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Awesome. The Inhumans are really cool, looking forward to seeing what happens.

Although I'm beginning to think that Marvel is rebooting their whole line next year, or doing something big anyway. Cancelling the fantastic four, killing Wolverine, all these events they've announced, the gender bending Ms Marvel in that one panel of Ulty Spider-Man that was talking about universes colliding, the Spider-Verse, the untimely death of the multi-verse in New Avengers.

Anyway Yeah.

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Loving this book more and more. Can't wait to see where Spider-Verse goes...

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Now I'm free. There are no strings on me. :D

Damn this movie looks awesome. James Spader was a great choice, he can be so menacing.

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Ughhh Quicksilver looks soooooooo bad. I hope it's better on screen.

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Loved issues 1 - 4. Liked this one, not the best of the series so far but enjoyable all the same.

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King Robot was the best thing in comics this week! :D

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DC needs to watch themselves. A few years ago I would have said Marvel are crazy to even consider going up against a Batman vs Superman movie. But now we live in a world where Captain America 2 beats Amazing Spider-man 2 at the box office, and Marvel can pump out a movie about what is essentially a unknown bunch of C listers (with a tree and a raccoon!!!) and rake in close to half a billion dollars in less than a month. (That's almost Man of Steel money for crying out loud). DC should be very worried.

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Cool! I should probably start watching this show. It's on netflix I think...

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Totally agree more with this. Remember when Moffat wrote killer episodes like Blink and The Girl in the Fireplace.... now we get this dribble....

Clara is written awfully. In fact it seems to me that she's not really a character at all, not in the same way that any of the companions were during Davies run, or even Amy and Rory. She's just there to say things that the audience was thinking and sometimes act like a walking talking sonic screwdriver for the plot. But if you ask me Moffat's character work has been in the toilet ever since he had Amy and Rory break up and get back together in the space of a single episode in an event that was never referenced ever again (Why would you waste time with that?!!)

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Hope this is good.

Also doesn't Thanos look so hug-able on the cover?