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550871 Holocaust! Issue Overview 10/19/14 05:52AM 3 Approved
550870 Holocaust! Issue Overview 10/19/14 05:51AM 3 Approved
539626 Black Goliath Character Overview Goliath nor Black Goliath was created in Avengers 32, Bill Foster was however. 09/30/14 08:38PM 5 Approved
529569 The Sub-Mariner Strikes!/Less Than Monster, More Than Man! Issue Overview Nick Fury nor any of the Howling Commandos appeared in this issue. 09/14/14 11:14PM 13 Approved
519267 Alone Against the Underworld! Issue Overview Characters didn't appear they were just manikins. 08/31/14 06:40AM 5 Approved
510009 Lo! The Eggs Shall Hatch! Issue Overview None of these characters appeared in this issue 08/17/14 11:17PM 9 Approved
509258 Among Us Walks... a Goliath Issue Overview 08/16/14 03:13PM 19 Approved
506525 Ultimo Lives!/If A Hostage Should Die! Issue Overview 08/13/14 02:21PM 3 Approved
506442 Cry Monster! Issue Overview 08/13/14 12:23PM 1 Approved
503779 Four Against the Floodtide Issue Overview Summary added 08/09/14 11:04AM 297 Approved
501910 To Free A Brain Slave! Issue Overview Iz and Percy don't appear in this issue. 08/07/14 07:56PM 5 Approved
501906 Who Strikes At--SHIELD? Issue Overview Dum Dum, Iz, and Dino didn't appear in the issue. 08/07/14 07:54PM 2 Approved
501904 Who Strikes At--SHIELD? Issue Overview 08/07/14 07:47PM 4 Approved
495270 The Stuff What Don't Get Spoke Issue Overview 07/30/14 08:35AM 3 Approved
495269 The Stuff What Don't Get Spoke Issue Overview 07/30/14 08:33AM 38 Approved
480698 NYX Volume Overview 07/10/14 10:12AM 1 Approved
476878 Issue Overview The description from Marvel 07/04/14 09:37AM 50 Approved
473245 Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Overview 06/30/14 04:46AM 3 Approved
473243 Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Overview 06/30/14 04:43AM 3 Approved
473241 Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Overview 06/30/14 04:34AM 5 Approved
463409 Fun and Games Issue Overview wrong clown 06/18/14 10:15PM 20 Approved
463386 The Tape, 1 of 2 Issue Overview 06/18/14 09:59PM 18 Approved
462345 The Master Plan Of Doctor Doom! Issue Overview The character isn't mentioned nor appears in this issue. 06/17/14 09:31PM 3 Approved
462335 The Mysterious Molecule Man! Issue Overview Unneeded spoiler warning 06/17/14 09:23PM 4 Approved
462331 The Merciless Puppet-Master! Issue Overview Unneeded spoiler warning. 06/17/14 09:17PM 8 Approved
462325 The Red Ghost and his Indescribable Super-Apes! Issue Overview unnecessary spoiler warning 06/17/14 09:12PM 4 Approved
461290 The Mighty Thor Vs. The Executioner Issue Overview Wrong Gorr was listed 06/16/14 07:03PM 4 Approved
460801 The Human Torch Meets... Captain America Issue Overview None of the Howling Commandos were in this issue nor mentioned. 06/16/14 12:04PM 16 Approved
460793 Iron Man Is Born! Issue Overview Thor wasn't in this issue. 06/16/14 11:49AM 3 Approved
459951 Hawkeye, The Marksman Issue Overview 06/14/14 02:38PM 388 Approved
427120 Abe Jenkins Character Overview Changed pictures, previous one wasn't the "original beetle armor" that first appeared in #123 of Strange Tales. 05/06/14 06:07PM 1 Approved
427103 The Birth Of The Beetle! Issue Overview Sue Storm doesn't appear in this issue (someone probably confused her with Alicia) 05/06/14 05:33PM 3 Approved
400807 Fighting To The Death With The Asbestos Man! Issue Overview Victoria Bentley doesn't appear until Strange Tales #114 03/30/14 06:15AM 2 Approved
371786 Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk Volume Overview As far as I know there are only 4 Red Hulk books in this trade, either that or we're missing a book on the other page. 02/20/14 07:32AM 1 Approved
364055 The Princess of the Atom Issue Overview 02/10/14 11:25PM 11 Approved
364042 The Vampire Strikes Issue Overview 02/10/14 11:13PM 22 Approved
364022 The Mystery of the 100 Corpses! Issue Overview 02/10/14 11:03PM 19 Approved
349234 The Unbelievable Menace Of Moomba Issue Overview 01/24/14 11:47PM 10 Approved
328813 Battles the Horde of the Vulture! Issue Overview Edited correctly, mistakenly edited #15's info here. 01/06/14 03:56PM 2 Approved
328483 The Tunnel of Terror! Issue Overview 01/06/14 05:35AM 17 Approved