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@joshuadbr: lol. No cussing out here. You're entitled to feel anyway you want to feel. The fanboy community (well me anyway) gives you permission :) Am just always curious as to the workings of people and what makes them feel the way they feel. the fact that a guy kissing a guy grosses you out is fascinating to me. Two questions, if you don't mind answering them; Have you ever thought deeper as to why it grosses you out? And do you find it gross when females kiss?

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@rustyroy: If you read the OP , you'll see i was talking about the Ultimate Spider Man. Readers would still have the original recipe Spidey with all his heterosexual tastiness in tact :)

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@joshuadbr: Out of curiosity, what exactly would gross you out about it?

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@batkevin74: Well, i think that their dynamic already has that element to it, but i see your point. A good writer could make anything interesting, but i just have my doubts about a whole universe based around the concept. But i look forward to being proven completely wrong :)

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I don't really see the point myself. Does the fact that they're female make them inherently more interesting or different as a character? Your Punisher story reads pretty much the same as a normal Punisher story, except that it uses 'she' a lot more than 'he'. Not saying it's a terrible idea, but don't really see the point of it.

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22. All Good Things

The Creepers laughed. Constantly.

Their minds had been twisted into the shape of the darkness that coarsed through their undead bodies, animated by the dread will of Eclipso's power itself; warped into a form that amused him as much as it terrified others. Black nailed, green tongued, hollow eyed apparitions of his intent; the subjucation and death of all things. There, in the centre of their ungodly mass stood Karissa and Wildling; exhausted, torn and drained. Their hands and legs trembled as they struggled to stand, fear and adrenalin driving them on.

“So, what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” Karissa asked, mace trembling in her hands.

“Bleeding internally, I suspect.” Wildling replied her fists raised in an emfeebled fighting stance.

“We're going to die now, aren't we?” Karissa asked matter of factly.

“Yup. That seems to be the gist of it.” Wildling replied calmly as the Creepers came within striking distance, their shadows falling hard upon the girls faces.

Then the world exploded.

Great turrets of flame leapt up around the perimeter of the Creepers, their heat and light sending the demons scurrying; burning their skins as they went. Gunshots ran out in the air and Creepers fell to the ground, their bodies torn to pieces by the onslaught, before they pulled their shredded, lifeless bodies from the ground and ran more. Karissa and Wildling ran through the chaos, swinging mace and clawed hand alike as they made their way through the fleeing Creepers to the relative safety of the building where Element Boy still watched over the bodies of Montez and Steel. There, they crouched behing the masonry and watched as the destruction continued. It ws war, real and bloodied. Explosions and gunfire painted the scene in chaos and the young heroes felt a terror like none they had known. This was not the scene of heroism they had always hoped for. This was something else.

Eventually the chaos dimmed to a dull roar, the sound of battle seeming to reverberate within the very air itself, long after the fighting had stopped. The Creepers had gone or their bodies had been damaged to such a degree that they could no longer move; their twitching, laughing remains left scattered about the battlefield. Adam too had gone, somehow lifted from the scene amidst the conflagration. Shadows moved now, through the dust and smoke of the remains, new shadows of unknown forms. They talked and laughed amongst themselves, their voices hard and devoid of humour. As they began to appear, some of their forms triggered recognition among the young heroes who still peered from their hiding spot. They had seen their costumes before, in the old police files that Grayson had made them watch.

Captain Cold. Ragdoll . Cheshire. Scarecrow. Doctor Light. Count Vertigo.

Villains, one and all.

A figure dressed in the garb of Deathstroke strolled to where the body of the Atom still lay and using the tip of his boot beneath his head, lifted his face up toward him.

The Atom?” Deathstroke spoke, surprise in his aged and gravel filled voice, “Looks like he's still breathing.”

Wildling pit her hands to her mouth to cover the gasp of shock which came from it. She had presumed him dead after Adam's strike and was disgusted with herself for having left him alone in the street.

Bring him with us!” A voice, strong and confident came from the other side of the smoke, “Bring all of them with us!”

The figure strode confidently toward the battle scene, his figure cutting an arrogant silhouette through the smoke.

All of them?” Asked a figure dressed like a wizard of some kind, his flowing robes and greying hair looking worn and tired, “Are you seeing double?”

“Oh, Wotan...” The voice replied with a menacing chuckle, “The darkness really did leave you powerless and dull didn't it. I'm talking about the children. Those young heroes quivering in the dark there.”

Wildling, Karissa and Element Boy felt their insides turn cold.

“You there! Come out! There is nothing to fear here!” The figure continued approaching through the smoke as The three, still standing youngsters rose from their hiding place and stepped out into the street before them. “We are your saviours! Your heroes! You have no need to hide from us, my dears!”

