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@tparks: Mistress Brer is indeed one of my own creations and, yes, she should juuuust be at the foot of your bed as we speak :)

@bumpyboo: Then be spoiled MORE dammit! :):):)xxx

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Have been drawing every day, honest, but having computer troubles so this should be bring me up to date with one due today! :)

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@bumpyboo: Nah, you can keep chasing if you like. You've got to empty that bucket o'smut somewhere :)

@rulerofthisuniverse Thank you very much, sir.

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11. Send In The Empty Horses

Karrisa had never felt anything like it.

She had never dreamed that such feelings could exist. There she was, touching the very sky itself, arcing and sliding between the earth and the heavens above. Even the permanent shadow that covered the sky itself could not dampen her spirits. The ring. The ring allowed her to be connected to everything. Karrisa wondered if this is what her father felt, if all the Lanterns felt this when they put the ring upon their finger, or if it was part of the gift bestowed upon her when her father bonded his life force with the ring itself. She could feel all the energies of the world around her, all the energies of the universe coursing and pulsing, could see energy spectrum's and feel the slightest stirrings of the cosmos. She was aware; alive and wondered how she had ever existed before.

The great emerald wings that spanned from her back flowed outward, graceful and strong, pushing her onward at great speed. Karissa cast her arms out and closed her eyes, having learnt to send the mace back into the ring, waiting there to be called whenever needed, she hoped. The air was clearer up here, with the world gliding by below her, less of the black sands and she enjoyed the brief reprieve.

For very much in the front of her mind was the thought of her friends; Montez and the others who were ahead of her somewhere. They couldn't have gone far, she figured, not compared to the speed upon which her wings now carried her. She looked to the ring, wondering how she could utilise it to help find them. Did she merely think on them? Speak aloud a request? Make a wish?

Explosions. Fire and smoke billowed into the sky ahead, upon the horizon where Gotham lay.


“Never mind.” Karissa said aloud to herself, “Found them.”

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@bumpyboo said:

@feebadger said:

I have a whole barrow full of YES here, where would you like me to dump it? :)

That's what she said!! *sniggering fit* :P :P :P

I'm gonna think of a suitably smutty comeback soon and then.... oooooh, you'll be in trouble!

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@iceprince_x: Thanks so much, iceprince. Will have another one up today some time :)

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@hulk465: PuhLEASE tell us all you're going to be drawing and posting more? These really are BRILLIANT!

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@arinya: Your line work is really beautiful as is your drafting. Can't wait to see more.

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@arinya: Your line work is really beautiful as is your drafting. Can't wait to see more.

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Sooo, in the interests of keeping my hand in on the art stakes and jump starting any creativity i may have yet lurking in me, i've decided to undertake a 30 day challenge to myself; every day i need to draw different comic book/pop culture character and post it here, no matter the quality (so be warned!). Why 30 days? Well, 2 day challenge seemed a bit weak and 3000 day challenge seemed a tad adventurous, so here we are!


Day One (13/5/2014) - MAN THING

Day Two (14/5/2014) - HAPPY MECHA

Day Three (15/5/2014) - Orc Warrior

Day Four (16/5/2014) - MISTRESS BRER

Day Five (17/5/2014) - HANK PYM

Day Six (18/5/2014) - BIG BAD

Day Seven (19/5/2014) - SELF PORTRAIT

Day Eight (20/5/2014) - Bug

Day Nine (21/5/2014) - Adam

Day Ten (22/5/2014) - Body

Day Eleven (23/5/2014) - Jacob

Day Twelve (24/5/2014) - Mr. Blank

Day Thirteen (25/5/2014) - Weekend At Juva's

Day Fourteen (26/5/2014) - Victoria

Day Fifteen (27/5/2014) - Strange Tom Baker/Scarecrow Thingy

Day Sixteen (28/5/2014) - Dylan

Day Seventeen (29/5/2014) - Max And Coffin

Day Eighteen (30/5/2014) - Devil

Day Nineteen (31/5/2014) - Catticut

Day Twenty (1/6/2014) - Stitchface

Day Twenty One (2/6/2014) - Coffin

Day Twenty Two (3/6/2014) - Daredevil