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They look really dopey. They're two amazing actors though so I'm not worried.

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@squares: Well if you're Disney step 1 is Hire Guy to do Step 2-7

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@squares: Pfft more like the easiest thing ever. Picture this... (Music for added flare)

1. Find out where Hugh Jackman is filming his scenes for X-Men.

2. Buy a huge burlap sack.

3. Order plane tickets to said filming location.

4. Upon arrival take limo to the filming destination.

5. Punch out guards

6. Throw the sack over Hugh then throw him into the limo.

7. Fly to Africa where they're filming Black Panther.

8. ?????

9. You now have stolen Wolverine...only 500 more characters to go :D

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They're all pretty cliche now. If I were to rank them however..

Batman > Spider-man > Superman

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@teerack: Naw there is probably some legal mubojumbo preventing this sort of thing, but the whole deal is still pretty mysterious. So who knows?

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1. Hulk - Wolverine

2. Spider-Man - Johnny Storm

3. Deadpool - Hawkeye :P

4. Tony Stark - Reed Richards

5. Fantastic Four - Namor

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@risingbean said:

Biggest mistakes in the Nolan movies?

1. Sh!t fight choreography.

2. Utilility belt was worthless.

3. Took itself wayyyyyy too seriously. It beat the audience over the head with some of it's subject matter.

4. Bane, and to a lesser extent Joker go down like chumps.

5. The whole plothole of Batman taking the fall for Dent. Blame it on the Joker's rampage that was going on at the same time. Would have solved many problems. As long as Batman, Gordon or his wife didn't spill, things would have been fine.

"Yeah, uh some random Joker thug kidnapped my wife and kids" say's Commish Gordon. He and Harvey took a fall off the roof when Harvey tried to save us. Sadly Harvey died and the random thug got away. I saw Batman chasing him down. You want to question my kids who are obviously in shock? No. I'm pulling rank on that one."

I pretty much agree with those. Bale as Batman was fine wish he/they dialed the voice back but he was fine. The biggest mistake to me personally was DKR, it was an insult to Begins and Dark Knight.

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People who are already deaf would be teaching the rest of us how to live. I'd feel bad for someone who already had a disability to add another to them.


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@silverpool said:

I think they cancelled it because the FF don't sell. Cancelling it won't do anything to impact how the movie does. Like not even .00001 percent of the gross will be affected.

I also agree with your points that they would have done it to X-Men and Spider-Man if that were the case.

This. The only thing I see Marvel doing to really "hurt" anyone was with them no longer going to create new mutants. Which makes sense why risk creating amazing character that Fox can snatch up for their movies when you could easily just make them Inhumans and keep their rights along with beefing up a new property under their complete control.

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Thor, Thor Odinson, Odinson, Prince of Asgardia, Goldielocks, ect.