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Yeah I think she is a cool FEM! never heard of her until recently.

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@DarkKnightDetective said:

I'll tell you in one word why I like Powergirl: boobs

thats exactly why she was created. I bet the guy who invented her started drawing the boobs first then built the body around that.

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@FanteFun: Fier Craaker the Wood elf druid and Taedail was my alt Dark Elf shadow knight

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@acer51 said:

I like female Superheros, but I don't like the tomboy archtypes where the Women are bulky as the Hulk.

I perfer female heros like Invisable woman, Scarlet witch, and Storm. These in my oppinion are respectable female heroines, not only because they have good powers, but because they act like women and don't try to imitate men.

what do you mean imitate men? you mean by being physical?

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@FanteFun said:

I did not even realise this thread existed.

Hello, I registered a few days ago. nice site but needs more movie discussions

he girl... long time no see! still playing Everquest?

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So is there a new supergirl comic like the other new 52 books?

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lol NO not a supergirl movie. I saw the old one. It was a disaster. nobody in this day and age is going to watch a supergirl movie. that was once in a life time event

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@SirMethos said:

She-Hulk vs Supergirl - Supergirl wins, stomp match.

Black Widow vs Black Canary - Odds are in favor of Black Widow. More ruthless, more combat experience, better physical stats, superior equipment. Black Canary has a chance to win if she starts out with her Canary Cry, and actually manages to hit the Widow. Otherwise, Widow has it.

Spider-woman vs Batwoman - Spider-Woman, stomp match.

Jean Grey vs Miss Martian - Miss Martian has it, again stomp match. Miss Martian is a powerful enough telepath to avoid getting mind raped from the get go, and she's physically powerful enough(and fast enough) to take Jean out within a few seconds.

Elecktra vs Huntress - Elektra, stomp match.

Lady Sif vs Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman wins, stomp match.

Rogue vs Power Girl - Power Girl wins, stomp match.

Ms.Marvel vs Starfire - Depends on which versions of the two characters. But all in all, it's pretty much a toss-up.

Scarlet Witch vs Zantana - Zatanna wins most fights(she can win with a single word), but Wanda takes it if it's the M-Day(or other equally powerful incarnations).

Invisible Woman vs Raven - Depends on whether or not Invisible Woman's force fields can protect her against Raven's powers. If they can, then Invisible Woman wins, otherwise Raven has it.

this looks about right to me..... just not familiar with raven that much

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Batman - 100

Martian Manhunter - 178 (-6)

Wonder Woman - 170 (+6)