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@bumpyboo Hey you! Yeah you! Moderator lady! Thought i might chuck this question to you as, well, why the hell not! :) I love what they've been doing with the Archie comics, that a company is willing to take such risks with their characters. But i'm curious, as i'm not a reader of them myself; who are they actually pitching these types of Archie comics to? I've always assumed that younger readers buy Archie, but a bunch of the new ones (like the above) are obviously not for littlies. So are these books successful? They seem to be, so who's reading them? And how do we get DC to grow a sense of fun and do the same?

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Carrot Top. The Joker is Carrot Top.


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@mark_stephen: Can absolutely see where you're coming from. I think when they introduced the 'Marvel architects' concept, they basically acknowledged that they considered their creators more important than their characters. I think that's when Bendis and the rest began to take massive liberties with characters as the editors became subservient to their views as opposed to doing their jobs and stepping in. Still, having said that, i did still love Civil War due to it being something which seemed very genuine in it's approach (if not it's execution at times) to making some very real changes to the Marvel Universe for the better.

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@elderskaar: And yet you cared enough to comment. I want posters of you on my wall :)

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@wildvine: haha, i'm so sorry, wildvine. Didn't mean to make you feel so anxious :(

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@wildvine: Gosh, the Vine has made you SERIOUS, Wildvine! :) Where's the fun loving lunatic i remember who joined up her not tooo long ago? 0_0

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@bumpyboo I hope you get to see this missus, to see how many responded so quickly and with such emotion :)

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@makhai: She is indeed. Don't quite understand the question though 0_0

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Didn't seem right that someone so important to the Vine should leave without something being said.

I don't think there is a single person on Comic Vine who has made contact with Bumpyboo and not been positively influenced. Always kind, considerate, hilarious, thoughtful and intelligent, her leaving has left a huge hole in this site, but as they say, all good things...

Having been friends with Bumpy since she first joined the site, i saw her presence, influence and 'bumpyness' grow. From reading her first story in the fan fic section, you could tell she was something else. She very quickly gained a following of dedicated friends and 'followers' and, inevitably became a 'mod' whose fairness and focus on how women are represented in the comic medium and especially here on the Vine made her one of the best loved. Her endless support and encouragement of others, from fan fic to the artist board pushed all on to better and bigger things. Her own art grew considerably also to be one of the most recognisable and loved on the boards (and did you know she also plays bass and is a first class writer too? I also heard that she can push planets out of their rotation and it is rumoured that she once even figured out what Mulholland Drive was all about :) )

But now she is on, to better things, to bigger worlds, to other lives.

No, she's not dead, but her time here deserves eulogising.

To my dear friend, both cyber and real, on behalf of everyone here, you are loved and you will be missed and as long as there is a Vine, there will be a Boo shaped spot within it for you :):):)xxx