The three youngsters looked about them at the smirking, hard faces of these 'saviours' and even at their young ages, they could hear the duplicity in the voice which spoke to them.

“And who might you be?” Wildling, finally asked, her courage taking time to rise.

Me? Oh, i'm no one, really.” The figure replied as he stepped , finally from the smoke; his suit resplendent amongst the chaos; a business suit of the finest tailoring, a very human and devilish, grinning face above it, “Just your average , garden variety saviour."

“You may call me Lex." He smiled, hand outstretched. " Lex Luthor.”

Eclipso: Black Sun finished.

Eclipso: Black Dawn imminent...

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@tyger: Interesting points about Tony Stark. I could definitely see the Ultimate version that Millar wrote being completely bi-sexual and having a same sex relationship, definitely. Another interesting point you raised was about women; do you really think that most women don't care about how a man performs, sexually or otherwise, just as long as they are given 'a bunch of presents'? :) Any women care to weigh in on that one?

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21. Into The Black

The leggings were too tight.

The mask was uncomfortable, the boots itched and his shoulders strained against the material. It had been a long time, indeed.

“Grayson.” Diana spoke the word firmly, but with care as she lowered herself down upon the heart and soul of the place once known as The Batcave.

“I look like an idiot.” Grayson said as he stood like a deflated mannequin, his once dynamic Nightwing costume, now looking less than amazing. “The 'boy wonder' indeed.”

“Time moves on.” Diana spoke, hiding a smirk, “Whether we would want it to or not.”

Bah!” Grayson grunted, pulling the top off and throwing his mask to the floor. “Old ideas. Old ideas for an old world. What use are they now?”

Diana stepped forward and kneeling down gracefully, as if picking up a fragile relic, lifted the mask from the floor.

“What is happening, Richard?” She asked, eyeing the Nightwing mask with something like awe, “Where is everyone going?”

“To their deaths, probably.” He answered, his back to her, his hands flying across the keys of the vast computer which stood before him. Diana saw the scars, the multitude of broken tissue across his bare back, most of which he had earnt getting the innocent out of Gotham... those that he could, “You were right, Diana. Would you like to hear that? You were right. The time for hiding is done.”

“I have not come here to gloat, Richard.” She said, walking up beside him and placing the mask on the console before him, “I'm just here. With you. That is all.”

Grayson stared at the mask as if looking at a long forgotten reflection.

“Old ideas.” He muttered to himself and pressed a button on the keyboard before turning and walking away.

Richard?” Diana asked, turning toward him as he marched toward a darkened corner of the enclosure, “What...”

“Who hides in whose shadow?” Grayson said calmly, his voice almost swallowed by the shadows about him as the ground at his feet seemed to crack open and a light rose from the cracked earth. “You asked me that, Diana. I have spent my life trying to crawl from the shadows, out of the darkness...”

The ground moved, pulling away from itself as a tower, a great holding case like a coffin rose from beneath, the brilliant blue light from below and within blinding Diana briefly as she raised a hand to her eyes.

“It is time for me to stop running.” Grayson said as the case stopped, its rise concluded and he reached out a steady, controlled hand and pressed a button on its side. “It is time for me to rightfully claim what is mine.”

The doors slid open and there, within, hung a costume; armour plated, fearsome, stained black and grey, the symbol of the bat burnt into its chest.

“Today I stop hiding from the darkness, Diana..." Grayson said, a steel, certain excitement in his voice as he rested his hand upon the symbol of the bat. "Today I become the darkness.”

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@mangakid1995 said:

@dagmar_merrill: no but the team that made it so great is leaving. And being replaced by a team that will apparently focus on Diana's interactions with the rest if the superhero community which is kinda stupid if you ask me. We have Justice League and Superman/Wonder Woman for stories like that. Batman and Superman have multiple books where they get to do they're own thing to be Heroes on their own, why can't Wonder Woman?

What you said.

I think all solo books should cater to the tone of that individual character. Batman solo should be dark and crime oriented. Superman solo should be MASSIVELY epic sci fi stories. Flash should be fantastical and science based. And Wonder Woman should be EXACTLY as it has been. Wonder Woman's story is a fantasy based, mythological story, not a super hero one, in my opinion.

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@name_already_chosen: I think you raise some really good points there. I think that if you don't have an already estabished bias against homosexuality, then you really wouldn't care if Spidey were gay, straight or asexual, because good writing would win out in the end. There have been some MAJOR changes to characters in recent times and the ones that worked and that the fans took too (even if they bemoaned the concept) were the ones that were well written. Simple. A well written, gay Peter Parker would work.