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Intriguing start. Looking forward to more :)

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@kevmank said:

@iceprince_x: Thanks for the links and reference. I think the style I want to emulate is unfortunately, far beyond my skill set on a tablet with photoshop. A watercolor technique makes more sense, or even a harder cut manga style with less color blending. Or even well picked flat colors like in the Hellboy books.

I'm a huge fan of the flat colour technique and I think that your line work in the inking is bold and heavy enough to take it and have them really compliment each other. Beautiful work, kev. You really captured the spirit of the character.

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@jasonbaroody: Holy crap, Jason. This is really beautiful work. Do you have any upcoming comic book projects or any other work you can share? Really nice, professional standard stuff :)

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19. All Or Nothing

Adam ripped Steel's arm from his body.

A crimson wave of pain rushed through Steel's entire body, pain like he'd never known and he screamed in silent terror, his face locked in horror. Adam, of course, laughed, a laugh of pure joy at the futility of Steel's attack and the ease with which he had grabbed hold of his liquid metal form and torn it asunder. Having drawn the living evil of Eclipso's light back into his already gifted frame, Adam was now unstoppable.

Or so he believed.

... my god...” Wildling sighed as Steel's unconcious form hit the floor.

“This has gone far enough.” The Atom said, his voice like steel. “Wildling, Element Boy... When I move, you get Steel and Montez and you get the hell out of here. Head back to The World and don't look back. You hear me?”

Element Boy was crying, his fear almost paralysing him.

“But... but what can you do? I mean, I know you're a legend and all, but...”

“Don't give up on us legends yet, son.” Atom said, turning to Element Boy with a sly grin, “We might have some tricks up our sleeves yet. Now get yourselves ready to move.”

And with that, the man known as Ray Palmer; The Atom charged toward Black Adam; No hesitation. No fear.

“How does one become so foolish as to run to his own death, Palmer?” Bellowed Adam, all arrogance and bluster.

“Oh, you know how these things work, Adam...” Atom smirked, leaping feet first toward his enemy, “They always happen in the blink of an eye!”

And as he flew forward, he shrunk himself to the size of a pin and plunged his feet into the vulnerable pupil of this 'Black Adam'.

Adam's scream could be heard throughout the entire, razed city, as the Atom grew back to full size and somersaulted backwards, landing before the blinded villain.

“Bluster.” Palmer said, cool and calm, “You live to cause pain, you and yours... well let me show you new meaning for the word.”

The Atom lunged at Adam, clasping his hands upon the villain's chest and as he did, Palmer closed his eyes tight and concentrated all the White Dwarf Matter energy through his hands.

This new scream; a scream of pure torment rose from somewhere unfelt before within Adam. His eyes opened wide as he felt pain unimagined rip through his entire being, stretching out from the hands of the Atom.

“Do you feel that? Do you feel that, Teth Adam? That is pain!” Palmer's face strained and sweat ran from his brow as the White Dwarf power coursed through him, “That is the feeling of your pectoralis muscles... minor and major shrinking within your chest. They are the tendons you feel, straining to hold them in the place within you... the bones beneath cracking and splintering under the strain. Tell me you feel that? Tell me what pain is now, you Billy Batson, wannabe!”

And as Adam fell to his knees from the pain, Wildling made her move, sprinting in with the speed of the Cheetah and scooping up the still unconcious form of Steel. Element Boy grabbed Montez who was half awake, half in delirium, mumbling to himself as black sparks still flew from his skin. Wildling and Element Boy met in the shadows of what was once the Gotham Post offices and laid the wounded forms of their friends down.

“How are they?" Wildling asked.

“I.. I don't know.” Element Boy answered, feeling about Steels remaining wrist for a pulse, “Montez looks like he might be in shock, though god only knows what Adam's lightning did to him. Steel though... he doesn't look good, you know?”

Wildling looked out to where Ray Palmer and Black Adam still struggled.

