Meat and potatoes

Well it has been a long time since I got online, mainly because I work long hours and I love my wife to the point I want to spend time with her lol. So with that being said I looked at some of the remarks on my first blog (out of boredom mostly) and saw some pretty hatefull comments. Well the internet is a brooding ground for that I suppose , but for my part I couldn't get over how some people have to go out of their way to feel intellectualy superior lol.

Well people I am not an intellecual and I am far from superior, hell I am a working man and a hard working one at that. I love comics and I voice my opinions as they are just that opinions. I can feel free to generalise and speak on what topics I wish, since this is MY blog not yours I can only guess some people have no lives other then to seek out blogs at random and degrade them for said opinions. Troll on my dear "friends " , if it gives you purpose then do what you must. As I said before Im just a regular guy who loves comics with no delusions of intellecual supremecy.

I like Meat and potatos for dinner, a cold beer to forget the long hard day of working maintenance and to lose my self in comics once a week . So if my caveman like rants bother you then by all means go listen to your My Chemical Romance or Lil Wayne put on some skinny jeans and read your Johnny the homicidal Maniac books

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