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Fantastic library page. Love the banners and the work that went into them. This looks like a SERIOUS fan fiction group :) Could you give us a blurb to tell us what the group is about?

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@uncanny_xfactor: great site you guys have put together and I look forward to reading more :)

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@night_thrasher: @shawnbaby: Absolutely agree with both you guys and you raise interesting points. According to the first 'government sanctioned' poll on sexual orientation, only about 1.6 of Americans identified as being LGBT, so that's a pretty small demographic. The big companies aren't going to risk too much investment on such a character. I think the best way forward for breeding diversity and tolerance and maybe laying the groundwork for ALL types of characters to be represented is by writers creating strongly written, truly interesting gay characters, whose sexuality is an organic and natural extension of the character itself, not a sensationalist angle.

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I just wanted to give a suggestion, but too many damned conditions on this one! ;P Politician would be the best occupation as there is no fear of having any real brains to be chewed upon :)

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I think that there is a 'glory days' X men story in the building somewhere (god i hope so), where the team comes back together and become 'outlaw heroes' again, as opposed to a bunch of squabbling brats, like they have been portrayed as in recent times.

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@gamer1992: Marvel Now can be just as confusing as the rest of the Comic world, in my opinion. There is still a whole lot of continuity to deal with through most of the titles. It depends what types of comic stories you like, really. Is there any particular genre of story telling you most like?

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@shawnbaby: Hehe. I love your explanation of things. So do you think the same reasoning would apply to a homosexual Spidey? It would all depend on whether he was a sexy (gay) lamp test or not? Could such an iconic character (even though we're just talking about the Ultimate re-boot here) sustain fan interest if he was written by a capable writer?

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If there were to reboot Spider-Man Ultimate Style and make him Gay I'd be 100% okay with it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having gay characters. Ultimate Colossus being gay didn't make me like him less. It's just a difference spin on the character.

If they were to take 616 Spider-Man and just say "Ok...he's gay now" I'd be 100% against it. Making an existing Straight character Gay is not the right way to create a more sexually diverse universe.

As far as I'm concerned anyone that says they wouldn't like a Gay Spider-Man is just homophobic. Most of these guys have no problems liking female characters...and if they can't relate to a guy that is gay...there's no way they can ever relate to any female characters. I would suggest that those people actually meet some gay people and find out that they really aren't all that different from anyone else.

But it does raise the interesting question; is this why female lead comics, in general don't tend to have as long a run as male lead comic titles? Is it purely because a male audience buys comics for some form of sexual escapism and that's why they wouldn't accept a gay spider man? It's come up a lot during this thread and has surprised me.

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@joshuadbr: My pleasure, Joshua. Thanks for being so honest with your answers :)

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