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    Yes, so hard to all of this. Most excited for Captain Marvel.. and I am super excited that it is Captain and not Ms. Love what Kelly S. has been doing and I hope they look to her run for the insp...

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    Gotham's White Knight

    Last episode was one of my favorites and we get another strong episode with "Spirit of the Goat". Unfortunately, the crime of the week, is not tied into any of the ongoing plot lines, but it still fee...

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    @boynerdgeek said:Oh Harrison Wells. You become more and more interesting. The ending is wowMy Thoughts exactly

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    Like Father, Like Son

    The Flash continues to build its universe in episode 2 as it introduces the villain: Multiplex. I feel like the show is setting up to be a villain of the week kind of show, rather than taking the arro...

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    The foundation for this show is solid, and if he keeps getting better like Clone Wars did, then we could have a really special show.

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    A Long Time Ago on a Channel Far, Far Away!

    Just like Star Wars: Clone Wars, we get a special one hour movie of Star Wars Rebels, the new show from Disney. I for one have been very excited for this show because, though Clone Wars was canceled s...

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    May She Kick'th Much Ass!!

    The moment has arrived! Ever since it was announced on the View all comic book fans have been talking about is the new Thor. Marvel wanted to change things up, and this issue definitely does that, but...