“You think he can do it? You think he can beat him?” She asked, the shock of the whole situation creating a strange calm within her, “Maybe we'll be safe after all and can get back to the World. I don't ever want to leave that cave again.”

“He's the Atom.” Element Boy replied, giving up on finding a pulse and looking for material to wrap him in, “THE Atom. He can do anything.”

And as tears poured from Adam's wide, terrified eyes, it seemed almost believable.

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I had a clique once. Doctor prescribed some ointment. Cleared it right up.

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@w0nd said:

@medulaoblaganda said:

@w0nd: don't you know that's how the devil works? that was how he trick eve to eat the fruit from the tree of life, even fell for it. Satan always find a way trick people, and its now left for you to resist the devil. if you don't, then that means the devil is in control of your life. gat it?

that's my point, your fave super hero is living a live he got due to the devils influence. If you can tolerate that then a gay character isn't that far off lmao

Love your work. Just love it. Lol.

@rubear said:

@feebadger said:

I mean that you are troll of internet kind and very fat one. The whole topic is tipical troll topic, banal insertion of provocative idea with possibility of accusing opponents in all kind of phobias.

It's a strange and cynical this information super highway is. I've been on this site a little too long to be trolling. It's like pooping in your own house :) More importantly, what IS your actual opinion on the question at hand, sir?

@bumpyboo said:

@rubear: Yo less calling of names man. OP happens to be one of my fave people in the world and was asking a simple question. If that gets you so bent out of shape you gotta call names,maybe the internet is not for you,

BTW fat? Hardly. You misspelled CUTE :P

Awwwwww, is you stopping hte big kids from stealing my lunch money??? You are the CUTEST! :):):)xxx

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@rubear said:

@feebadger said:

In my (sometimes) humble opinion, I think that if Peter Parker were to be a true representation of today, he would have been reinvented as a gay teenager.

You are very fat troll, you know.

Duh wha?

@duncan said:

@feebadger said:

(Willie Lumpkin... what!? No Ultimate Lumpkin!?!?!?)

Ultimate Fantastic Four

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe; there is a government agent named Lumpkin who works for the agency that runs the think-tank/school in the Baxter Building. Although his first name is not mentioned, this version is an obvious homage. He is in his forties and overweight. He is initially shown recruiting Reed Richards.

YOU sir, have just made my day! :)

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@feebadger: GOD said we should love one another, but not the gayish act. .

Sooooo, wouldn't be a subscriber of the 'gay' Spider-Man then? Cool. ONWARDS!

What's surprised me the most about a lot of people's answers here is how much they use comics for some form of wish fulfillment. For me, i never really imagined that part of the fantasy included bedding Mary Jane or dating Gwen. I was just in it to see how Spider-Man would deal with a certain villain or how Peter would deal with whichever turn his life took.

To me, it would have made no difference if those decisions sometimes revolved around same sex dating or such.

So, is this the only reason why female lead comics tend not to last long? Because guys are only buying comics for the sexual wish fulfillment??? :)

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18. The Best Of Us

Gordon found Diana in the ruins of Wayne Manor.

Sat upon the only remaining spire of the once great mansion, Gordon cursed her ability to fly up there, whilst he had to traverse the crumbling staircase, his lungs fit to burst.

“You really should stop smoking, James.” Diana spoke as Gordon clambered up the ladder which lead to the rooftop, his eyes falling upon an image of serene beauty in a world seemingly stripped of such things. Caught in the darkness of the world Eclipso had made; no stars, no moon, Gordon could have sworn that Diana was glowing, her eyes closed, head tilted back in the still dark air. He felt a lump in his throat and felt small and very, very human for a moment.

“You should try and make me.” Jim coughed as he crawled uncertainly over to Diana's side, “Only pleasure I got left in this damned world. That and Barbara's nagging of course.”

“She is a good woman.” Diana spoke calmly, her eyes still closed, “You are fortunate to still have each other.”

