there. “How are you-?” before she could finish her question, Bartholomew interrupted her.

You are in no condition to be asking question Miss Ardor.” He spoke in a cold voice towards her. “You only have TWO options here, be held inside the We Are Legend underground facilities for the rest of your unnatural life OR…” he paused for a moment, walking up closer to the captive fire goddess. “You can re-join We Are Legend, and become the hero you once were.”

Nova’s eyes widen, but then began to chuckle. “I’m broken General, or have you forgotten? I’ve been ‘fixed’ before over at Champions of Peace, but look what happened a few years later?” she gave a broken grin as tears began to build up in her eyes. “I’m no good… no matter how hard I try… I CANT be the hero I once was.”

“Miss Ardor, can you tell me exactly HOW you are able to think so clearly right now?” Bartholomew asked.

She cleared her throat for a moment. “What?” she then thought about for a moment, this entire time, she had full control over herself, the demon… no where to be found in her mind. Her eyes widen as she looked over at him. “How-?”

The young blond haired girl stepped up.

“I believe you met ‘Sight’ Bartholomew motioned to the blindfolded girl. “She’s a powerful telepath that we came across about a year ago. So far she’s been able to suppress your feral demon mindset. But she’s also useful for other things as well…”

So what? Your going to have her follow me everywhere to make sure I don’t snap?” she chuckled.

“No, we’re going to erase your memory right before the point of your downward spiral into darkness.” There was a chill in his voice. "We are going to erase everything, and bury your demon within the deepest part of your mind where it will never be found or set free.

Stephanie laughed, erase her memory? But when he didn’t laugh… “Wait… your SERIOUS?” Stephanie stopped laughing. “That’s insane, you would have to go all the way back to-“

“The Secret War… yes I know.” General Bartholomew spoke as he stopped walking. “The world needs more than just ‘heroes’ Feral Nova. There are plenty of ‘heroes’ running around. The world needs a savior.” He turned back around. “You need to be one of those savior’s but in order to do that, you need to go back to how you were BEFORE you were engulfed in darkness. The time when you were… for lack of a better word ‘pure’. Think about it, you won’t remember the demon, you won’t remember hurting those you caused harm to, you won’t remember EVER being a villain and you’ll be able to live your life the way you were SUPPOSE to, like how you WANTED to, as a Light In the Darkness.” He cracked a smirk.” Its not as if you have a say in the matter anyways, its either this or keep you held underground for the rest of your life, and you would be so useful NOT being held against your will.”

“So instead your just going to erase my memory against my will?” Stephanie’s heart began to pound in her chest as anxiety began to sweep over her. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” she yelled out, her body was about to erupt into flames, but… something held her back. She looked over to Sight, who had a gentle smile on her face. “F@CK!” Stephanie yelled out, struggling to break herself free.

“Next time we meet Feral Nova… you won’t remember any of this.” With that General Bartholomew walked out.

Sight then walked forward, outstretching her hand as it gently pressed against Nova’s forehead, covering her eyes. “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.” Then… the world around her went black.

Two day’s later

Stephanie sat in front of a mirror, her hair was shorter, only going down to the the lobs of her ears. Running her fingers through it she scrunched her nose, maybe this WASN’T a good idea. She never cut her hair this short before. But then again… she figured it time for a new look. Getting up she walked out of her room, walking into the underground facilities of We Are Legend, she had been here for the past two day’s recovering from a long time Coma that she has been in for… well… years from what she understood. Ever since her battle with Ziccarra on Ninjeta, she had been out, sleeping soundly in a air pressure chamber until her body was able to fully heal itself back to health and just two day’s ago she woke up.

But since then she has been going through crash courses on the current world events. Andy was now dead, Ziccarra died… again, New France, Utopia, Champions of Peace, The Trinity, Mistress Redhead missing, so many things wen’t on while she was asleep! Not to mention now there was some chick running around trying to kill her! …who’s name escaped Stephanie for a moment… but anyways… ALL OF THIS WAS INSANE! And soooo much to learn, it was like being in high school all over again… only without the popular kids… or cheersluts.

“How are you feeling Miss. Ardor?” a voice asked from a distance. Looking upward she saw General Bartholomew.

