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thanks crestfallen!

Here's Dust.

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Thanks Aiden and M.S!

More New X-men for you! X-23

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Don't normally draw comic stuff these days but I actually have some X-men art to post.

Surge, from X-men

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@M.S. Feather said:

As for users being short with him, you have to understand that he's been coming here for years and people are justifiably tired of dealing with him.

I know. Though i don't post much, I've been here longer than most users (including you) =)

I would agree that this thread should be locked as it's gotten rather off track from the 'art' posted.

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Oh i've gotten some nice private messages from this guy using his other accounts. I'm sure they were as good as the ones you received. If he's impersonating me on other websites, i have yet to hear about it, nor do i really care if he chooses to do so (as i'm kinda trolly anyways. Free reputation is a good thing in my book).

And none of this would've started if you'd have just been nicer to him. In other words, the causation of his actions are rooted in the way you treated him. His actions are not unprovoked. It's retaliation.

As for rules applying to every man and woman no matter their mental state: Insanity Plea anyone? Mentally unstable citizens are exempt from worse crimes then impersonation because they fail to see their actions as wrong. This is upheld by the United States Supreme Court.

I'm not trying to be the bad guy here. He is clearly ripping other artists. He just doesn't know the difference.

Have an open mind about this.

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Guys, as entertaining as this is, I would like to point out some observations:

1. This person has held a conversation with themselves using multiple accounts.

2. Has no concept of copyright infringement, artistic dishonesty, plagiarism, ownership, or ethics in general (information processing)

3. Is in complete denial (restrictive behavior)

4. Attacks other artists and is generally disliked for it, yet continues to seek acceptance from said artists (sensory abnormality)

5. Socially awkward

6. Repeats the same pattern of art posting in a seemingly habitual way. (compulsive behavior) (sameness)

These patterns of behavior show parallels to social underdevelopment and possibly mental retardation. This is not a joke. Autism, by definition, is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.

This person obviously enjoys art, enjoys this website, and will continue to post here no matter what we all say. Let's just leave he/she be as I suspect the user is most likely diagnosed as a high-functioning autistic artist. (I have actually had a terrible experience trolling another artist on DeviantArt who displayed the same patterns as this comicvine user and it turned out the guy really was autistic, and everyone felt bad, and we all lost. Lets not have a repeat performance here)

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137 nailed it with the tough perspective but I'm putting my vote down for Decepto for his concept and off the chain makeover of Deathblow.
Nice job everyone.

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@Decept-O said:
I am drawing this guy at a later date because it is sincerely brilliant, kthanxbai!
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I have read this entire thread and found all points well articulated. I will be much more concise in the name of laziness:
I was well aware of the rules stipulation stating we should render skeletor with both staff and sword in hand/hands before drawing. In hindsight, i should have included, "This is for jamming only, and not a contest consideration" with the original post.
My intentions were not to cause controversy but just to add to the skeletor awesomeness in this thread. Because i am a jam fiend. 
If anyone is keeping track, i have NEVER* started a contest i have "won" because i personally don't care for 'contests'. I let someone else do that for me. I just like drawing a common subject with a bunch of other artists.
I have received private messages and in-thread semi-apologetic words about how my entry was not valid from a number of viners. If it wasn't clear enough in my artwork itself, i am a fairly laid back person who doesn't really give a shit about things like this. In fact, I have the utmost respect for those who took the time to mention the validity of my submission. I salute all of those who did.
Overall, I am;

Amused at people's reactions.
Displeased with the colors i churned out.
Happy with the lines.
Apologetic for causing the ruckus.
In Art Jam Mode.
Concerned about birds in general.
* perhaps there are one or two exceptions to this, but i am unsure of the exact ones. Rarely was the better word choice.

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@Sky_Jokiel thanks man!
@tonis:  no reference. but i did watch a lot of skate videos back in the day (and those are done in  fish eye)

 a friend who recently signed on to comicvine suggested that i draw something happy. Hello Kitty scooter bike girls are always happy and make me happy.