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The Art Of The Epic. 0

Now, THIS is how you write an epic tale.If anyone could teach current writers a thing or two about how to write a story of truly epic proportions, it is Steve Englehart (probably Roger Stern even moreso, but for now, ol' Steve will do). This tale is truly mind boggling in its scope and sheer sense of fun. What really amazed me is that this wasn't even an 'event'. I know, amazing right? It features a breathtaking array of characters from the Marvel Universe, two major villains in Loki and Dormamm...

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A Deserving End. 0

And so we reach the end fof an epic the likes of which we have rarely been graced with, not only in comics, but in any medium. After a long, insanely violent and painful path down the road to hell, Itto Ogami and his son (Cub), Daigoro, finally reach the end of their journey. The story has long had a sense of emotional resonance, a palpable sense of dread being created in the reader as the series never shirked from hardship and suffering for its characters. So now, as we reach the end, the tensi...

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Where Literature Meets Comics 0

Wild stories, out there concepts and no one bats an eye lid. If you think that comics today don't compare to the wild imagination inherent in the comics of yesterday, then this is the book for you.THE GOODBill Mantlo.One of the most underrated writers in all of comicdom, Bill Mantlo could spin a yarn unlike any other. From his work through Rom to the Incredible Hulk up to Cloak And Dagger, Mantlos' work has never been as highly lauded as many of his contemporaries, but for solid, reliable thrill...

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Bureaucracy Gone Mad. 0

Remember Civil War?Thought it was a revolutionary, radical concept? Think again. The super here registration act was and outdated version of something created in the 80's when the MUTANT REGISTRATION ACT was introduced into the Marvel universe. Forcing Mutants to register a super powered individuals was a great concept to highlight the abuse of power political systems allow governments to wield and no hero, perhaps, highlighted this as much as Captain America. In a period where Steve Rogers no l...

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An important issue for an important comic book publisher. 0

2000AD, in its prime has always been a comic of considerable talent. This issue, which comes toward the end of the long running series highest creative Zenith (no pun intended and purely opinion on my part) is an important one and a great read.THE GOODThe good in this particular issue is very, very good indeed.One of the highlights is the prologue for the third phase of Grant Morrisons' ZENITH epic. If you don't know who Grant Morrison is, then you need to head off to his page, check out his inf...

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