Badger's Big List Of HATE!!!!

So, i always try to fill this big, broad world of ours with love, peace and mung beans, but sometimes, just sometimes, you've got to let out a little HATE!!!

So here is my list of things comic related that i hate, loathe, detest and why.

List items

Posted by lykopis

How the hell did I ever miss this list??

Everything is stellar, but your take on Morrison left me in tears. The bad kind because what you wrote is so damn true.

Posted by feebadger

@lykopis: I KNOW! Can you imagine what he might have achieved in mainstream comics with an editor with a spine? The mind boggles. Such a pity, now that he seems to be leaving the mainstream and going back into the indies (which is great, but just a missed opportunity i feel).

Posted by lykopis

As usual --- utterly and completely agree with you!