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Interior art is beautiful, but, man, Bisley's cover. His figure work is worse than ever and just looks like he dialled this one in. Would love to see him do some of his grade A pen and ink or full painted work again.

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@dernman: Bravo. I think you're about ready to take that show on the road :)

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@ms-lola: I lived in a world of circles and vague and beautiful curves.. then ms-lola came along. DAMN YOU MS-LOLA! DAMN YOU TO HECK!

@deathpoolthet1000:Sorry man, we seem to be on completely different pages on this one. I didn't intend the blog to be a complete dissemination on Batman in movies, was just an opinion piece and it focussed on Nolan's as it was the last version of Batman committed to celluloid and, currently, the most lauded celluloid version. That's all. Not new to the comic book world and am very familiar with the differences between mediums, but that doesn't mean that one doesn't bleed into the other and does not benefit from that. Why is the Avengers such a great film? Because it draws so heavily from the comics. Spider Man 2 (Raimi version)? Same. I could go on, but I think we're just seeing what i've written here from different perspectives. Much respect to what you believe, but i just think you're getting the wrong idea from what i wrote :)

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@ms-lola: There's a box? Why didn't anyone tell me??? :)

@deathpoolthet1000: Did you even read the blog? Not what i said in the least.

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How do you delete multiple images at once?

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I don't know, they're both pretty amazing 'top of their game' books from both creators, but i think that Year One is a near perfect book and Mazzuchelli reeeeally outdid himself on that one. Year One for me.

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Talks very much about some of the same issues.

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Just a couple of quick questions for you, Markus.

Firstly, are you a troll? Secondly; no, really, are you a troll?

Thirdly, if you're not a troll (but are you? really?) then can is suggest reading Grant Morrison's, SUPERGODS book? It's a fantastic read and if you haven;t had the chance to have a look at it yet, it might change your views on how superhero comics and the icons associated with it really work and how they are seen and consumed by the public.

Apart from that, i wish you luck in your plans for world domination and, before i go, i just wanted to ask one more thing...

Are you sure you're not a troll? 0_0

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@bflynn316: Exactly. Because that just leads to something being a fad and fads never last and do more damage to the product than good, i believe.

@ms-lola: I remember when the Daredevil movie came out and Marvel did back flips changing the comic versions to match the movies one, even before the movie had really properly been seen and it was a terrible move. I think movie versions are movie versions and this doesn't necessarily need to be mirrored in the comics. As you mentioned with the Inhumans, i'm equally dubious, especially when decisions about the characters are based on rivalries with other movie studios who holed the rights to their characters, thus the snuffing out of Wolverine, the Fantastic Four and the downplaying of mutants in favour of Inhumans. That, to me, shows nil respect for the readers of comic books and is a big screw you to any sense of loyalty. I understand that comics are a business and that money is the bottom line, but when the comic book movie starts to fall out of favour (which the law of averages and diminished returns dictates it must) and all those big movie ticket bucks go someplace else, i worry that there will be no real comic book fans left to do what they've always done, support their favourite books because, as you said, they will be unrecognisable to the average fan.

One huge example of this is in Man Of Steel when Superman does what he does at the end (not going to assume you've seen it and don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't). That single but pivotal change, if adopted in the comic book version would fundamentally change the character and twist him into something that is not recognisable as Superman anymore. Let's hope the rot hasn't already set in.

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@bflynn316: Not really what i was saying in the post, bflynn, more talking about the content and interest that will remain for actual comic fans in the future of those comics.