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If I had Peter's powers I would become a lobbyist in Washington DC, but not JUST a lobbyist but the guy who puts Congressmen/women & Senators together with certain lobbyists. That may sound boring... but it isn't. These lobbyists would all work for lucritive companies who would pay me a 'finders fee' for the high power connections. I would be able to read minds and change minds to think the way I would want them to. Essentially making what I call the "right" connections for a lot of money.

I wouldn't stop there either, I would 'push' the decisions of each lobby group and ellected official to suit my needs for MY future! Eventually, I would have control over large financial, retail, human rights, etc groups. I would at some point call in favors from these groups and require their backing (black mailing, if need be) as I make a move to become President myself. With large enough and wide range enough help, it would be no problem... especially with Peter's powers helping the decision making process for people!!!

The question then becomes... what would I do as the most powerful man in the most powerful country in the world? That is for me to know and you all to find out!!!!!!!!