“I’m doing great General! When do you think I’ll be able get some action!” She said throwing her fists in the air, acting as if she was hitting someone.

“Soon enough, we just need to make sure you’re-“

“Up to speed on world events and back to full power… yeah, yeah.” Stephanie rolled her eyes as she walked into a room where her ‘teaching’ sessions were held at. “See you later!” she said as she closed the door behind her.

With a grin General Bartholomew walked away, the hero the world once loved, was back.

Walking into another room General Bartholomew stood in front of multiple military personnel, all who used to support We Are Legend when the UNSC was still in control of it.

“So, General, how are we going about releasing Stephanie Ardor back into the public? Obvious we can’t send Sight to everyone in the world and wipe their memories clean.” A older looking man dressed in military attar spoke.

“So glad you asked.” Bartholomew grin as he stood before all the men. “Its simple, we simply say after Feral Nova went into her coma after the war on Ninjeta (Secret War), protocol 732C, also known as Protocol Switch-off was commence.” The rest of them were silent for a few seconds.

“Your talking about the clones that the UNSC made of all the second generation WAL members.”

With a grin he nod. “Exactly. Those clones were created to take the place of the WAL members if they were to be killed or go missing. So naturally when Feral Nova went into her coma, the clone was accidently activated and went about the world pretending to be the real Feral Nova. Now, we can state that because of the clones interactions with Darkchild, the clone went rouge, and we have been unsuccessful on containing it, until now. We were also able to bring the real Feral Nova out of coma and she is now ready to action yet again.”

“And what about the actual clones? Someone is surely going to start poking around our facilities and files in attempt to find more information on them.”

"Well after our little… incident (When Clones attack rp) we had to discard the clones, but the public is unaware of this. As for the files on these clones, the only one’s that are left are held at Washington DC.”

“This is brilliant General.” The men began to stand up from their seats. “We’ll make the announcement to the public this week.” With that they all began to walk out of the meeting room, the plan was now set in motion.


Battlefield 3 LAN party in Texas bans girls


I was told about this a few days ago, read up on and decided to share it. Basically PowersGaming (organizer of LAN parties) are making a Battlefield 3 launch LAN party in Texas. Anyways, to the point, they banned gamer girls (and just girls in general) from the LAN party. Their excuse? They didn't want problems with misogyny, so they banned women from attending the LAN.


Even though I live no where near Texas, this still struck a nerve. Gamer girls have to hear insults after insults from men (and hey, sometimes even other women) while playing online, so its not like it would be anything new for us (gamer girls) if I were to be insulted while attending (not that it makes it right for us to be insulted just saying that we're not fragile little creatures). Not only that, but why ban the WOMEN? Why not ban those who are spewing out the insults? We work hard to develop our skills and get the respect as a gamer that we deserve, so to have this said, is like a slap to my face. Seriously, whats next? LAN parties divided by race to avoid racist remarks?



Anyways, here's a link to the Wiki section about this, and on that, are other links that talk about this. 
and I wanna hear what you fellow Viners have to say about this.


Dear Diary

....yeah I pretty much just made this blog so I can get the little quest log points xD 
But I guess I should write something....
Dear Diary, 
Today was HORRIBLE! >_< Ok... maybe not HORRIBLE but it was close. I had to get up, early! (9:30 am xP) and get ready to go out, why you may ask? Because I had to go to the library! >_< Why did I have to go to the library you ask? Because my mom made me -_- WHY did my mom make me you ask? Because she say's I spend too much time at home xD Which is some what true xP but still... THE LIBRARY!? >_< I mean... I could have gone to the mall, or Borders, or the movies, or even visit my Grandma! So yeah anyways, I walked in, looked around... and... felt out of place almost immidiantly >_> no wonder why I avoid that place... so awkward. People (mostly old) sitting around, reading books that are probably twice my age and kids who are like... fifteen years younger than me sitting around with their mommies reading books in a little group X_x 
But after that I went to Surf City, grabbed me a Strawberry Kiwi chiller and went to go watch Kick-ass again in the theaters! xD So I guess the day wasnt a total loss xP
ok... there, now I better get my damn quest points! xD

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