X-men Legacy and Wolverine and the X-men restored my faith in AvX

I don't normally read Legacy, I'm glad I did this week, great issue. And finally, we have a version of the X-men for AvX that are sympathetic and who's logic you can follow in their decision to back Cyclops and Hope. In both of those books, where the teachers at the school are discussing their reasons for what their doing, it's easy to see that these guys are making sense. I was especially happy to see Rachel's decision, given her history, and to see Scott And Wolvy have a mature discussion about this, that didn't involve the word "SKINT"

I'm not going to be too overly optimistic about the rest of the event, I'm sure it'll have it down points, as most do, but I am going to keep reading, and not just because I need to understand whats happening in the Marvel universe, but actually because these two books got me really really interested in what's going down here, beyond the point of view of "huh, who'll win that fight". I just hope that the X-men are portrayed in the rest of the event as they are here in these books, similarly though I really really hope that it doesn't take away from the avengers also being the good guys, I don't want another Civil War where there was a clear good and badish.

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Posted by noj

I read Wolverine ans the X-Men and I have to say I was SO disappointed in the staff at Logan's school. Especially Bobby. I REALLY cant believe that they would be so dumb and follow Scott. I was kinda hoping that the X-Men would be split more down the middle, but its looking more and more like the X-Men on the side of the Avengers are going to be a minority, especially hearing about what happened in Legacy. I really hope the X-Men come to their senses.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

They were both great issues. Glad to see X-Men joining Scott's side.

Posted by Blood1991

Ugh I thought they were both annoying Wolverines school was so light and fun now its all AVX serious, and as always Wolverine is the only voice of reason "which I still don't understand" Rachel made a good arguement for their side though.

Legacy was weird, I don't understand why those three Avengers were sent there to watch them? Ofcourse it would lead to violence and more X-Men going to Scotts side. Meh I already knew they were going to his side anyway this just makes Rouge look good. That and made poor She-Hulk look bad at least Avenging Spider-man was awesome.

Posted by knighthood

Legacy was solid.

Wolvie and the X-Men was hard to get into. Even though was some nice humor here and there.

Posted by John Valentine

Legacy was a terrible issue. From whatever stance you look at it, it was a bad comic. It's probably the worst AvX issue I've read alongside Avengers, even New Avengers was better than it this week.

Legacy is DROPPED.

Posted by X35

@John Valentine: You're talking nonsense! How could you have preferred one of those crummy Avengers issues that was just double splash pages and nothing to do with AvX.