“Fortune had nothing to do with it.” Gordon pulled out a cigar and lit it, his hands trembling from the exertion of the climb and he blew a great puff of smoke upon the dark world before him, “It's Dick that I have to thank. He's the one that got her out of there.” And Gordon gestured to the far distance, where the great, gothic city of Gotham once stood. Sparks of light occasionaly seemed to emanate from it, lighting up the skyline.

“The Creepers are at work again.” Diana said sadly, her eyes now open. “What atrocities are they commiting now?”

“Same old, same old.” Jim said, twirling his cigar between his fingers and thumb. “He loves you, you know? Richard, I mean. Always has.”

“What?” Diana turned, her face screwed up in confusion and for the first time, Gordon thought she looked almost human.

“Don't worry, I don't mean in any 'stalker, gonna leave a valentine under your pillow' kind of way. He loves you the same way he loved Superman. Flash... Bruce.”

Gordon felt a tightness in his throat and quickly attributed it to the cigar and the cold air. He continued,

“Richard loved all of you guys. You were... are the world to him. Everything he ever did was an ode, a homage to everything you were. To everything you still are.”

“And what are we, James?” The question hung sadly in the air, Diana's voice cracked with regret.

“Heroes.” Gordon replied, blunt and matter of fact. “To Richard, you will always be heroes. You, all of you took these powers, these gifts and you used them for good. You didn't have to do that. You could have been, could have done anything, but you didn't. You made a choice that most of us probably wouldn't have made. Sure, we would have tried to help, but how many of us wouldn't have stolen a little here or there, embezzled this, gained from that. But you guys didn't. You always, always did the right thing. Purely through choice.

“What do you think inspired a kid... a boy who had nothing, who had his whole world taken from him to pull on a costume and take on the world? Bruce had money, resources. Flash could race light. Lantern had his ring. You and Superman could push the earth out of rotation.

But Dick had nothing. Nothing but himself... And his idea of you all.”

“Now he hates me, James.” Diana hung her head low, her pain evident.

“You know, for a god, you sure don't see much. Dick still loves you, still loves the idea. Why do you think he is here? Why do you think he put himself through so much pain, did what he did to his mind and his body to get us all out here when Eclipso came? He's preserving the idea, Diana. Richard didn't only want to protect us physically, he wanted to protect our spirits, our souls. Like always. Bruce always knew it... Richard was the best of us and he still is.”

There suddenly came a grinding sound, like great gears shifting and cogs turning from below, beneath the ruins of Wayne Manor from the World below.

“What is going on?” Diana snapped, leaping to her feet, ready for action.

“Richard loves you, Diana.” Gordon said, calmly rising to his feet. “Perhaps more importantly, he respects you.”

The grounds shook and shuddered, masonary crumbling as the ground beneath the rubble began to move, sliding open, revealing a great chasm below it.

“Dick heard your words, Diana. He always has. He has forever been a man of action, after all.”

From the darkness of the chasm below, Diana watched as a great platform rose up, upon it, the remaining heroes of the World, their costumes on, their eyes blazing. They stood together, an indescribable force.

“What is happening, James?” Diana asked, breathless. “Where are we going?”

“Going?” Gordon replied, calmly flicking his cigar stub to the winds. “Diana, we're going to war.”

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@feebadger: i don't like the idea of India punishing or persecuting them. you can love but not in homosexual or lesbian way. GOD created a man and woman for a reason, but humans have twisted it, which means they are telling GOD that he is wrong, that they are gods now, they can do what ever they want. this is why america is falling gradually.

I don't think that anyone is telling God that they are wrong by simply following their emotions. Homosexuality is about more than just sex. It is also about love. In our quaint Catholic view of God, he created ALL things, including love. So does that not mean he created homosexual love too? And before the old "nah, the devil (in whatever form he might take in any specific religion) created that" let's not forget that God made the Devil too and being omniscient, God knew what he was doing and what the Devil would create in his wake.

And America failing? Maybe.

But i think that's more to do with Miley Cyrus ;P