Characters who should be introduced (or make cameos) in X-Men 4

I think there should be another x-men sequel, (by the way, x-men first class is a prequel, not a sequel) and these are the characters that should be in it, other than x1-x3 movie characters. I even got a name for it... (wait for it )... 

X-Men: The Next Generation!

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Posted by HellionVulcan

Ironman can't appear in any x-men films unless marvel gets back the rights but nice list as hellion is a must .

Posted by Journey Into Chaos

No offence (according to me) Taylor   Kitsch was to young for the Gambit role. And futhermore he didn't do a good. Otherwise good list.
Posted by blutulfr421
@HellionVulcan: the same with   Samuel L. Jackson 
Posted by Danial79

Nice list... but you could have saved space by just saying all the New X-Men :-P 
And yeah, as @HellionVulcan pointed out, the X-Men film rights are currently owned by Fox, so until Marvel get them back, you'll never see Iron Man or Fury in a movie with them :)  
P.S. I would love to see a New X-Men film! ;-)

Posted by fbdarkangel
@Danial79: well actually the producers of X-men still have a contract with fox!