Top Ten... Reasons why Vin Gonzales should be Superior Spider-Man

We all know that issue 700 of Amazing Spider-Man will change Peter Parker's world forever. They have claimed that there will be a new Spider-Man. Some have suggested Miles Morales or Morbius. But, I would like to add the idea of Vin Gonzales.

Here are just some reasons (going from worst to best). Please, add your own (or any other comments) below

Top Ten: Reasons Why Vin should be Superior Spider-Man

10. Luck: I was right about Flash Thompson being the "new" Venom (especially after seeing the first work [left] and realizing that the symbiote would be able to reduplicate Flash's lost legs really easily... Besides, he was too good of a character to give up [And, he was a vet and Spider-Fan, making him strong in character and a good polar opposite to who Venom had always been before]). Maybe I'll be right about Superior Spider-Man too.

9. Not Morales: I could see Marvel trying to make Miles the regular (616) Spider-Man eventually. But, if they did they would probably want it to be a more-permanent change. With Vin, he could adopt the character for a while and be pretty easily replaceable by Pete again or by the next Spider-Man without too many people biting the writer's head off. (Narrowing down the options)

8. Not Morbius: Although the idea of Morbius becoming a hero--Spider-Man no less!!-- is clever and entertaining, I don't think it's realistic. If the theory worked and he did suck the blood out of Pete, healing him of his condition and giving him Spider-powers, his only motives for helping people would be in Pete's memory or due to penance of all the harm he had already caused. I don't think these are good enough motivators. And, Morbius has always seemed to do things mainly for himself, Spider-Man would seem out of character. If he were to become a good guy, I'd like him to become his own hero first (showing the character development , before becoming something as big as Spider-Man). I also really hope they don't jump back on the vampire bandwagon... (Narrowing down the options)

7. His Race: I don't really want to pull the race card here, but... Vin's been seen as both white and black/hispanic (ASM 578). If they do want to really change it up (like the did in the Ultimate universe), they could make him any race they want.

6. He's Believable: Vin has already been mistaken/blamed for being Spider-Man (and beaten for it) by Kraven's daughter, Ana (ASM 567). His character is easily mistakable for a hero.

5. His Job: Vin's a cop, he obviously wants to help people (including his ex-roomie, Pete, who probably failed to pay his half of the rent over a billion times).

4. Clues: We've been told that the new Spider-Man has a pretty long standing history within the ASM world. Vin's been in 46 Spider-Man comics (including the original series... a pretty good amount). And, his story has been brought along pretty well with a good amount of room left to tell more. He's pretty close to the same level of popularity that Flash was when he was chosen to be Venom.

3. The Drama: Vin has something going on with Norman Osborn. This could give him a way to gain powers... He also has a bad relationship with Harry that could become interesting if they re-do his character too.

2. The Love Interest: He has a crush on Carlie Cooper (who seems to have a crush on Pete). Vin is also the brother to Michele Gonzales (whom Pete slept/roomed with for a while).

1. The Irony: Vin doesn't like Pete. He was a horrible roommate. Vin doesn't like Spider-Man. He thinks that he has no business being a vigilante. This is definitely the right motivation for him to say, "I can do it better myself." ... Giving him a "Superior" attitude... Especially if some freak accident/experiment gives him the power to...

Some Hiccups...

  • The art for Superior Spider-Man definitely has Morbius's claws... And, an evolution to the vampirism would definitely make him "superior."
  • I don't know how Spider-Man's powers could transfer from Pete to Vin unless Pete has been working on something to do that in his science lab.
  • Morbius is going to have a Comic series running at the same time as Superior Spider-Man. This makes it more plausible that he won't be the new hero. But, with the vampire claws in the picture, I'm starting to think that someone else turns into a vampire-like monster (perhaps Morbius' mutation becomes contagious). This would make a way for Vin (or really anyone else) to be able to crawl on walls and have super-strength (they'd really only lack the spidey-sense... And, they'd need to borrow web-shooters). (Others have also speculated that it's Spider-Man 2099 because he also has claws... But, that just doesn't make sense to me... wrong time and dimension.... And, I've never really been a big fan of his.)
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Posted by nickthedevil

All good points. But I feel like Vin is goin to get killed off soon. Like /really/ soon, If not, just dropping him altogether.

Posted by laflux